Saturday, December 27, 2008

We have VIDEO!!!!!!

YAY! I got a really cool Flip Video for Christmas & it is so easy to take & upload video so I have to share it w/ you all! I also have to mention some milestones we have hit.


Sofi can now sit up on her very own. She is developing very quickly! She is also on the verge of crawling as you can see in the video. Oh, & did I mention she went from having only 1 tooth to having FOUR?!?! I was shocked to find that all 4 are on bottom too.

Ian is still army crawling & getting very proficient at it. He is very quick. We are going to have to baby proof the house this weekend & next week.

Gabi is on the move a bit more than what she has been. She is rolling all over the place & starting to interact more w/ her brother & sister. She LOVES to sit up like a big girl but hasn't figured out how to get to sitting from laying down.

All 3 kids are eating Cheerios very easily w/ their pincher grasp. We aren't using the high chairs much yet just b/c we eat in our bouncy chairs. It is easier for me to feed them on the couch upstairs b/c they can't slip off of it. I have a feeling this will change after our 9 month well baby exam. I hear that is when you are suppose to switch & feed solids before the bottle. If that is the case, then I will most likely feed them in their high chairs & start giving them more finger foods. Oh joy! I can see many a mess in my near future!

I walked in the kids' room & found Sofi sleeping like this. I ran & grabbed the camera b/c I often find her w/ her legs hanging out!

Ianchito fell asleep holding Daddy's hand after a full morning of playing. Daddy was just as exhausted & decided to take a nap w/ him.

I love this picture of Gabi b/c her eyes are just so beautiful! The next one is of her getting some love from Grandma.


Little Mrs Sunshine said...

they are sooooo cute! they grow up so fast too, I can't believe how active they are!

Joey got his legs caught in his crib once like that and got hurt. seems like you can't win, with or without the bumper. as long as she doesn't roll over with her legs hanging out though she should be fine. Joey only got hurt because he rolled over with his legs stuck in there.

Yay for the video camera for xmas too! looks like you it was a very merry christmas for you all!

Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

Your babies are too cute!! I'm looking forward to MANY more videos!! How FUN!