Friday, June 5, 2009

Doing things we shouldn't be doing, hehe!

Over the course of the past month, these kids have started testing limits. Not that they weren't before but now they really & in ways that could give them a big bump on the noggin. I'm not sure how to handle the climbing except to be there just in case b/c it is obvious that it isn't going to stop. Rather than fight what seems to be natural in their development, I am going w/ the flow.

Sofi seems to be heading the way in climbing. We have this really neat activity table that was given to them by Julie & Sofi has managed to figure out how to sit & stand in the storage compartment.

Here are all 3 playing on the couch. I'm not sure what the fascination is BUT they LOVE being on it. They can't stop giggling & hopping around. Geez, just sitting on the couch makes them break out in a huge smile!

Sofi also likes to pull up the mats we have on the floor, especially the border. It is driving me crazy! I just gave up putting the border back on.

One last thing, this is mommy related. Ian woke up the day before yesterday w/ his thumb a bit red & slightly swollen. I figured it was a bite of some sort, probably a mosquito. As the day went on, a small clear blister formed & I did something *I* shouldn't have. I squeezed it. Oops. His thumb got huge & then I got that sick feeling in my stomach & thought to myself, "Oh shit. I did it now." We ended up in the dr's office, just to make sure I hadn't done some irrevocable damage. He got some antibiotic ointment along w/ oral antibiotics. Todd said not to give the oral b/c it was evening & we didn't want him to go to bed w/ a new med so I waited until the next day. By that time, the cream had done a good job so I played dr & decided not to give him the oral. Anyway, just another learning experience. Being a 1st time mom can definitely be challenging.


Tonya said...

The borders on our foam mat didn't last 30 seconds when we first got it before I ripped them all back off and put them in storage! We are not into the climbing phase yet, but I am dreading it bigtime.

Nicole Montgomery said...

those bites are the worst! With Collin one of his (on his toe) ended up infected with MRSA, then Thomas had a nice one on his leg, again made the mistake of popping it (how could anyone resist a big white head?) and man did it look like he had an egg under his skin! The cream also did wonders and we skipped the oral as well. That was a few weeks ago, now just a tiny scar from our popping remains ;)