Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better than baby snuggles...baby KISSES!

Ok, that pisses me off. This thing is suppose to auto save, right? Wrong. I just lost my really long post! Grrrrr...let's try this again, shall we?

Now, I have to say as much as I like the snuggles, the kisses are by far the best part of being a mommy, especially when I get them for no reason. It is so easy to forgive or forget something they have just done as soon as they plant that slobbery kiss on my face.

Each has their distinct style. Ian is true to his sweet personality. He closes his eyes & leans in oh so gently. His lips stay fairly closed & he does it just right. The expression on his face, priceless.

Sofi on the other hand, is the exact opposite. She goes in for the kill! Her mouth is wide open w/ a mouth full of slobber. She isn't gentle what so ever. They are still wonderful & well worth wiping off the slobber w/ the back of my hand.

Then there is Gabi. Not sure if she just isn't all in to it yet or what but her kisses are hard to come by. I'm actually hoping that she continues playing hard to get for many years to come!

Besides kissing, we have been doing quite a bit of reading. We LOVE to read. They are really getting to a point of enjoying themselves, even taking the books & reading by themselves. It is great! After ever meal, I give them books. Gabi is by far the one most interested in reading. She has a story for every page, even pointing things out & often reading to Ian. It really is the cutest thing ever!

Sofi is a solo reader & she quite fickle when it comes to her books. She is a speed demon & once finished, tosses the book to the floor as if it has nothing left to offer. If for some reason there isn't another book directly in front of her, she steals them from Ian.


Anonymous said...

Thats great that they love books so much. I used to take my kids to the library when they were little and they loved to carry the books out. It might be harder for you to go to the library with three little ones the same age.

Tonya said...

How do you get them to not eat the books??

Looove baby kisses!

Surviving Triplets said...

We have 2 seperate sets of books. Books they can eat & books to look at. As w/ all kids, the line is blurred between the 2 sets. Most often when they are sitting at their table reading, they won't chew on them. In the playroom, they will.

Seanaci said...

Those pics of them reading are precious!! :D

You should, if your local library offers it, sign them up for summer reading. Ours offers it for ages Birth and up pretty much. We signed our son up for it last year and just went last week and got him going again. He LOVES to read and will bring us a book to read to him before bed.

Surviving Triplets said...

I would like to take the kids to the library but I would require help, at least 1 other person, if not 2. I am hoping next summer will be a bit easier for me to do but for now, we are going to have to rely on the books we have at home.

Thanks for the great suggestion!