Monday, December 29, 2008

Gabi signed her 1st word!

What a beautiful moment! Gabi signed her 1st word 2 days ago. It took me this long to get it on video. We are teaching the kids sign language (ASL) b/c it is easier for them to communicate their needs. Oral language takes time to develop & "milk" is a difficult word so it could be a while before we actually hear her say it but she now knows what it is & connects it to the milk in her bottle. We are VERY PROUD parents!

The sign for milk is to squeeze the hand in to a fist a couple of times as if you were milking a cow. In the video, 12 seconds in to it is when Gabi signs milk. Notice that I positively reinforce her action by giving her the milk immediately. I'm so excited about this! We have been signing milk to the kids since they came home. It is just about this time, 9 months of age, that children normally sign their 1st sign. Also, this will not delay speech in any way, it will actually foster their understanding of language. Here is the video!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We have VIDEO!!!!!!

YAY! I got a really cool Flip Video for Christmas & it is so easy to take & upload video so I have to share it w/ you all! I also have to mention some milestones we have hit.


Sofi can now sit up on her very own. She is developing very quickly! She is also on the verge of crawling as you can see in the video. Oh, & did I mention she went from having only 1 tooth to having FOUR?!?! I was shocked to find that all 4 are on bottom too.

Ian is still army crawling & getting very proficient at it. He is very quick. We are going to have to baby proof the house this weekend & next week.

Gabi is on the move a bit more than what she has been. She is rolling all over the place & starting to interact more w/ her brother & sister. She LOVES to sit up like a big girl but hasn't figured out how to get to sitting from laying down.

All 3 kids are eating Cheerios very easily w/ their pincher grasp. We aren't using the high chairs much yet just b/c we eat in our bouncy chairs. It is easier for me to feed them on the couch upstairs b/c they can't slip off of it. I have a feeling this will change after our 9 month well baby exam. I hear that is when you are suppose to switch & feed solids before the bottle. If that is the case, then I will most likely feed them in their high chairs & start giving them more finger foods. Oh joy! I can see many a mess in my near future!

I walked in the kids' room & found Sofi sleeping like this. I ran & grabbed the camera b/c I often find her w/ her legs hanging out!

Ianchito fell asleep holding Daddy's hand after a full morning of playing. Daddy was just as exhausted & decided to take a nap w/ him.

I love this picture of Gabi b/c her eyes are just so beautiful! The next one is of her getting some love from Grandma.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

WOW! What a fun day & it is only 3:15pm. It started last night w/ my family as we celebrate on Christmas Eve b/c that is the way they do it in Argentina. It was a festive night. We were all very merry (yep, the wine was being poured freely)! The kids were only up until 7pm but long enough to enjoy their Abuelo, Abuela, Tio Ian, & Tia Jesse. We also managed to get a few shots of the family all together. What fun!

We also got a chance to bake some cookies this year since we didn't have a lot of time to do shopping. Ok, so the cookies came out of a package but who cares? It's the thought that counts, right? We even customized them a bit. Our neighbor, a die hard Aggie (Texas A&M) got a hand crafted Bevo (University of TX mascot), hehe. We love teasing him about it as the schools have a very long history of rivalry! The kids got in on the action. We gave them the cookie cutters to play w/ & they cheered Mommy on while she was covered in flour, racing against the pumping clock. Daddy also decided it was time for the kids to taste icing for the 1st time. FUN!

We also celebrated Christmas w/ Grandma & Papap today. The kids got spoiled as did Todd & I. Thank you all so much for everything! WOWSA! We have yet to eat Christmas dinner but it is already the best day ever. This year it wasn't about giving, it was about receiving the 3 most precious children. God picked us & we are BLESSED! We thank him every night we put Sofi, Gabi, & Ian to bed.

Friday, December 19, 2008

4 vs 2 vs 1

Gabi is in the lead! She now has 4 teeth! Her 2 upper teeth have decided to finally cut through on Monday (Dec. 15th). Let me tell you what a bear she has been for the past week too! LORD...have mercy! Today she is finally a bit better w/ it. All the while, Ian cut his 2nd tooth a week after his 1st (Dec. 1st & 7th). Sofi has only 1 but is working on the 2nd one on bottom (Nov. 24th). I'll never see a toothless grin again...WAAAAAAAA!

These kids are also on the move! I'm going to have to start closing the door in the playroom b/c Sofi keeps trying to escape! I've started baby proofing the room & hopefully we will get the dressers out so we can have a wide open space w/o anything to stop them. I know I said that I was totally not looking forward to them moving but it is amazing to watch them get across the floor b/c they want something. You see the determination in their eyes & can't help but smile when they finally reach the object of their desire. Often times, the object is something that another is holding but eh...who cares? After all, they need to learn how to share!

Here is Sofi on all 4's!
Then we have her going after the giraffe's tail. She was trying to suck on it.

Finally, one of Sofi on her side. She can almost get in to sitting positoin by herself.

I think Gabi had enough of me taking pictures of her.

Gabi was going after the soothie, the most sought after item in our home!

One more of Gabi doing her favorite thing...suck on her soothie & cuddling her blankie!

Hmmft...then we have Ianchito w/ his favorite toy, the barnyard. He loves to spin the thing in the middle!

Here is the little man on the move!

I think he was tired of Mommy taking pics too!

Speaking of playrooms & wide open spaces, I know there are many of you reading this & I would LOVE some advice on how to make a nice room for the kids, storage ideas, etc. If you have a really neat playroom, share please! I am already looking forward to doing a chalkboard wall or area actually...not a whole wall, LOL! If you have links to pics, I would love to see them.

Ok, time for bed! Nighty-night!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it really Christmas already?

WOW! Where did this year go? Our first Christmas w/ kids...I'm so excited! With that said, we were trying to get in to the Christmas spirit this weekend. Todd was hell-bent on getting the tree set up. Let's just say it ended in me taking the kids for a walk, a walk they missed b/c he wanted to put up the tree. Yep, they got fussy...really, really fussy! We have learned our lesson, LOL! We ended up getting the tree up & the lights that evening after the kids went to bed. The next day we were able to bring the kids down to the living room & decorate the tree. It was most definitely an emotional journey down memory lane.

Let me explain a little. Todd & I started a tradition the 1st year we were together & that is having a tree trimming party. At the party we exchange an ornament. The year we were pregnant & lost our baby, we got a star that said HOPE on it & use it for the top of our tree to remember our beautiful Onesie. Needless to say, I cry every time. Last year brought about a cute "We are expecting triplets" ornament & I totally lost it b/c we had to cancel the party b/c I was being admitted in to the hospital b/c I needed an emergency cerclage (a stitch to be put in the cervix to keep it long & closed). The day I came home, my inlaws were putting a tree up for us since we didn't get to do that the night before. We have come so far since last year!

This year we added an ornament, 3 peas in a pod, with the kids' names on it. We are going to get them individual ornaments so that one day they can take them when they grow up. I want each of them to have their own. This Christmas is going to be so special b/c this time last year we didn't know if we would make it long enough in the pregnancy to have the babies survive. Now we have 3 beautiful, thriving babies!

Daddy is taking the tree out of the box.

The kids were looking on in their bumbos while we put ornaments up.

Let's talk about the babies! They are getting so big & really getting good at all their new learned skills! The girls LOVE to sit up. They also love to roll around all over the floor. Nothing is out of reach. They are also babbling up a storm, often talking to one another. Ian is a rolling & also getting on all fours (as is Sofi) & rocking back & forth. I hear it doesn't take long to go from that to crawling. He has already perfected the army crawl!

Gabi & Sofi sitting together.

Sofi & Ian rolling on the floor together.

I love this face Ian makes! I don't know if he is frustrated or angry but I laugh every time he does it!

That's it for now! I have a feeling I'll be posting more shortly.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW for Christmas!

Yep, you read right! Snow is a big deal in these dern parts of the world b/c IT NEVER HAPPENS! The last time we got snow had to have been in 05, maybe? See, I don't even remember. We are lucky to experience snow flakes every few years. It just so happens to be that 2008 is that special year! Figures...having triplets at the beginning & closing it out w/ snow for Christmas!

I managed to call my neighbor to help me bring out the babies & snap a few pictures. Yes, they are BAD & I look HORRIBLE BUT at least there is proof that there were a few snowflakes. Click on the picture to get the big version b/c otherwise you can't see them, LOL! Check out the kids' hair & you will see a few.

This 2nd shot was an "action" shot as you can tell by my hair whipping around. ERG! Don't laugh!

In other news, Gabi decided it was time to keep up w/ her brother & sister & started really rolling around on the floor in order to get from point A to point B. WHEW! Sofi is also getting on all 4's, occationally. I have yet to be able to snap a picture! She doesn't stay up long enough. Ian has started sucking on a paci which is weird b/c he had NO interest in them until he decided it would be fun to take them away from his sisters' mouths & put it in his own. I guess he felt left out!

Everyone is working really hard on their sitting skills. They all sit alone for long periods of time but still haven't been able to get to the sitting position w/o help from Mommy or Daddy. Gabi much rather sit that lay down. Seems like she enjoys the new perspective of her little world. Same w/ Sofi. She is the closest of the 3 in getting to sit by herself. She seems determined!!!

Well, off to give bottles & breakfast!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a week, 4 generations together!

This week has been wonderful & sad all at the same time. Mamama spent quite a few days hanging out during the day with us while my dad was at work. This gave her plenty of time to play & help w/ the babies. Seeing my 90 year old grandmother pick a baby up off the floor, feed them, hold them & play with them was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She is an inspiration!

As all this was going on, my Oma (my Mom's mom) was taken to the doctor on Friday. He dx her w/ Alzheimer's, stage 2. So, while this week was suppose to be full of good company, we also recieved a huge blow. We are still dealing w/ the news & actually quite shocked. We knew something was wrong, we just never imagined this.

We don't know what is in the future, how long it will be or how quickly/slowly this disease will progress, or how we are going to deal w/ a family. All I can ask is that if you are reading this & you believe in God, please say a prayer for my Oma & my mom b/c she is the one that has to see her mother go through this.

I have to also post positive things b/c I want to be able to show off the 4 generations that were together. I am very thankful to God to have my grandmothers still here on earth. I know Papapa & Opa are looking down on us all! Here are some pics of the 4 generations together!

This is a picture of my family w/ Mamama.

This is a picture of all the women together w/ the triplets.

I also have to share this picture of Mamama w/ Gabi & Ian. I love how it turned out!

Then we have the can I not post about the babies?!? Sofi got on all 4's this week (knees & hands) but only for a split second. I have a feeling she will be the 1st to crawl. Sofi is also a sitting machine! She is on the verge of getting in to sitting position on her own. I got a picture of her outside. This was the 1st time that she felt the grass between her toes.

Then we have Ian. Boy, he is really trying to crawl but the poor guy looks like a fish out of water, LOL! He also cut his 1st tooth on Monday. Poor guy was being left behind by his sisters. Might I also mention that he LOVES chunky food & Cheerios?!? Here he is w/ his tio (uncle) & proud Godfather!

Then we have our sweet Gabi. Gabi likes to watch her brother & sister play. She also likes to cuddle w/ mommy. Her top teeth still haven't cut through but man, are they trying! Seems like Gabi likes to just hang out w/ friends. That is Lizzie in the picture w/ her. Lizzie came over on Thursday w/ her mommy for a playdate. It was great getting to play!

I have to also say that the kids are starting to play w/ one another quite a bit. It is the funniest thing to see them rolling on the floor together taking toys from each other. I'm going to have to snap a picture b/c Ian always seems to take the pacis from the girls. Mind you, he doesn't like the paci. Won't suck on it, just likes to take it from the girls, chew on it & then drop it. That's it. So funny!

As much as I don't want them to keep getting bigger, I enjoy watching my babies grow & find new interest in the littlest of things. It is like discovering things all over again by watching them discover it. It IS a whole new world for them. What a joy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The trips got dipped...baptized that is!

Saturday was a beautiful day! Our babies finally got baptized. It was perfect. Of course, getting ready for it was a bit hectic & stressful but we made it through w/o any issues w/ the kids. Ian decided he needed to cry from the moment we left the house until we got to the church but was on perfect behavior while there. He also decided he needed to cry the whole way home. At least he was only w/ Todd & I rather than having the whole church hear him.

Fr John baptizing Ian.

Fr John baptizing Gabi.

Fr John baptizing Sofi.

After the baptism, we headed back to the house where we had our families come over for some really good b-b-que, thanks to Bill. Everyone LOVED the food & the company! The babies were exhausted by the end of the day & ready to hit the sack. Todd's best friend & his wife came in to town being that they are the godparents to Gabi & Sofi. Cyndi is also Ian's godmother & my brother, Ian, is his godfather. We were so glad to have David, Cyndi, & Katherine (their beautiful daughter) come in from Florida for the baptism. We miss them already!

This is Katherine holding Sofi.

David & Cyndi...we miss you!

Cyndi & Gabi together, like old friends!

I had to put this picture up b/c it is like Ian is saying he is too cool to get a kiss from Abuelo!

I also want to say a special thank you to Fr John & Fr Clint. Fr John had us in stitches & I know that Fr Clint has known Todd & his parents for quite some time. We really appreciate how special you made us feel!

One last special thanks to Katherine for being the photographer for the day! You did beautifully!

Friday, November 28, 2008

More professional pictures :)

I have to share! This is going to be FULL of pictures but I can't hold them back. This woman is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I am so pleased w/ the pictures that I don't know how I am going to narrow down my faves for this post. is THAT hard! Let me start w/ the individual shots of the kids.

Here is Sofi in all her glory! I love the shots of her w/ the hoodie on b/c if you know Sofi, you know she LOVES to put stuff on her head.

Sofi is also our "serious" baby. Now, I don't mean she is serious all the time but she is a bit guarded when you 1st meet her. These pictures really show that!

Of course, Sofi does have a silly side. We love her smile & enjoy when she finally let's loose!

Then we have Gabi. Gabi is our love child. She loves everyone, always smiles for you & is generally our more cuddly baby. She is so sweet! The 1st picture in this series really shows what I mean!

Gabi always has a smile to share! The photographer captured the smile Gabi is famous for & the one that always makes you smile no matter what.

We do occationally see Gabi being serious like her sister.

Now, we can't forget Ianchito. He is definitely our ladies' man. This kid has so many girlfriends already that Daddy says he already has his black book filled up! I wonder why?!?

His smile wins everyone over. His crooked smile comes from my mom. You can see why!

We even had some pics of them all together. Trying to get 3 babies to smile at the same time proved to be tough. These pics really capture each of the babies' personalities.

Let's not forget the family pics!

Ok, that is it! I won't bore you w/ the other 50 pictures we have, LOL! I hope everyone enjoyed stuffing their faces yesterday w/ that yummy turkey! I have to say thank you to Donna & Bill for cooking a wonderful turkey dinner. Also, the kids got their 1st taste of turkey. YAY!