Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our new toys!

Ok, so one isn't really a "new toy" just something new to play on. The kids LOVE the fireplace. I can't keep them off of it so I decided what the hell, I'll let them play on it. They can pretty much get up & down off of something like that w/o falling over & banging their head so I'm not worried about an injury. I stay close by just in case but for the most part, they like to sit up there like big kids.

Another "new toy" is the climber/slide/swing combo our neighbor, Brittney, gave us. She is a sweetie & b/c of her, we have gotten some pretty cool toys. This was outside but since we can't seem to get any cooler than 100* now days, we haven't been outside in a week. So, I decided to clean it off & bring it in to the playroom. Brilliant if I do say so myself!

The kids LOVE to climb all over it. Now, I have learned that the swing isn't such a good idea so it has come off. And, the slide is now at the end which is much lower than original. This allows the kids to climb up & still slide down.

The kids are getting smarter every day. It is amazing to see them soak things up like a sponge. Their vocabulary increases daily. Their movements more fluid. They are little people, no longer babies. Their looks have completely changed. What a miracle life really is!


txsjewels said...

a great guy once said: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once a while, you might miss it."

thanks for taking the time to look around, and let me look too!!

love you, great mommy and those balls of creative life you call kiddos.

Team Darnell said...

Funny....we gave up on the fireplace as well. We don't have the ability to put a gate in front of ours so we actually cleared it out and they now play IN the fireplace!!! It's funny to see them sitting in there.

My husband will joke and say "honey, can you put another baby on the fire."

Surviving Triplets said...

That is funny!

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh yes having a mini climbing frame for them to play in the house is the best way to keep them occupied
i have one in my sitting room and the kids never get bored playing with it.