Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation Bible School

The kids go to school at the local neighborhood church.
And, nope...we aren't members there but we love it anyway!
Somehow (eh hem...Monica...) I got wrangled in to
volunteering there for VBS as the photographer.

There is a bonus in here...
the kids would be able to attend the preschool VBS!
It is only for volunteers & such.
Not open to the public.

Win-win situation.
I give up my time & the kids have a week full of activities for free.

We started Monday morning.
Finished up on Friday afternoon.
I will tell you this much.
They were totally exhausted by the end of the week.
As was I.

Here they are in "music".
They LOVED it!

I absolutely love this one of the girls walking in
on the last day of VBS...melts my heart!

The kids waited patiently for the big finale in crafts.
They got to see a volcano explode!

You know that volcano had them talking for hours!

And so the summer is officially 1/6 of the way done.
Can you tell I am anxious for school to come back?
Oh, did I mention I will be working at their school?
Yep, just 2 hrs a day.
But we couldn't pass up the tuition help.
We'll see if it is more than a 1 year thing or just to help for this year.

After all...I still have SIGnature Creations.
And I wanna see my business grow!
If you wouldn't mine, please share the site.
I would really appreciate it!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring Dance Recital

It was an exhausting night for sure!
But when I look at the photos,
it makes it all well worth it.

My 3 babes...I really can't call them babies.

Miss Sofi has a way with her looks.
Don't know where she gets it from!

Sweet Gabi...she has timeless beauty.
She would have been perfect in the WWII era!

This boy stole the show with some
freestyling, gyrating moves!
I can't wait to see the video.
He will be the talk of the dance school for a while.

I love my girls in red.
Pretty, pretty, pretty!
And they actually sat still long enough to let me do their makeup!

Ah, another big milestone.
They are growing up quickly.