Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surviving Triplets Makeover

How exciting is this?
We've got a new look for the blog.
I absolutely LOVE it.

Thank you Tracey!
You do an amazing job.
Seriously amazing.

Maybe this will motivate me to blog a bit more.
That & time.
I need more time.

Check out Tracey's designs.
Little Bitty Blogs

And if you decide to get her to makeover your blog,
PLEASE let her know I sent you!
She is amazing to work with.



Christine said...

Love it! Love the colors!!

Aries said...

If i may offer my humble opinion i think the font is too big.You may want to reduce it a lil bit.Adding more color would be good instead of white background.I'm sorry if i'm crossing the line but I just had to share.You can totally ignore me.

Texas Gal said...

You know I love me some yellow!!! :)

Astrid said...

TY Aries for the advice & no problem in me taking it. I am happy w/ how it looks :)