Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things that make my life easier.

What does a mommy really need? I'll tell you my thoughts on this have changed over the past year. Having triplets means keeping it as simple as possible at all times (or close to all the time). I find myself thinking, "If I only had one then I could do _______." Fill in the blank w/ just about anything.

Let's talk clothing. I take care of the trips by myself all day long & love doing it but I don't see the need to get them all dolled up 1st thing in the morning. Hell, we don't even change them in to PJs at night. They just sleep in their onesies. During the winter (Can you call it that here in TX???), the kids get footed PJs but otherwise we live in onesies. No shorts, no bows, no extras. Period. Now, when we go out, I do put shorts on them & shoes. Oddly enough, although I do not dress the girls identically, I do coordinate them & normally put matching bottoms (shorts, jeans) on them.

Why? Because it makes my life easier. Not having to change the kids from PJs to clothes every morning saves time & the struggle. You know what I mean. The kids are at that age that dressing them is quite challenging. So, the rule of thumb around here is less is best.

Bibs, ah...nasty ol' bibs. I have the perfect solution to them. These are made by Kiddopotamus. Link below to the actual product. Honestly, these are the coolest bibs, by far better than any other bib I have had the pleasure to come across. Why? Because I don't have to wash them in the washer. I can clean them after every feeding by simply rinsing them in the sink & letting them air dry. They are ready by the next feeding. I could go on & on about these bibs. They are the only ones we will use (except for the really cute ones Grandma Donna & Sheila got them for when we go out).

Kiddopotamus Bib

I am very thankful that someone was innovative enough to figure out these bibs. LOVE THEM! Can't say enough good things about them. When I was using regular bibs, I was going through close to 12 a day, one per meal b/c they would just get so nasty that I couldn't justify using them again. That means I would have a load of bibs every other day. Totally sucked. Now I don't have to worry about disgusting bibs b/c these are made of rubber.

**Disclaimer: I suppose this is a product endorsement although I'm not getting paid. I just wanted to let everyone know that these bibs are bad ass!**


Karen said...

That's funny, I prefer the washable ones. I will say though that the washer is less than 15 steps away from the dinner table and I just throw them in right after using.

Can I product endorse too? I'll give a vote for snack traps. We don't leave the house without 3 of these, full of cheerios.

Samantha said...

Same with us, no fancy outfits at home here! I will definitely try those bibs because I can't stand the cloth ones. We have about 25 that are constantly being used.

Caralyn said...

We loved those bibs until the girls started just ripping them off at about 18 months. Now we use a thick nice cloth bib...I just use it all day and wash it at the end b/c the girls are "neater" than they used to be.

FrenznickFive said...

I LOVE our bibity bibs seriously a must they never take on a smell and I just rinse and air dry and they are good to go!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the rubber /plastic being the BOMB!! I also would wash every night at least 20 cloth bibs my GGG trips have reflux. Plus the cloth bibs with velcro stuck and ruined everything in the wash.