Thursday, September 30, 2010

My New BFF...

I have been struggling to find a new coffee mug.
The kind that would keep the coffee hot.
And make sure that if it was grabbed by sticky fingers,
would stay shut.

I had the perfect one.
Don't know where it went.
Must have grown legs & RAN the hell outta dodge.
Cuz I haven't found it since.

I tried replacing it w/ a Walmart special.
It made it through the summer.
Didn't keep the coffee hot, but it did the job.

Until I dropped it 2 days ago.
Big cracks.
No more insulation.


So I was on a mission.
Went back to Walmart.
Even went to Target.


Then the idea popped in my head.
Go to Starbucks.
(Ha...expensive anyone?)

And that's what I got.
An expensive new mug.
With a fantastic screw top.
All pretty & stainless steel.

Well worth the $20 I paid.
My coffee sat hot for over 2.5 hrs.

That is a win-win situation for me.
Especially w/ the colder months coming.
Love me some new Starbucks coffee mug!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a game that started a while back.
The kids came up w/ it.
Todd put a name to it.

Basically, the kids escape from where ever & hit the ground,
staying still & pretending that no one can see them.
Possum is another name, right?

And being the cheesy parents that we are,
we totally buy in to the game.
We start saying, "Where is _____? I can't see them!"
We walk around them.
Over them.
On top of them.
(Don't worry, no injuries to speak of.)

We say "They are INVISIBLE!"
They say some variation.

Adults can't find them unless they move.
Only they can find each other.

It is the cutest game in the world.
And I never thought I would get a picture.

Until they all escaped the living room.
(Thanks Ianchito.)
And this is what I found...
(please keep in mind, this was a shot in the dark...get it...they are invisible...HA)

3 kids that were "INVISIBLE".
Boy, did they take forever to become UNinvisible.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hook 'em Horns!

I got busy & decided it was time the kids had their own UT gear.
I even got Todd & I new shirts.

This was the best pic of the series.
Oh, life w/ triplets & trying to get a decent pic.
I could probably write a movie about it.

Oh yeah, Ian was NOT a happy camper.

Gabi has an obsession w/ her Minnie Mouses.
Can you tell?

Oh, the Elmo party hats, how we love thee.
(Thanks Grandma Donna, tee-hee.)

Gabi was totally against pics...
from beginning to end.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First IN STORE temper tantrum...

It was as embarrassing as I thought it would be.
And it was Gabi that made me feel that way.
Actually, let me take the embarrassing part back.

I really wasn't all that embarrassed.
I just felt bad for everyone that had to hear Gabi.

It all started b/c she wanted to get in the cart rather than in their wagon.
Sorry, no carts during cold/flu/RSV season.
(Yeah, I'm still being overly cautious this year.)
So she started to pitch a fit.

And then I thought we got past it as we walked in to Target.
Normally I tell them if they are good, they can pick out a book in the dollar section.
Apparently that wasn't good enough for Gabi.
She didn't want a book.

She wanted a ball.

For the next 20 minutes she let everyone know this.
And I couldn't just leave.
We had to try on shoes.

Sofi & her big size 8 feet.
It's all her fault.
(not really)

It was just B.A.D.
Not enjoyable.
Although I felt more bad for her.

She didn't get a treat afterward.
No sprite from Chick-fil-A.
Her loss.

And so, my perfect streak is over.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Morning Routine

For the longest time, I dressed them 1st thing in the morning.
That's just how I did things.

Then they grew an opinion.
A strong one.
The opinion very clearly stated,
"Jammas Momma, jammas."

And so the change happened.
Now, they stay in their jammas until after breakfast & quiet time.
Yes, quiet time.
Not that they stay quiet but at least they are in their cribs for that time.

It gives me a chance to clean up breakfast.
And check emails.
Sometimes to pack the car if we leave for the morning.

So, along w/ the new jammas thing,
the kids have started lounging in the morning.
Serious lounging.

The kind where a palate is made on the floor.
Where they sit & watch Mickey Mouse.
Not moving until it is time for breakfast.
(Little white lie there...they move.)

It is the cutest ever!

Now, if only I could get them to do this in our bed.
That way I don't have to get up so early.
That bed is so high though,
if they fall off,
we'll have issues.

I'll pass on the issues.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pizza Chefs

It was time.
Time to make a family pizza.
The kind where the kids get to throw everything on there.
Yep, lots of fun.

And the cheese,
oh Lord, the cheese.

It landed everywhere.
The table.
The chairs.
Under the chairs.
On the floor.

Down my shirt.
Yep, down the shirt.
In the bra.


Back to the point.
What a huge step,
to finally have a family cooked dinner.

Yes, we will do it again.
It was worth all the mess.

Here we are checking out the goods.

Ian liked the pepperoni...
boy did he like the pepperoni.
For every 1 that he put on the pizza,
2 ended up in his mouth.
(Don't ask about the beanie...he is having a love affair w/ it at the moment.)

Spreading on the sauce.
Momma doesn't like sauce so it's half & half.

Little hands + cheese = BLISS

Daddy was so proud!
You know, we are more Italian than anything.
Italians & their pizza!

The finished product.
Pretty pizza!

Enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Washing Neighbor Steve's Van

I could write a book about the afternoon,
but instead I will let the pics tell the story.
(with some narration, of course)

The cleanest bumper on the block.
I swear.

Neighbor Steve showing Sofi how to use the hose.
Ian was giggling in the background!

Sofi has Momma's feet,
hands down.

Just call him Mr. Bubbles.

Neighbor Steve gave the kids COKE in CUPS.
There is a first time for everything.
The good thing was that the kids burned off the sugar.

Ian has a beautiful profile,
even w/ the coke dripping from his chin.

Sofi couldn't have been happier.
She felt like such a big girl!


Gabi takes such beautiful profile & 3/4 pics!


Meltdown #1

Meltdown #2

Ianchito not having a care in the world.
So opposite his sisters!
(Also, my fave shot of the day.)

Gabi was trying really hard to reach!

And then splash the water.

What a beautiful day this was.
We have the greatest neighbors in the world!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sing it Gabi!

It's always been a love of hers.
She's my singing sensation.
She loves to sing along.
Especially to the ABC's.

She has gotten so much better.
And Sofi isn't doing too bad herself.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Mommas & Poppa

It was one of those days.
The kind where you are ready to lock them under the stairs but decided it's better to go outside.

Yes, one of those days.
We have never taken the kids walking further than the end of the block.
But Sunday was the day.
It had to be.

The stairs aren't a good option.
Too much crap under there.
And I'm sure someone would have called CPS.
(I'm seriously kidding about the stairs.)

So the kids got their strollers.
Picked out something to put in them.

Sofi took her baby.
She takes her baby EVERYWHERE.
She is my resident hoarder.
If she could, she would take the whole house.
No joke.

Gabi took her Minnie Mouse.
She love Minnie.
Adores Minnie.
Sleeps w/ Minnie.
And wears Minnie.

Then there is Ian.
He took his "color paper".
It's one of those magnetic writing boards.
This is the mini version.
Interesting choice.

And we were off...

Things got a little hairy going down the driveway.
Ian was holding things up.

That is how Sofi got ahead.
Silly girl wasn't waiting to get on the sidewalk.

Playing w/ angles.
I'd love to take a photog class.

Going around the corner,
we had a bit of a traffic jam.

Introducing Sofi's baby.
You will see her often.
She was a very good sport on the walk.
No crying or complaining.
No matter how many times Sofi went off roading.

Ian ditched the stroller as soon as he saw the swing.
He's such a boy.

About 5 houses from home,
Gabi & Ian didn't want anything to do w/ their strollers.
Mommy ended up carrying them.
I'm not complaining.
At least it wasn't too bad.

In case you wanted to visualize what I looked like,
here is Sofi demonstrating.

Now I feel accomplished.
My kids have walked the block.
Not part of it.
The whole damn thing.