Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yeah, so not sure what the deal is but the kids didn't nap on Friday (the day after a loaded day w/ family & friends) & then 2 of them (Gabi & Ian) didn't nap today. It wouldn't be an issue if they would just hang out & play but, NOOOOOO. They have to be w/ Mommy. Mommy had a lot to do today. Too much to do today. So, needless to say, not much got done.

But as it were, Gabi accepted Daddy as a substitute, only until Mommy got in her line of sight & then it was a no go.

Ok, that's a lie. Lots got done but it was accompanied by crying & Daddy coming to the rescue. It was a join effort. Thank God. Now, if I only knew the reason for the short naps. I know Ian woke up b/c of Gabi today. Most likely all 3 woke up b/c of Sofi on Friday. I think Sofi is getting a 2 year molar (yes, that would be 4 months early but she started w/ her 1 year molars at 10 months so I wouldn't be surprised).

Another suggestion is a growth spurt. I would believe that but they aren't eating any more than before. Hmmm...I'm stumped but either way, will love my babies & cherish this time. No matter how difficult.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope everyone stuffed their bellies w/ good food today. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you had a wonderful day all the same. The reason I say that is since I am from a different country, my family had NO IDEA what Thanksgiving was until they moved here. We have never really celebrated it. We did family stuff but never turkey & stuffing & all the fixins.

This was our 1st REAL Thanksgiving w/ the kids. Yeah, they were around last year & 8 months old but they didn't really sit at the table w/ us or eat w/ us. They just got a taste of turkey & then off to bed.

So, this year we had the shirts made, had family & friends visit throughout the day AND...

Drum roll please...

We went to Grandma & Papap's for dinner! Yeah. You read right. We left the house. Not only did we leave the house BUT we ate dinner. As a family. Somewhere besides our house. Yes, we did.

Gotta admit, I was a bit stressed about the whole thing. Ok, overwhelmed. Yes. Me. Edgy is a nice adjective rather than the other one I was thinking about & since this is a Thanksgiving blog, I will refrain from using profanity.

Now comes the sappy part. Yep, me...being sappy. I want to thank my inlaws for giving us a wonderful opportunity to have a delicious meal (none of which I had to cook) & being able to sit down as a "family". I want to thank God for my 3 beautiful, well behaved children (they were angels today, ok...minus Ian's 30 minute temper tantrum this morning). I am most thankful for my husband, Todd. He is the man of my dreams. My parents, Ian & Jessie, Jeff, & Julie for being part of our lives. I wake up every morning a very happy woman.

Now for some pics!

Hey Dad, I want what you're drinking (uh, no).

Sofi & Papap!

Turkey, turkey, turkey!

Turkey w/ some milk to wash it down.

Playing in a toy. Ok, reading in a toy! Doesn't get better than that when your at Grandma's house!

From our family to yours, thank you for your unconditional support whether it has been through following this blog, saying a prayer in our darkest of moments, leaving a comment or even purchasing something from my growing little business. You are all in our thoughts daily. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cute shirts & Scarf Along project!

Yep, this is the exception to the rule. I know. Not suppose to talk about my business on here but I HAVE to share these really cute turkey shirts that we made for Thanksgiving Day. Too bad it is too late to order one now BUT we are going to have some killer Christmas shirt designs instead so keep a lookout on my other blog SIGnature Creations. These are the 3 shirts together for the kids.

And the shirts seperately.

I've actually been doing quite a bit of sewing now that my machine is out of the closet. I've been keeping dibs on my progress on the other blog. I've got to share my favorite one though. It is called Scarf Along & was recommended to me by a friend, Adrienne. There are a handful of us doing it together (A, Amy, Angie, & Andrea). Ok, is it just me or do we all have A names? HA! Now that is friggin' hilarious!

Anyway, back to the project. The premise is that you can make 8 scarves for roughly $20. Now, I ended up spending a little more b/c I wanted to make more scarves. YAY! So far, I'm loving every minute of it, even the ironing.

Here are my fabric choices for the 1st set of scarves.

And these are the fabric choices for the 2nd set of scarves.

This has really gotten my creative juices flowing. I'm by no means an expert seamstress but this is fun & helps fill my time while making me feel like I am contributing to the family.

Ok, so 1 last plug for my business. I also have an Etsy store. We (Sheila & I) do custom orders as well so if you need something special for a birthday or for a baby shower, we can whip it up. I've got a couple of precious diaper cakes as well as diaper wreaths (perfect to hang on the hospital door & then at home). Too much to list here. Check out the store & my independent website. Remember, if we don't have it, we can make it!

SIGnature Creations Esty Store
SIGnature Creations Website

Thanks for letting me shamelessly plug my biz!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tender Mommy Moments

You know, it is very rare that a mommy gets to be in the picture but last night proved to be the perfect moment for mommy to get included. Ian normally sits on the couch for his milk & the girls in their bouncy chairs (yes, the same ones we have had since they were born). Last night was special. All 3 wanted to sit on MY lap and, as mommies do, I accommodated all 3.

Don't hate. Yes, we still give the girls milk in a bottle. No, we aren't worried about their teeth. They get brushed every night. We also don't put them to bed w/ the bottle. They finish it at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Why am I even justifying it? Never mind.

Back to the point. This was definitely a moment to remember for this mommy. It is not common for all 3 to sit contently in my lap at one time w/o some shoving, pushing or arguing going on. So, yeah. This is mommy's tender moment <3.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I don't think I really need to explain much w/ a picture like this. He may need braces to get him to walk better but hell if he can't climb!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eating Utensils & Plates

What a big step to civilized eating! We are officially using eating utensils (or at least trying to) & plates. The plates are going better than the forks/spoons. They actually leave them on the table until they are empty. Once there is nothing left on the plate, it's fair game for throwing down on the ground.

Of the 3, Sofi has managed to eat a whole meal using her fork. She is also really good w/ her spoon. We use a spoon every morning to eat yogurt. I chose yogurt b/c the consistency is thick & tends to stay on the spoon.

Speaking of utensils, I had a difficult time trying to decide what to get. We got some Baby Einstein Eat & Discover Utensils b/c we had been given them as a present way back before the kids were born & these seem to be easy to handle & to pierce the food.

Gabi & Ian...hmmm. They can take it or leave it. Not too interested in the fork although if I help Ian, he will use it. Gabi, not so much. The girl just wants to get the food in her mouth the quickest way possible. I look forward to the day they are able to use them well b/c I'm tired of constantly wiping hands!

Here are the munchkins w/ their plates & forks!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love/hate relationship...

I hate those damn braces. I'm not exactly sure why I have such a disdain for them but I do. I knew that Ian would have problems maneuvering in them as they are bulky. I don't care what all the therapists said, they are BULKY. They are big & put some significant weight on the bottom half of his legs making it difficult for him to move around.

I'm not saying he was agile & quick before but at least he could break his falls & didn't have huge bruises on the back of his legs from where the braces hit. I think the extra weight is making his feet slower than before & so when he tries to move, his upper body wants to go faster than his lower body. Hence, the falling. A lot of the time he trips over his own feet. Wonder why? Could it be the shoes that are THREE sizes too big?

His ECI coordinator seems to feel the same way about them after observing him today. The only problem is that he IS much more stable when walking than he was before. His left foot has also started to turn straight rather than to the side. I gotta love them for making a difference so quickly. Hence the love/hate relationship.

I knew he would have some physical setbacks b/c the braces are retraining him to walk w/ a new set of muscles. I just didn't expect so much falling. Poor guy. Sorry, no pics today. Momma hasn't had time to take or upload.

I think I needed to vent.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Outside Fun

Ok, seems like we always have intentions of going outside (besides on our daily walks) & we end up wondering why we didn't at the end of the day. Truth be told, I'm intimidated at the idea of taking them outside by myself. We have a BIG backyard & there are too many places for a kid to get in trouble. It scares me b/c every time we DO go out, they go crazy!

With that said, I think they go crazy b/c they don't go out so this weekend, we tackled the backyard. Todd & I took the kids out for about 30-45 minutes both yesterday & today. For part of the time today, I was out there by myself, the rest was w/ Grandma Donna & Todd BUT the little time I did have out there gave me a boost of confidence. I CAN go out there alone. Maybe not quite yet but I'm getting there.

We had a great time swinging on the swings & running around. The kids love the deck we have & played on it quite a bit. They climbed in the flowerbed (thank God nothing is in there that matters) & got to see the neighbor's new doggie, Cooper (labradoodle). We have GOT to get one! Not sure when we will be ready for the responsibility of a dog on top of 3 kids & 2 cats though. There are times I think Todd was having more fun than the kids although I gotta say nothing beats Gabi running outside & saying over & over again for about 5 minute straight, "Ou-si, ou-si, ou-si!" while running all over the yard!

Fun pics of Daddy & the kids.

Ok, seems like we always have intentions of going outside (besides on our daily walks) & we end up wondering why we didn't at the end

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have leg braces!

Can I just say how absolutely happy I am that insurance paid for the braces at 100% of the cost?!? With that said, we would have gotten them no matter the price b/c that is what you do as parents. You get what your kids NEED.

Honestly, I am still not very fond of these things but what ever. He's got them & now he's going to wear them. We have a schedule to "introduce" the braces to him. A couple of reasons for this, 1) so he can get use to his 2 new friends, and 2) to make sure that they fit appropriately & not hurt or rub his skin causing discomfort or blisters.

Day 1 ~ Wear for 1 hr twice a day.
Day 2 ~ Wear for 2 hrs twice a day.
Day 3 & 4 ~ Wear for 3 hrs twice a day.
Day 5 & 6 ~ Wear for 4 hrs twice a day.
Day 7 ~ Wear for 5 hrs twice a day.

It is my understanding he will be wearing them about 8 hrs a day which is about all we are going to be able to wear them since he won't have them on while he is sleeping. We'll be cutting it close but it is doable. I'm sure I will get more proficient in getting them on although it wasn't too much of a hassle this morning.

I have to say that I am glad he will be wearing them during the cooler months. He has to wear socks that go up past the braces & b/c of the girls, wear jeans/pants so that they don't mess w/ them. Not only that, we had to buy new shoes THREE sizes bigger to accommodate the braces!!!

For those that have never seen them, here is what they look like. We got to pick out the pattern, for which I promptly called Daddy & let him decide! Superman it is!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of Mr. Ian walking w/ them the very 1st time. You can IMMEDIATELY see how the braces force him to walk heal-toe. They make him much steadier as well! As much as I don't like them, I like what I see.

And for kicks, this was him walking a month ago. Notice the difference in his balance!?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting creative

You don't have a choice BUT to get creative when you have 3 munchkins running around & able to destroy things. Thank God I have some creative skills such as sewing to help me out on my endeavors b/c otherwise, I would probably have to pay an arm & a leg for what I did or give up my 1st born in which case would be 1st THREE born, haha!

I haven't sewn in quite some time but the impending danger made me do it. Seriously, it has been over 3 years since the sewing machine has come out of the closet. Now it has a new home downstairs & will be used more often!

Back to the problem. We have a fireplace hearth that is brick. Up until about a month ago, we were able to use this firplace guard kit. Why they didn't start tugging at it sooner, I do not know but as of late, it seems to be their favorite toy. The only problem? It leaves the brick edges exposed which would invite a head to be banged against it probably requiring a trip to the ER & stitches. Um, no thanks.

Up until yesterday, we have been taking the pieces from the kids & putting it back on. When there is only 1 adult & 3 kids...well, you can see where I'm going with this. Fixing it became a priority but what the HELL was I going to do? The gears in my brain started turning & before I knew it, I had it all planned out in my head.

Um, except I hadn't sewn in years so that meant I had to find someone to do it. I talked to my friend, Andrea ( the one that made my cart cover & some other cute stuff) & she said she wouldn't mind doing it but we would have to plan it out. Well, it got to the point on Friday that I had enough. The kids were driving me CRAZY.

Off I went to Joann's on Sunday morning & found exactly what I was looking for, fabric & thread. Yep, I grew some juevos & busted out the sewing machine! The kids went down for their nap & I started pinning away. By 5pm, the cover was DONE. Finished & ready to put on. WAAHOO!

Now we just need a nice fire guard rather than the baby gate & we'll actually have a decent looking fireplace again! See what I mean about creative?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting ready for family pics!

Besides the craft show I am getting read for (my first), we are also going to be taking pictures tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. Yeah, a little early BUT at least we will get it out of the way while the kids are still "fresh" rather than waiting later in the day. It is a fundraiser for our MoM group. We pay $75 & get a 30 minutes session. We will also get a CD full of pics, no copyright issues so we will be able to print freely!

Last year we coordinated sweaters & colors, winter white & red. Red is my favorite color. This year we are doing the "classic" family yuppy picture. We are all wearing white polos & jeans. The girls' polo shirt has a pink pony which I think is cute & Ian's is in blue. Todd's pony is blue & mine...well, this momma didn't buy a real polo for herself. I got a Target special. Isn't that how it always goes? It's the small sacrifices, right?

Seriously, Todd already had his shirt & I got the kids' on clearance at Lord & Taylor. WOOT! That is the ONLY reason I splurged on the name brand shirts. I think that w/ jeans is going to look super cute.

The weather is suppose to cooperate as well. Sunny & just the right temp, somewhere in the upper 60's, lower 70's at that time of the morning. Now, I wish my son would cooperate. I've been desperately trying to keep them bite & bruise free all week long but you know how it goes. It will happen when you need it not to. Ian has managed to get a big mosquito bite on his face, right next to his eye. I've been doctoring it & had hopes today when he woke up that it would fade out nicely by tomorrow.

THEN...he had to go hit himself in almost the exact spot the bite is at. So now I am going to have to contend w/ a BIG bruise. It's gonna look like we beat him. Never mind the split lip he gave himself on Wednesday OR the one he gave Sofi that same day. Looks like we are bound to have face markings. Maybe I should paint their faces? Better yet! Use makeup to cover up the marks & bruises. HA! We'll see how bad his face bruises.

This is what happens when we let the kids have free reign w/ the books.

And the cat toys...

Learning how to put puzzles back together, at least they are in the right spot. They can get them in to the place but this is how I found it this morning. Too cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

R.I.P. "Bossman"

He's gone. Boss was the heart of our family. He was given a 2nd chance when Ian got him 11 years ago. A skinny little puppy that was malnourished turned in to a beautiful dog & best friend as well as a "little brother". Our family will most definitely feel this loss for a very long time.

May God be w/ your doggy soul.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A trip to the dermatologist

Today has been quite a day. The morning started off beautifully. We were on time leaving to get the the dermatologist. Ian & Sofi were safely tucked away w/ Grandma & Papap. The weather was beautiful. Everything was GREAT!


We were 5 minutes away. Just 5 minutes AND...she pukes. Everything. I don't think anything was left from breakfast. We were doing so good. She was crying so I pulled over & did the best I could to clean her up. Thank God we have 3 car seats b/c I managed to get most of the puke off of her (she had a hoodie on so that was easy to take off) & put her in another seat. Off we went.

We literally got there w/ 1 minute to spare. Our appointment was at 9:45 & I signed us in at 9:44. She did fantastic while we were there. The dr came in & looked at her little spot. Turns out that she has something called a mastocytoma. It is a mass of cells at the surface of the skin. The good thing, it should fade out completely by the time she is 8-10 yrs old. YAY!

While she was there, she drank PLENTY of water & ate some goldfish. I got her in the car & off we went. She fell asleep almost immediately. She woke up as we approached the subdivision. Wish she would have just slept until we got home. 2 blocks away from the house, she pukes again. Yes, in a different car seat. If you know anything about having 3 car seats in a row in a CRV then you know this was shear hell.

I had to take all 3 seats out. I cleaned them up & had to manage to cook dinner all while the kids napped. I feared they would not nap well due to the days events but thankfully they slept long enough for me to get the seat covers in the washer & dryer. I got the seats back in the car (I've become a pro at this) in a matter of minutes as compared to my 1st few times which took like 90 minutes.

Everyone seemed happy & the reset of the day went well. Unfortunately, my brother's dog, Boss, is in really bad shape & is dying so after an already long day, I went to say my goodbyes. Boss is & has been such a good best friend to my brother. He has protected him on several occasions & accompanied him to several places that other dogs couldn't imagine going. Boss is a staple in our family. He is the dog that accepted Todd & put the other 2 dogs in place when they growled at him. Even more sad, our babies never got to meet him up close. He would have been good w/ them. I hope he goes quickly. God, please take care of Boss & my brother. Ian (my brother) is so, so sad. It is breaking my heart.

Boss, thank you for protecting Ian. For being by his side when none of us could be. Know that you have touched all of our lives. Go in peace & know your spirit will live on. We LOVE you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our 1st Trick or Treat!

Last year the kids were barely 7 months old. They were impossible to keep in costume, let alone take out trick or treating. We lovingly passed along the costumes to Susan & her trio. Glad they at least got 1 good picture out of it b/c we surely didn't get any good pics last year, haha!

We dressed the kids up right after dinner, 5:45ish & were out the back door by 6pm, right on schedule. I'm glad we listed to Daddy & went on our "regular" walking route b/c we had lots & lots of neighbors waiting to see the kids all dressed up! We didn't do the traditional knocking on the door thing b/c getting the wagon up the sidewalk was difficult & b/c we are also very weary of H1N1, colds, & anything else that can be passed along to the kids. Daddy did a WONDERFUL job of making sure nothing had peanuts (we are waiting until they are 2) b/c I sure forgot all about them.

Gabi in the most perfect picture of the night!

Sofi, the real devil but what a perfect angel!

What a handsome little devil!

Mommy & the kids. Yep, Ian takes after me, horns & all.

Daddy & the kids. Notice no angel wings?!?

All 3 together in the dressed up wagon. I wanted to put "Heaven" & "Hell" but Todd wouldn't let me. He said the neighbors would talk FOR EVER. HA!