Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We debated this topic.
It was a long drawn out decision.
But we went for it.
And couldn't be happier.

The kids started yesterday.
They go on M/T/W.
3 consecutive days.
As a former teacher, I think this is best.

The only thing that went wrong?
Ian had a poo accident right at the end of the day.
Poor kid.
He is my emotional one.
The nerves got the best of him.
That & lack of communication.

But it is still ok.
They didn't cry at all.
They were ready.
Mommy & Daddy were teary-eyed.
But we got through it.

I made them special outfits.
They picked out the fabric.
And they had to get a photo w/ each of us.

Today was much smoother.
Ian & Gabi's teacher came out to get them.
So did Sofi's.
{yep they are split up & we are ok w/ that}

Mrs. C scooped Ian up this morning & he melted in to her.
Instantly I knew we had made the right decision.
It ain't cheap but it will be worth it for everyone.
I can't wait to see what they bring home today!


PS - Sorry for the absence...long story but I needed to focus
attention on other things in our life.
The blog will always be 2nd...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surviving Triplets Makeover

How exciting is this?
We've got a new look for the blog.
I absolutely LOVE it.

Thank you Tracey!
You do an amazing job.
Seriously amazing.

Maybe this will motivate me to blog a bit more.
That & time.
I need more time.

Check out Tracey's designs.
Little Bitty Blogs

And if you decide to get her to makeover your blog,
PLEASE let her know I sent you!
She is amazing to work with.


Ready to Go!

You're all set. Happy Blogging!