Thursday, September 30, 2010

My New BFF...

I have been struggling to find a new coffee mug.
The kind that would keep the coffee hot.
And make sure that if it was grabbed by sticky fingers,
would stay shut.

I had the perfect one.
Don't know where it went.
Must have grown legs & RAN the hell outta dodge.
Cuz I haven't found it since.

I tried replacing it w/ a Walmart special.
It made it through the summer.
Didn't keep the coffee hot, but it did the job.

Until I dropped it 2 days ago.
Big cracks.
No more insulation.


So I was on a mission.
Went back to Walmart.
Even went to Target.


Then the idea popped in my head.
Go to Starbucks.
(Ha...expensive anyone?)

And that's what I got.
An expensive new mug.
With a fantastic screw top.
All pretty & stainless steel.

Well worth the $20 I paid.
My coffee sat hot for over 2.5 hrs.

That is a win-win situation for me.
Especially w/ the colder months coming.
Love me some new Starbucks coffee mug!


Kristen and Mike said...

I have that mug too and I love it! :)

Susan said...

I've got one just like it. Had to have it right after the kids were born and I realized that it was impossible to sit and drink 1 cup of coffee while it was still hot. Enjoy!