Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Handle Homework?

I think this is what I was most worried about with the kids going to school
Yes, homework.
No, not the amount, just how to handle it...ya know, the logistics of having 3 doing homework, that is obviously parent guided.

And I know there are people out there that 3 kids but they are different ages.
Let's face it, you can't compare apples & oranges.
Here is a perfect example of what I mean.

We have to read with the kids for 10 minutes a day.
I have interpreted that to mean 10 minutes with EACH child, not collectively although it will happen like that on days we have gymnastics.
The kids aren't ready to read alone, they need us to read to them or guide them through the reading.

So, 10 minutes just turned in to 3 minutes.
And while 30 minutes doesn't seem all that long, when you run a tight schedule, it is a bit of an imposition.
Not complaining at all, this momma loves to read so I know how very important this is!

But, for those that have 3 kids, different ages, the older ones can often do things like this on their own with little to no parental supervision.
As they can do their math homework, or science, get the picture.

We finally got real homework this week.
They send it on Monday, to be returned on Friday.
2 assignments besides reading 10 minutes a night.

For one, the kids had to cut out environmental print and glue it to a piece of paper.
They are going to discuss it in class.
And yes, it took about 45 minutes to really finish it all.

As you can tell, they loved doing it.
Which made it so much easier for me to go through it with them.
Of course, there are still challenges.

Even being a previous 4th and 5th grade teacher can't really prepare you for your own children as students.
The relationship is completely different.
And while they seem to know how to wait, take turns, and use their pleases & thank yous in the normal classroom setting, they somehow forget all that the moment they see mommy.

Lots of interrupting each other.
Lots of me saying, "I can only work with one of you at a time."
No, there are not three of me contrary to popular believe.

That has been the biggest challenge thus far.
And fighting over who gets their reading time first!
In other words, it is a work in progress.

Once we get the dining room back, I hope to have more space for homework because frankly, the kitchen table is not big enough and ultimately, I would like them to have their own space to work in.
But that is a pipe dream for now.

In other news...I have surgery tomorrow.
I'll be laid up for about 3-7 days.
It's gotta be done & thankfully I have Todd, my parents, and my inlaws to help out.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!



Rebecca Hamilton said...

We homeschool 3 kids (soon 4). I find it SO hard trying to teach 3 different levels at once that we intentionally have the older two on the same grade level because teaching 2 kids one level is SO much easier than teaching different levels all at once. Now I only have to teach 2 levels instead of 3 (for now). It wish they could all be on the same level--that is seriously my DREAM situation. Instead, I am having to teach 3 different kids 3 different things sometimes (prior to having 2 on the same level), and when they all needed my help at once it was harder than now, when I can "kill two birds with one stone".

Of course, what is challenging for one person is not for another. I hope you can find a way to do homework that feels manageable for you!

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