Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW for Christmas!

Yep, you read right! Snow is a big deal in these dern parts of the world b/c IT NEVER HAPPENS! The last time we got snow had to have been in 05, maybe? See, I don't even remember. We are lucky to experience snow flakes every few years. It just so happens to be that 2008 is that special year! Figures...having triplets at the beginning & closing it out w/ snow for Christmas!

I managed to call my neighbor to help me bring out the babies & snap a few pictures. Yes, they are BAD & I look HORRIBLE BUT at least there is proof that there were a few snowflakes. Click on the picture to get the big version b/c otherwise you can't see them, LOL! Check out the kids' hair & you will see a few.

This 2nd shot was an "action" shot as you can tell by my hair whipping around. ERG! Don't laugh!

In other news, Gabi decided it was time to keep up w/ her brother & sister & started really rolling around on the floor in order to get from point A to point B. WHEW! Sofi is also getting on all 4's, occationally. I have yet to be able to snap a picture! She doesn't stay up long enough. Ian has started sucking on a paci which is weird b/c he had NO interest in them until he decided it would be fun to take them away from his sisters' mouths & put it in his own. I guess he felt left out!

Everyone is working really hard on their sitting skills. They all sit alone for long periods of time but still haven't been able to get to the sitting position w/o help from Mommy or Daddy. Gabi much rather sit that lay down. Seems like she enjoys the new perspective of her little world. Same w/ Sofi. She is the closest of the 3 in getting to sit by herself. She seems determined!!!

Well, off to give bottles & breakfast!


Nicole O'Dell said...

Enjoy the snow! I hope you get even more!

Brittanie said...

Awesome that you got a few flakes! I remember in 2004, when I was living in Las Vegas, we got enough snow to cover the ground on the evening of Christmas Eve. THAT was so special. It didn't last long into Christmas morning, but it was THERE!

And yay for how well your babies are doing! That's so awesome!

Tanna'sTriplets said...

HAHA!! We got a little snow this week also!! Glad to see ya'll are all doing well!!