Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The trips got dipped...baptized that is!

Saturday was a beautiful day! Our babies finally got baptized. It was perfect. Of course, getting ready for it was a bit hectic & stressful but we made it through w/o any issues w/ the kids. Ian decided he needed to cry from the moment we left the house until we got to the church but was on perfect behavior while there. He also decided he needed to cry the whole way home. At least he was only w/ Todd & I rather than having the whole church hear him.

Fr John baptizing Ian.

Fr John baptizing Gabi.

Fr John baptizing Sofi.

After the baptism, we headed back to the house where we had our families come over for some really good b-b-que, thanks to Bill. Everyone LOVED the food & the company! The babies were exhausted by the end of the day & ready to hit the sack. Todd's best friend & his wife came in to town being that they are the godparents to Gabi & Sofi. Cyndi is also Ian's godmother & my brother, Ian, is his godfather. We were so glad to have David, Cyndi, & Katherine (their beautiful daughter) come in from Florida for the baptism. We miss them already!

This is Katherine holding Sofi.

David & Cyndi...we miss you!

Cyndi & Gabi together, like old friends!

I had to put this picture up b/c it is like Ian is saying he is too cool to get a kiss from Abuelo!

I also want to say a special thank you to Fr John & Fr Clint. Fr John had us in stitches & I know that Fr Clint has known Todd & his parents for quite some time. We really appreciate how special you made us feel!

One last special thanks to Katherine for being the photographer for the day! You did beautifully!


Brittanie said...

What great pictures of such a happy day! Congrats to you and your babies! It looks like you have such a great support system of family around you!

3WalterPeas said...

Hello Astrid,
My name is Nellie and we just had triplets 29 days ago. I found your blog and am so interested in many things you write about. You are ahead of me by many months and I really would like to learn from some of your experiences! Anything you might be able to share with us would be greatly appreciated! We are both from Texas but my husband is military and we are stationed in Hawaii right now. This has been difficult as we do not have family here. My email is nelliew25@hotmail.com and our blog is
oh, and I love your blog!