About Us

It all started with our journey to have children & ended in triplets. It is amazing what God will give you when you ask. After having lost our 1st pregnancy which occurred naturally & a 2 year battle with infertility, we finally committed to 1 last try, an invitro cycle. With a 1% chance of triplets, we transferred 3 grade A embryos on day 3, giving us a higher chance of multiples (we were open to twins).

Little did we know all 3 monsters would stick! We were excited & nervous. Afraid of the future but certain we would be able to handle it.

The Pregnancy

After finding out it was triplets, we were referred to a high risk OB. I actually had to apply for her to be my full time OB/perinatologist. Yes, they are that busy. It was well worth it.

We met w/ Dr. A for the 1st time at 14 weeks where we found out we were having 1 boy & 1 girl & almost certain that the 3rd was also a girl. Everything looked fantastic & I was sent on my way to return in 2 weeks. With a triplet pregnancy, you are seen every 2 weeks regardless of where in the pregnancy you are. Once again, my next visit went smoothly. My cervix was a bit on the "short" side at 3.4 cm & we decided we would keep an eye on it.

Now, this is where ignorance & bliss comes in to play. See, although Dr. A warned me of a triplet pregnancy, I thought I was invincible. I was barely showing & needed to get Christmas decorations from the attic. This was the day before our 18 week visit. Oops. Not such a good idea bringing down 20+ lb boxes from the attic.

The next day, I was admitted for an emergency cerclage b/c my cervix had shortened from 3.4 to 1.9 cm & was funneling (effacing). I was 18.4 weeks along when the procedure was done. We all came out unscathed but I was on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Yeah...that is a long, long time. We wanted to make it to 34 weeks.

Thank you for reading & following us!
Todd, Astrid, Sofia, Gabriella & Ian

PS ~ More to come!