Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We debated this topic.
It was a long drawn out decision.
But we went for it.
And couldn't be happier.

The kids started yesterday.
They go on M/T/W.
3 consecutive days.
As a former teacher, I think this is best.

The only thing that went wrong?
Ian had a poo accident right at the end of the day.
Poor kid.
He is my emotional one.
The nerves got the best of him.
That & lack of communication.

But it is still ok.
They didn't cry at all.
They were ready.
Mommy & Daddy were teary-eyed.
But we got through it.

I made them special outfits.
They picked out the fabric.
And they had to get a photo w/ each of us.

Today was much smoother.
Ian & Gabi's teacher came out to get them.
So did Sofi's.
{yep they are split up & we are ok w/ that}

Mrs. C scooped Ian up this morning & he melted in to her.
Instantly I knew we had made the right decision.
It ain't cheap but it will be worth it for everyone.
I can't wait to see what they bring home today!


PS - Sorry for the absence...long story but I needed to focus
attention on other things in our life.
The blog will always be 2nd...


Renee said...

congrats! it's a big step. hope it continues to be great for all of you!

Sugar Mommy said...

Congrats to all!
We also just started preschool after LOOOOONG debates. My trip is going M-F for 2 1/2 hours in the am. They LOVE it!
Feels good to know other multiple mommies struggled with he decision.
But learned it was the right one!
Good luck for a great year!


Cindi said...

My friend just had her triplets on Saturday (at 31 weeks). They're all doing amazingly well considering how early they are.

I ran across your blog as I was looking to see how other families 'survive triplets' :).

I wanted to pass along this Mom's Guide to caring for kids teeth. It has great ideas on how to keep your kids teeth healthy. I hope you find it helpful too. http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/

What a fun blog this is. I bet your home is full of fun too, with all those kids!

Nichole said...

Wow! I think it's great for the kidlets to get that interaction with other kiddos-- I'm hoping to get Aiden into PS part time here soon-- mostly for the social aspects-- I think he and Luke have their own little language and that tells me it's time to branch out a bit. They love each other but I think getting to know other kids and interact with them helps develop their character, personality and so much. Nothing is better than time with mama but there isn't anything wrong with getting out and about a bit. One of these days I'll follow my own jabbering! I suppose Luke would benefit too-- I keep forgetting he'll be two soon-- he's not allowed to be that old yet. :( lol