Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye my favorite yellow friend!

Farewell Symphony,
my favorite yellow friend.
Our special time together,
is coming to an end.

All the sleepless nights,
are now in the past.
Where did all the time go?
It went really fast.

The first goal was 3 months,
but somehow I made it past 1 year.
I hold you precious Symphony,
as a precious friend & peer.

I am hanging up the horns,
today was finally it.
No more sterilizing,
those tiny little bits.

Gone are the fevers,
and going to the doctor.
Dealing w/ cracking nipples,
that are really, really sore.

No longer living,
by when I need to pump.
Or not drinking alcohol,
Only to pump & dump.

So, to you
my late night companion.
I bid a fond farewell,
Our relationship is done.

Yes, this is it. Today was the last day that I was hooked up to my friend, thoe Medela Symphony. The precious machine has helped me feed my children for 13 months. There were moments I hated it & cried knowing I had to go up to pump. Now, I cry b/c I know my girls will no longer be getting momma's milk. Ian will continue to nurse as long as he wants.

The rest as they say is history.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triplet Table Details

Many of you asked how we made the table. Wish I had taken pictures of the progress but Todd was working outside & I was inside w/ the kids. I can tell you the process though.

1. Find a solid table, at least 60" (5' long). Yes, that long!
2. Find the type of seats you would like for your table. You can google "Toddler Table Replacement Seats". Here are links to 2 different chairs. Ours are from the 1st link.

Replacement Seat
Replacement Seat #2

3. This is the tricky part. My dad & I actually made the "mold" for the cutout by using a box. We did it there 1st so that we could make sure that it was right before the cuts were made on the table.
4. Todd made a straight line across the table where the front of the chairs would go. You will notice that the seats are set further back on the table & that was done to give the kids plenty of table space in front of them.
5. From there, he outlined the hole using the "mold" created.
6. Using a jig saw, he cut the holes.
7. The seats were put in the holes & screws/bolts were used to keep them in place (the holes are already there for them).
8. I found a set of 4 cutting boards at Target (red, yellow, green, & white). I can't find them online though. They are very thin, almost as think as placemats. Both sides are flat. We glued them down w/ clear caulking.

I think that is it! If you have any other questions about the process, please let me know via comment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Puke, puke, & more puke

Stomach viruses suck. Need I say more?

It started yesterday morning w/ Miss Gabi. She spit up when I picked her up from her crib to change her 1st thing in the morning. I didn't think it was anything so she took about 3 oz of her 7 oz bottle. That was kind of weird but then I understood why. It came back up. Did I figure it out then? Nope. I went ahead & fed her breakfast. Well, what ever little she would eat of it. And...she puked it up. That is when I realized there was something going on.

I called the dr & she called back. Said there was no need to come in but to do the following...

~ 1 tsp of water every 5 min for 4 hrs
~ 2 tsp of water every 5 min for the 5th hr
~ 4 tsp of water every 5 min for the 6th hr
~ 8 tsp of water every 5 min for the 7th hr
~ BRAT diet for 24 hrs after that

Now, for those of you w/ multiple kids, whether they be the same age or not, you totally understand how this is virtually impossible! I managed the 1 tsp every 5 min for 4 hrs, 1 of which she was napping. Then I was starting to fight her on the 2 tsp every 5 min but managed to get it in at least every 10, if not earlier. I also gave her some bananas for lunch b/c the poor dear was sitting at the table w/ her 2 siblings crying b/c she wanted to eat too.

Forget the 4 & 8 tsp every 5 min...HA! She did hold down 1/2 a glass of water & ate a grilled cheese (very light on the cheese) for dinner. At 7pm, instead of a bottle of water, I got some frozen breast milk & watered it down 2oz BM to 2oz water. She held it down.

Now, I was paranoid so I was checking on the babies every hour after we put them down. When I went in at 10pm, Ian was laying in a pool of vomit. I was heartbroken! My poor boy had it EVERYWHERE. I got him up, cleaned him the best I could & laid on the couch w/ him. He puked another 4-5 times w/ each getting less & less in severity & intensity.

Sleep? HA. What is sleep? Besides the fact that we apparently have some kind of stomach bug going through the house, the rain didn't let up all night long. The weather was pretty severe, I'd say it sounded a lot like Hurricane Ike b/c even thought the boy was sleeping nice & snug next to me on the couch, I was awake listening to the trees being blown around & the big claps of thunder that shook the house, startling me nearly off the couch at least a dozen times, if not more.

So, here I am, a very sleep deprived mommy w/ the smell of vomit all over me. The kids are cranky, as am I. BUT. We will survive. Todd is staying home b/c he can't get out of the subdivision. Literally. The roads are flooded. We will conquer this together & maybe get in a nap, God willing.

Sorry, I'll post pics next time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Triplet Feeding Table vs Highchairs

The winner...our new homemade triplet feeding table! Gone are the days of cleaning chair covers & in the deepest of crevices. Gone are the days of folding 3 high chairs in to "space saver" mode ( saver mode my ass...not TIMES 3). Gone are the days of cleaning 3 trays & cursing the wheels b/c they won't roll, I'm sure b/c food is stuck in there. GONE...GONE...GONE...ALL GONE!

After seeing another triplet mommy's hubby make a triplet table, I said we could do the same. After all, we had a spare countertop collecting dust in the garage. All we had to do was buy the seats. So, I did. Little did Todd know that he would eventually have a BIG project on his hands.

Problem. Make legs sturdy enough to hold 3 kids. Hmmmm...

On one of our daily walks...I'm sure you are wondering what a walk has to do w/ a solution but give me a chance to get through it.

On one of our daily walks, we happened along a beautiful solid oak table sitting out w/ a sign taped to it. It had been painted over but it was FREE!

Yes. I did. I knocked on the door & told the woman that I would like to set the table aside & come back for it after we finished our walk. And that is how we got the table!

We have had it for a couple of weeks now & Todd finally had the opportunity to put all the pieces together. The seats cost us $25 a piece. Cutting boards (came in a set of 4 at Target), $9.99. The table, free. Labor, free. Total price $85. If we had purchased one, we would have paid a minimum of $300 plus shipping.

It is taking a bit of getting use to. The kids aren't accustomed to being right next to each other. Breakfast was about taking food from the other's placemat, grabbing one another, grabbing the safety belt, etc. Lunch went a bit more smoothly.

We even tried story time afterwards & it was fantastic b/c I didn't have to move the book for all to see.

Not only that, we are now using big kid sippies! We are leaving the NUBY's in the dust! Gabi & Sofi love these sippies w/ a straw.

I know Ian doesn't have one but he looked so happy that I had to post the picture!

My official recommendation, either buy or make your own triplet feeding table! Totally worth it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Am I depriving my kids?

I don't know if this will sound right but I think it is important for me to share this, especially to those that have multiples.

My friend, Susan (another triplet mommy), & I were talking on the phone a couple of weeks ago. The topic was about how we felt "robbed" from many normal mommy experiences. It starts w/ a triplet pregnancy being high risk from the get go. To many, the belly touching & the comments about being pregnant are not welcomed & can even get annoying BUT for us, they were virtually non-existent. I was on bed rest for half of the pregnancy, from 18 weeks until I delivered. I never got to answer when I was due while I was out at the store or have people gawk at my tummy. She agreed, saying that we got to miss out on that part of a regular pregnancy. I could go on for ever...the cute maternity clothes, the designated driver position, etc.

The same goes for parenting, except this time I wonder if me not getting out of the house is depriving my children of so many "normal" experiences. We don't go to the grocery store, Walmart, to family/friend's homes, to the park, to the zoo, out to eat at a restaurant, and the list could go on and on and on. As Susan & I were talking, we both realized that our children would not experience the weekly trip to the grocery store & that taking them was going to be a "special event". I think we were both a bit saddened by this thought. So many things that many others take for granted, we do not.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a pity party b/c I honestly LOVE being at home all day w/ my kids, hearing them talk to one another & discovering new abilities every day BUT I also don't want the grocery store to be a special place to visit. I want them to be familiar w/ the world, not just our home & subdivision. The problem is taking 3 children out is a BIG production if you are alone, not so much if you have help. The flip side, I don't want to deprive my children of day to day experiences & become sheltered children.

The solution? I'm not sure. I do know that I am making more of an effort to get out w/ them at least once a week. That doesn't sound like much but compared to the handful of times we got out during the fall/winter, it is a huge improvement.
Our first field trip was to the local firehouse. Our second? To one of my favorite places in the world...HOBBY LOBBY! Man, I just can't get enough of that place! Luckily, Sheila was available to assist me once again. She has been banned from ever getting a job that would require her to work during the day, haha!

As w/ any field trip, there were a couple of bumps in the road. We forgot the diaper bag. Thankfully Hobby Lobby is only about 5 minutes from my house. The girls didn't have any shoes or socks on, oops. At least they were clothed! As organized as I was w/ the list, I left a few things off. I had to return that evening, sans kids.

The highlights were that the kids LOVED their new seats! They also seemed to enjoy the converted Triple Decker stroller which will soon be all decked out w/ a sun canopy & covered seats w/ a head rest. The kids enjoyed all the colors & got involved by holding the spools of tulle I needed. Overall, the trip was a huge success! I have already planned next week's field trip over to Sheila's & am sure there may be a trip over to the grandparents home as well. YAY for new found freedom & as we say in Spanish, "aprovechando".

Here are the kids in their seats. Ian smiled from ear to ear the whole way there & back.

Here is the trio in the Triple Decker w/o all the good stuff we ordered. It was super easy to convert from the infant carriers to the Bell Bicycle seats.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

THEY FIT! My carseats fit!!!!!

Man, we were so worried that we would have to purchase a new car b/c we have a Honda CRV & honestly, when I went out to measure the back seat, I had my doubts. It measured across w/ just barely enough room but you know how specs are, a little deceiving at times so I was concerned that when I order the Sunshine Radian 65's that they wouldn't fit across. Of course, part of me was excited about the prospects of looking for a bigger vehicle but there were many more parts of me that were dreading finding something that would fit us just right.

The carseats arrived on Monday. I was so stinkin' excited about new carseats that I opened one of them & was very impressed w/ how nice they were. Then, the worry set in. 3 of these? Across the back seat of my CRV? Doubtful.

Today I decided that I would go out & give it a go. The kids were sleeping & I had spare time on my hands. Huh? Did I just say spare time? Uh, yeah...anyway. So, I get the seat & off to the car I go. I put it in w/ a bit of trouble. Who would have thought that the latches needed to go a very specific way? Apparently I didn't but after 3 tries, I got the 1st seat in. Lookin' sharp! The seats match the interior of the car perfectly. Yeah, I'm such a chick.

Then I went to get the middle seat. Should have put that one in first. Duh. Oh well, it fit & that is all that mattered. Now, for some reason, the seatbelt isn't locking the seat in place so I am going to have to get Todd to fix that when he gets home.

Finally, it was time for the challenge. Out came the 3rd seat from its box & plastic covering. In to the car it went AND...

they FRIGGIN' FIT! Oh yeah baby! I'm in the money! Life is FANTABULOUS. No new car, no new car payment. Just my sweet ol' Brown Eyed Betty totin' around 3 1-yr olds. Does life get better than this?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another round of OT/PT!

We had our 2nd visit from the ECI service coordinator & then 2 days later, his PT specialist. Both are fantastic ladies! Stacey does Ian's occupational therapy (which basically covers all fine motor skills), cognitive development, social development & speech therapy. He isn't really delayed in all those areas but she incorporates them all in to 1 or 2 activities just the same. It has been very educational for me b/c although I am a teacher, I have only taught 4th & 5th grades. This stage of development is all new to me.

Stacey started w/ teaching me how to describe items such as the small, blue cup or the clear cube & how I need to present choices to Ian. I have also started doing this with the girls. Not only that, we are trying to learn simple commands such as "Give Mommy the toy" & "Put the toy IN/OUT".

Then we had our 2nd visit of the week w/ Sonia. She is our PT & works w/ Ian on his gross motor skills & balance. Sonia also recommended that Ian wear shoes during playtime for a minimum of 4 hrs which pans out to be most of the day. In the 4 days that he has been wearing his really cute Nike all white high tops (tee-hee...they are cute), he has gotten markedly better & more confident at standing & pulling up. The theory behind the shoes is that it provides Ian w/ a larger surface area to distribute his weight on to. This helps w/ his overcompensation issues (locking the knees, tightening the leg muscles). He is actually standing w/ his legs more relaxed & bent at the knees which he use to not do. He is also pulling up on EVERYTHING w/o assistance. We are very impressed w/ the improvement in such a short amount of time.

I took some time today to do another video of him & I working on the PT. If it is a little loud, the girls were also up. Sorry the view isn't the best but I had to put the camera where the girls couldn't get to it.

I hope that blogging about this & posting the videos help someone else!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Story Time!

I have been trying to figure out how to do story time b/c it never fails, when I get on the floor w/ a book, I am bombarded w/ 3 very excited babies. Needless to say, story reading is I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. They all want to turn the pages for me & fight to do so. Then the crying starts b/c when 1 does it, the other wants to but can't. Story time has not been pleasureable...until Thursday!

Mommy figured it out! I think I am on a Wonder Woman streak this week. Must have had something to do w/ having to be alone for the week since my honey was out of town on business & I had to rely on my own devices. Or it could have been 1 of those 3 wishes finally coming true. Either way, what ever the reason, we can now have a SUCCESSFUL story time!

The idea came to me after they had finished lunch early on Thursday & we had some time to kill before going down for naps. I decided to get a book & read to them. This way, they were contained, I could flip the pages & no one would be unhappy. WOOT, WOOT! It worked. After reading 3 books, I gave each kiddo 1 to explore & discover. Sweet victory!

Group picture of the kids discovering their books (l-r ~ Gabi, Ian, Sofi).

Sofi checking out her book!

Ian really getting in to his Peek-A-Boo book.

Sweet Gabi checking out her book.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slowly drying up :(

Ah, the pumping days are numbered. Yes, I am thankful to have more time on my hands but then I have to contend w/ the idea that my girls will no longer be getting fresh milk from mommy & while that doesn't seem like it should be a big deal, it kind of is. I was chatting w/ a friend about it & explaining that it would be easier if I knew this wasn't the last time I would be experiencing this but reality is that this is it. As much as having another baby would be great, I know it won't happen. We are pretty much done unless God decides differently.

This is why it is hard. Pumping gave me another purpose that w/ as much as I went through, the mastitis, clogged ducts, etc., I knew my kids were getting an INVALUABLE resource from Mommy that no one else could give them. Yes, there will be new things to replace that time & be even more special, eventually. For now, my heart hurts a little.

I'm down to 20 minutes in the morning which is only yielding about 3 oz of milk & 10 minutes right before bedtime. Tonight I am only going to pump 5 minutes & by Saturday night, will not pump before bed. I can't count how many times I would finish w/ dinner & wish that I could just go to bed. Well, I'm right there. It is going to happen but part of me is going to miss that quiet time I had to do my computer stuff & be ALONE. It was my "me" time. My down time.

As well as stopping pumping, I am weaning Ian down to twice a day. We are at 3/day. I'm going to let him self-wean. No need to rush b/c this is it. I will never breastfeed another baby....WAAAAAAAA! Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be "that mom". You know the one that is still nursing their kid past the age of one. Who would have thought? And, for the record, my heart does ache that I do not have this continued bond w/ my girls. I wish they wouldn't have weaned so early but they did. I cried for a month when they stopped. It hurt b/c it was our snuggle time. Don't worry, we have plenty of opportunities to snuggle now.

My special role will continue and like many other things in life, I am ending 1 chapter to move on to the next.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 pound in 2 weeks!

What a long day but a good day! Today was the 1st time I have had to take the kids to the dr alone. Todd has ALWAYS been there to go w/ me. It is so much easier to have 2 adults but he couldn't make it today so Mommy had to attempt it all by herself. This meant waking up at 6am to get ready, then pump for 20 min, followed by BFing the boy, giving the girls their bottles & then breakfast. All while keeping the kids clean & ready to go before 8:45am. Yep, I did it! Let me pull out my golden laso & my invisible jet. Call me WONDER WOMAN! I feel like a super hero today!

Not only did we make the appt, we actually got there EARLY by 30 minutes. Our pedi is so great that she saw us immediately. The girls ears have cleared up. I mentioned that Gabi has been super clingy the past few days so she checked out their molars. Gabi is trying to cut all 4 at the same time. Sofi caught Mommy by surprise & has already cut 1 molar. Ian is still a little behind but is working on tooth #7 & #8.

I asked if we could weight check Ian b/c he was a bit behind the last time we went in. Nurse Charlotte proudly announced he was 20lb 2oz! My boy gained 1lb 3oz in 2 weeks! GOOOOO MAMA & IAN! As a matter of fact, I got scolded (in the kindest of ways, lol) & was told to "back off" the food. I guess I shouldn't be putting butter on everything, huh? KIDDING! I'm just glad my boy is doing well w/ weight again.

We also made the best of Easter w/ the sad news we had about my uncle. The kids loved their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny brought them (eh hem...Grandma & Papap actually but SHHHHH, don't tell anyone).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prayer Request

Rather than celebrating Christ's rebirth today, our family is in mourning. My uncle, Martin, passed away suddenly & without warning this morning. He had a massive heart attack that killed him instantly. Please say a prayer for his 2 daughers & my grandmother. Unfortunately due to distance, we will not be attending his burial tomorrow. They are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is also the first sibling to pass away. This all happened after my grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday on Wednesday. My parents just arrived from Argentina this morning only to be told that Martin passed away.

We are devastated but know that he is w/ his daughter & wife in Heaven.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picky eaters!

For the past 1.5 months, I have let the food guard down. The babies are constantly trying new things. The other day I thought it would be cute to give them some ambrosia salad. Can we say YUMMY? The kids LOVED it. I'm thinking it had to be the whipped cream. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Please excuse the mac & cheese they had all over them, tee-hee! Never mind all the cream!

At the same time, as much as they liked this & any other fruit under the sun, they are also quite the picky eaters. What's up w/ that? One day they love turkey dogs, the next day they won't have anything to do w/ them. Like many other mommies/daddies I know w/ kids this age, the menu seems to be very limited. I would think they would get tired of the same stuff over & over again but if I give them something besides that, they refuse it & then start crying. Man, I thought I was moody!

For instance, today I made them a grilled cheese sandwich w/ american & mozzarella cheese, something they normally L.O.V.E. Well, Miss Gabi decided today was the day she would refuse to eat it. HUH? Come on! This is the fail safe meal! I eventually gave in after a 15 minute temper tantrum & gave her fresh fruit after which she promptly ate her grilled cheese. HMFT!

I suppose they are discovering that they can actually make decisions. That is what it has to be...control. They can finally control what goes in their mouth, when & what order. This too shall pass.

Until then, my brain is out of ideas to try out w/ these kids. I will continue to offer new foods in hopes that their tastes will once again include a wide variety of tastes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What NOT to say!

Ok, this is 1 topic that needs to be discussed b/c the reality of the situation is that people can say some really STUPID CRAP! Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but all I ask is that you not treat us like a freak show which is what normally happens. Please excuse the sarastic remarks. Sometimes they make it out of my mouth in time, sometimes they stay in my head. Here are some comments we have recieved while out & about...

"Are they twins?" ~ Well, Can you count? There are THREE BABIES!
"Are they identical" ~ Hmmm...can boys & girls be identical? I thought they had different private parts!
"Are they natural?" ~ Uh...well, they are human, yes. They are not aliens & I hope they aren't plastic!
"That is just NOT normal!" ~ WHAT? Who do you think you are? It is completely normal in MY WORLD to have 3 babies. Sorry, we don't fit your definition of 'normal'.
"I'd shoot myself!" ~ Here, let me get you the gun!
"God bless you!" ~ Yes, He did.
"Better you than me." ~ Apparently so, we have enough love to go around.
"You have your hands full!" ~ Yes, & our hearts.
"Do you watch that know, the 1 where they have like 8 kids?" ~ You mean Jon & Kate Plus 8? Not really. You see, I have TRIPLETS, not SEXTUPLETS. Besides, just b/c I had 3 babies at 1 time doesn't mean I am a fan of the show. This is ALWAYS 1 of the 1st questions!

Not only do we get these strange comments but people want to talk to us for ever. The problem, I am trying to run an errand & only have so much time to do it in. Please respect that & understand that I will not sit & talk for 10-15 minutes. Us HOM (higher order multiple) families really appreciate nice comments & not being followed around.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our trip to the firehouse!

We want to thank our local firehouse for being the best that there is! It all started when we called 911 on January 15th b/c of Ian's seizure. The EMS personnel were excellent in caring for our son, particularly Rob, the EMS Assistant Chief. Not only did they work on Ian until we arrived at the hospital, Rob also stuck around until about 2am to make sure we were ok & that Ian stopped seizing. Without their prompt attention, we may have had a much more serious situation on our hands.

In appreciation for their service, I made some cupcakes for them. My friend, Sheila, came over to help b/c I also wanted to take the kids along. We planned for today because they do drills on Tuesday night which means all personnel have to come to the firehouse. We were promptly greeted by none other than Rob! I gave him a tearful thank you immediately. I can't express the amount of gratitude I have for him & the others that helped my little boy that night.

Rob took us on a personal tour of the firehouse & even allowed us to discover the trucks! I think Gabi was the most fascinated by it all. Sofi enjoyed walking around everywhere & Ian was content being in Rob's arms. What an amazing morning!

Rob & Ian looking at the ambulance that took him to the hospital.

Rob, Ian, Gabi & Sofi sitting on the front of the fire truck.

Sofi checking out the gadgets.

Sheila & Gabi, Rob & Ian checking out all the gadgets.

Sofi holding on to the bell on the front of the fire truck.

Ian & Rob checking out the bell.

Rob was a FANTASTIC tour guide! He let the kids try everything & touch everything. He was totally in to them feeling all the different textures of the trucks. For our 1st field trip, this was excellent! We could not ask to live in a better place. The firehouse is only half a mile away from our home, in the subdivision. We feel so safe here.

After an hour long visit, I walked the kids back home. Sheila drove the car & the kids enjoyed the fresh air & change of pace. This visit was long overdue. We will be back! THANK YOU!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bows :)

I'm not a bowhead. I never wore bows in school. As a matter of fact, I made fun of bowheads. What is the deal w/ my obsession w/ bows now? I don't put them in the girls' hair b/c we only stay at home so no need for it, right? Well, turns out that I really like to make bows. My friend A sent me lots of instructions on how to make bows & I can't wait to try them out. The only problem is my girls don't wear them & when I do try to put them in their hair, they pull them out anyway. What is a mommy to do w/ all these bows? Maybe another give-away on my diaper cake site b/c I won't do it on here. Maybe add them to my diaper cakes? I kind of like that idea!

Anyway, I decided to make the girls' bows for their b-day party outfits which by the way, has been moved ONCE AGAIN to accomodate the many people that can't be here the 25th (like 5 of the people we were inviting). I have to show them off since this is my 1st attempt at anything more than wrapping the banana clip.

I put them on the tutus so I wouldn't lose them & actually, I like the way they look soooo I think I'll be making some bows for the tutus now except a little bit bigger. I have the rubber ducky buttons to put on them too!

In other news, the kids are doing really well. I think we are done w/ the virus & the remenants of the "cold" the kids got. I haven't had to really wipe any noses this morning. Thank God! Sofi is walking EVERYWHERE w/ reckless abandon. Gabi is cautiously trying & Ian is getting better at pulling up on things.

Here is Miss Gabi playing on Mommy's laptop. She is fascinated w/ it!

Ian went after the pink monkey that is Gabi's but not for long before he lost interest.

Miss Sofi likes to walk along the wall & "hug" it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

PT w/ Ian

We had our 1st meeting w/ the physical therapist on Tuesday. Yep, on their b-day. It was actually very educational. The PT instructed me on how to work w/ Ian. I have a friend who is a bit concerned about her daughter so I told her I would video us doing a PT session together. Luckily (ok, not so luckily b/c I didn't get a break, LOL) Ian did not take his morning (or afternoon, the booger) nap so we had some 1 on 1 time to do the PT & video it. I thought it would be good to share w/ everyone, not just Miss A & L. Hopefully this will help someone besides just us.

On the developmental front, Ian went from sitting to on his hands & knees yesterday which takes quite a bit of control. He has replicated the action only a couple of more times but that tells us his core is getting stronger. The PT explained that w/o a strong core, he would not be able to crawl regularly & would stick to the ground. I'm going to do my best to do the PT exercises w/ him daily but in the world of triplets, that is not always possible. Honestly, if I can do it every other day, I will be happy.

The girls are doing wonderfully. Gabi is starting to attempt standing on her own & walking. Sofi is walking all over the place. She also loves to crawl under things & get trapped, silly girl! We have discovered some new toys too, Mommy's stainless steel bowls. They LOVE them!

Along w/ the good, also comes a bit of bad. Biting. The girls bite when they want Mommy's attention, especially Miss Sofi. She has bitten Ian hard enough on the foot to break the skin. I know this is a phase & thankfully it isn't happening often. If you have any suggestions on how to handle it, comments are appreciated.

Of the 3, Ian really enjoyed his cupcake. My friend, Nikki, said he "conquered his cupcake" & I think that is pretty accurate!

Gabi was a bit more methodical, putting 1 finger in the icing at a time & licking it off. It took her a good 15 min to actually dig in!

Sofi was only interested in the duck & when I took it away, she was PISSED!