Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We survived our 1st week!

Yep, yesterday was officially a week that we have had the 3 babies home & we have somehow managed to survive. I'm not going to say it was easy b/c if anything, it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done! I had my share of crying sessions & yes, it did make me feel better. Thanks to everyone that suggested that I let it out. It definitely helped to get things off of my chest & talk to Todd about how scared I am/was of being left alone w/ the kids & not being able to handle it.

Ok, let me explain that a bit. I'm not scared of the babies. I know I could feed them & take care of them but I hate when they cry. It tears me apart when they start & I can't do anything to help them b/c I am pumping or feeding 2 of the other babies. It is enough to make anyone go insane! So, the situation isn't where I can't take care of themm, it is more that I hate when they cry. I know I need to get use to it though. I just won't be able to satisfy each & every one of them every time. That is why we are hell bent on following the Babywise method. Our babies have to learn how to sooth themselves, especially if my hands are full. It is sad in a way b/c I do want to sooth them & comfort them but if I do that every time, wow...the consequences later on would be an issue for all of us to contend with. Thanks but no thanks!

Let's get to the fun part! We took our 1st real bath on Sunday & it went fairly well. They all cried a bit as they 1st got wet but after that, no problems! They really liked it when we poured the warm water on them. Of course, they all slept very well afterwards. We were trying to do bathing at 8pm but by the time the 8pm feeding is done, we are exhausted & ready for bed ourselves.

Oh, I also wanted to share a picture of me pushing the triple decker stroller. Yeah, can you see how small our babies are? You can't even see Sofi & Gabi in their seats. Todd was trying to get a picture of us & all you can see is Ian in the front & Mommy in the back :)

I also had to share this picture of Gabi screaming & Sofi covering her ears as if to say, "Enough already!"

I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mastitis, our 1st pediatrician appt & no sleep...

Well, the 1st night w/ all 3 went fairly well. Then everything crashed & burned the next day. I woke up feeling fine although my right boob was hurting. I checked to see if I found any hard spots b/c I had just gotten clogged ducts in the left one last week. I guess I didn't look hard enough OR at that point it didn't matter anyway b/c I was on my way to getting a serious infection.

I went over to another triplet mom's home to see a stroller & was feeling feverish but just pushed it out of my head b/c I knew I couldn't be sick. Well, by the time I got home, I was freezing cold...yeah, in TX at 80 degrees...not possible especially if you are wearing jeans & a sweater. Yes, I was wearing a sweater. I didn't even have the AC on in the car. I was baking! I got inside & took my temp & was not really surprised that I had a fever of 101. I wasn't sure whether that meant I had mastitis or if I had gotten the flu. I remember reading that symptoms were similar to the flu so I decided to call Dr. Adam's nurse. She just so happened to pick up the phone & told me to come in right away. If she had missed my call, I would have ended up going to the ER instead. Thank God for perfect timing!

So off I went to the doc's. Todd was left alone w/ the kids but reinforcements were on the way. Both grandmas were hussling to come over. I was hussling to get to the office before Dr. Adam had to leave. I got there & was seen right away which never happened before. The nurse & Dr. Adam both checked me out & sure enough, I had a raging infection. Dr. Adam massaged the areas where the clogs were located. OUCHIE! I told here I didn't know what was worse, the c-section or what she was doing to me. She did manage to unclog them but my boob was sore for 2 days afterwards. They prescribed me a couple of antibiotics & sent me home. I'm glad I was smart enough to ask if I would get a fever again & they told me to expect one through the 1st 24 hrs until the meds kicked in.

Now, I wish they had told me how bad the fever would get. I got home & could feel the fever rising so I went to bed or at least I tried to. Going to bed in the same room as 3 babies...not very possible. I stayed anyway b/c I just couldn't muster up the strength to go anywhere else. By the time midnight rolled around, my temp had sky rocketed to 103.8. Todd, his mom, & his friend were trying to convince me to call Dr. Adam again or to get in the shower but I ignored them for a good hour b/c I was too tired. By the time I woke up, the fever had not gone away despite me taking 3 Advil. I finally realized it was time for the dreaded COLD shower. So, here I was at 2am in the morning, taking a 45 minute cold shower. It got my temperature down to 102. Finally, the big sweat kicked in at around 3:30am. I was feeling much better & decided to take on the 5am feeding w/ Donna (she stayed the night to help) b/c Todd was exhausted.

Mind you, we had our 1st pediatrician appt that morning (Thursday) at 9:40am. They were trying to convince me not to go but I couldn't miss the 1st appt. I was feeling much better but that didn't last for long. We managed to get to the dr's office on time which was amazing. We also realized on the way there that our little CRV just wasn't going to make the cut. We are now shopping around for a used Honda Odessey or an Expedition, maybe a Tahoe. When we arrived, we put the the kids in the triple decker stroller & were on our way. The 3 ring circus arrived. It didn't take 2 minutes before we were asked if someone could take our picture. Todd told them, "Sure!" Everyone else's eyes were popping out of their heads.

We got in to the pediatrician, Dr. Nguyen, & immediately liked the staff but especially liked her nurses. She is also fantastic! I think we aren't going to have any issues w/ her. She even told us she would fill out the paperwork for us to get the Enfamil cases each month. WOOT! Seeing that my milk supply is really low due to the mastitis, we are using up formula like nobody's business. By the time we were finished there, I could feel the fever returning. BLAH...I was feeling like ass. Plain & simple.

Oh...let me share the measurements of the kids w/ everyone...

Sofi ~ Left the NICU weighing 4.12 & is now weighing 5.4 & is 18 1/4" long.
Gabi ~ Left the NICU weighing 4.10 & is now weighing 5.4 & is 18 1/4" long.
Ian ~ Left the NICU weighing 4.10 & gained 1 oz in 1 day. He is 18 3/4" long.

They are also perfectly healthy. At least we had that going for us. I got home & fell asleep for a while. It helped but the fever wasn't gone for good until later that evening. Donna stayed another night w/ us which gave us an opportunity to sleep some hours. The kids also behaved themselves quite well.

Then, everything went to hell in a handbasket last night/this morning. The kids have been super fussy throughout the whole night which explains why I am writing this entry at 5:30am rather than during the day. Todd is totally exhausted so I sent him upstairs to catch some sleep. Since I was on my own for the 5am feeding & changing of the diapers, I couldn't pump. Here I sit, pumping & typing. What a sight!

I can't say that this has been an easy week. Honestly, it has been pretty rough but I am keeping a positive attitude. Yes, it is hard to stay positive when you have had no sleep but the alternative is not something I want to deal w/...depression or frustration. Our children are beautiful & we love them very much. Right before Todd went upstairs, he told us all he loved us very much. That is what it is all about. Our love for one another. If you are expecting triplets, this is the hardest part of the whole thing or so I have been told. So far, the personal accounts of others are accurate. I know it too will pass & we will wish that they were this small all over again b/c the truth is they are beautiful, cute, & cuddly. I already don't want them to get bigger.

We will prevail! It will get easier & we will make it through this rough spot. Ok, pumping is over & I'm going to get an hour of sleep while I can!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ian is home!

Yep, I didn't even have time to post about it yesterday b/c it all happened so quickly. We knew it was a possibility but I didn't want to get my hopes up, tell everyone & then not bring him home. We finally got the call about 2pm yesterday & off we went to go get him!

We left the girls w/ Grandma Donna. I was a bit nervous about leaving them behind, not b/c I don't trust Donna but b/c I didn't want to leave my girls w/ anyone at all. I wish we could have brought them w/ us but it just didn't make any sense. They aren't allowed in the NICU so one of us would have had to wait outside w/ the girls while the other went in, got the discharge teaching, signed paperwork, stayed for the carseat get the picture. Who ever was w/ the girls would have had to wait a long time! Not to mention we would have had a feeding to do also. YIKES!

As at all major events in our lives, I took a silly "party picture". You know what I am talking stretch your arm as far as it will go & try to get a halfway decent picture of you & who ever else it right next to you. The 1st one is of us right before we got the girls. The 2nd was yesterday right before we left the NICU for the last time.

Here is our little man in his coming home outfit. I know you can't see the whole saying. It says "Man in the making". TOOOOOO CUTE!

Here he is in his carseat WITH the snuggler that the pediatrician said was ok to use. Much better than the way the girls came home. I highly recommend getting one if you have a preemie. They are made by Kiddopotamus. Nice, soft & helped Ian's head stay still the whole way home!

Of course, here is the shot of us taking the 1st step in to the house. I still can't believe we have all 3 babies at home!

And, we can't forget their very 1st picture together. Todd took it so it may not be the best of the ones but it is the FIRST & that is what counts!

So, you are probably wondering how the 1st night went...HA! Well, let's just put it this way, the kids are big fussers at night. Seems like 11pm is when all the fun begins. I think it has to do w/ the fact that we are trying to get them accustomed to day & night. Night being the 11pm & 2am feedings. This means that we wake them up, feed them, change them & put them back down. We don't talk to much to them & we don't stimulate them. They just need to get adjusted to that at night b/c in the NICU, it seems like it is daytime the whole 24 hrs. We do put static noise on but that is it.

During the day, we are now doing the feeding/wake time/nap time schedule. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a method of helping teach the kids the difference between day & night as well as gearing them up to sleep at least through the 2am feeding by about 10 weeks old. This comes from a book called Babywise which came highly recommended by a few triplet mommies. Honestly, I don't see how to do it any other way. It takes a good hour to feed all 3 babies, if not a bit longer. By the time they are changed & put back down, we are about 1 hr & 15 min into the 3 hr time period. Yeah, that means very little sleep for mommy & daddy. We don't want to lose our sanity so we are trying to follow this & their feeding schedule. We were also told by the NP at the NICU that we should feed them formula at night b/c it is heavier resulting in the kids sleeping a bit longer. I'm all for it, even if it is only 15 minutes longer!

Other than that, I think we are hanging in there w/o going insane nor getting cranky w/ one another. As a matter of fact, I think we make a great team. Now, when Todd goes back to work, this may be a whole other issue. Let's pray for the best!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our 1st 24 hours at home :)

WOW! It is amazing! The only thing that sucks about having the girls at home is that Ian is still in the NICU which means only 1 of us can go visit him at a time AND b/c I am the one pumping, it is difficult for me to go up there so that really leaves just Todd. It makes me sad to know Ian is all alone. Actually, if I think about it too much, I cry. I don't like my son being up there alone. BLAH! It also looks like Tuesday is not going to be take home day. Although he tolerated 6 bottles yesterday, he did not take each one in the 20 minute time limit so he stayed at 6 bottles today. If he does well today, then he will be bumped up to 8 tomorrow & Tuesday w/ a homecoming on Wednesday. Extra prayers please!

Now for the fun part. We got there & were explained about how to care for our babies. You know, how to give them a bath, any meds they were on, how to fortify my expressed breast milk for a boost in calories, etc. After all the paperwork was said & done, all the wires came off my baby girls. What a sight to see nothing connected to them! I was also able to get them dressed in their coming home outfits. Nothing to special, just really cute preemie onesies!

Gabi in her onesie, ready to break out of the NICU!

Sofi just chillin' before we left.

They passed the carseat test w/ no problems what so ever. Of course, they looked TINY compared to the seat. I was nervous b/c I couldn't bring in the snugglers that were given to us by Donna & Bill (grandparents) b/c they are after market & the NICU doesn't allow them to be used in their presence. Grrrrr...

Finally, it was time to leave. The NP came over to get the babies & put them in the same open crib. This was the 1st time the girls had been put together which of course turned into the perfect picture opportunity!

At this point, I couldn't believe we were coming home w/ our 2 little girls. Before leaving the NICU, I bawled at the thought of having to leave Ian behind. I can't wait for him to get home! So the moment was actually very bitter sweet, going home w/ 2 & leaving 1 behind. Darn boys...why do they have to be so lazy???

Finally, we get out to the car & the nurse explains that we have to put the girls in their carseats. HUH???? No help? This is my 1st time to put a baby so small in to a carseat. HELP US! Todd got her in there & I assisted while also snapping some photos. It was too funny! Then the nerves kicked in. We actually had to drive our children home. What if someone hit us? Their heads didn't look secure in those seats & I could just see their little necks snapping or the belt rubbing into them. Seriously! Very nerve racking. Todd tried to get me to sit between the 2 carseats but w/ my incision from the c-section, I couldn't see myself climbing back there.

Sofi in her carseat...see what I mean!

Gabi in her carseat...again, see how her head is!

I think we got about 5 minutes away from the hospital when I finally told Todd that I was not comfortable at all w/ the girls sitting back there alone & not having one of us keeping an eye on their little heads. He said he would crawl back there so long as I drove. I know...bad me! I was suppose to wait until Monday to drive BUT this was an extenuating circumstance if there ever was one. Nervous parents! After he crawled back there, I felt so much better. I have to say, it has never felt better to pull up in our driveway!

We got home & had Donna snap pictures of us walking in the door for the 1st time. Yeah, we are a bit corny but who cares! It was the best feeling walking in the door w/ each of us carrying in one of our babies. What an intense moment!

Home at last! The girls settled in quite quickly. We decided to follow the NICU's already established eating routine of 2, 5, 8, & 11. The 1st night, both Todd & I woke up to feed the girls. Even though it was crazy having to feed them every 3 hours, we found ourselves laughing at the girls as they made all these cute sounds while they ate which included quite a few farts. Yes, our girls love to fart! We weren't even tired the next day. I guess it was adrenaline OR it could have been that 1/2 cup of coffee I drank!

Saturday was very uneventful. Todd went to visit Ian between the 2 & 5pm feedings. I stayed home to watch the girls. I was able to get thank you cards written & just have some "me" time. At about 6:30pm we had another couple come over that have twin girls, John & Kelly. They brought us a huge pan of lasagna & a pound cake. YUMMY! They also brought a twin breastfeeding pillow & all their left over 22 calorie Enfamil formula. I want to thank them very much for driving out to visit w/ us. They also gave us pointers as they are 7 weeks into this whole multiple children thing. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Then the night started all over again. This time, we scheduled ourselves for feedings. Of course, we messed it up, lol, but we will be on track tonight. Basically, we decided we are going to do the following, especially w/ Todd going back to work. I do the 8pm feeding & pumping while Todd goes to sleep. at 11pm, Todd wakes up which will give me a 5 hr block of sleep. I'll skip this pumping in order to keep my sanity! Then I wake up for the 2am feeding & pumping. Todd & I will both get up at the 5am feeding & pumping session. He will feed the kids & I will pump & go back to sleep. He leaves for work at 6:30am so that gives him plenty of time to get ready. It also gives us both the opportunity to get some very valuable shut eye. When he returns to work in 2 weeks, I will have them during the day to myself & w/ some help if someone comes over. I think we are going to be just fine. So far, so good!

Today has been fantastic. It is the most beautiful spring day! Uncle Ian finally came over w/ Jesse to meet the girls. He held them both. His hands are so big that the girls fit into them perfectly. After we put them down, we sat outside & caught a bit of sun. It has been ages since I have sat outside & enjoyed the backyard! What an uplifting experience knowing my children were comfortably asleep inside while I was outside relaxing. FUN!!!!

Um, let's see...there isn't much else to report today. I'm sure I will be writing again soon, especially when we find out about when Ian is coming home. Until then, our routine will become established & be waiting for him to fit right in!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The girls are coming home tomorrow!

Yep, you read the title right! After 10 days in the NICU, the girls are ready to come home. Both are in their open cribs & have done very well over all. Sofia is up to 4lb 12oz & Gabriella is up to 4lb 9oz. We are very proud of them! Check out the pics of our cutie girls sleeping away after a great feeding w/ Todd & I.



Hopefully our son will be coming home by Tuesday. He is finally going up in his bottle feedings. Today he took 4 bottles. Tomorrow will be 5, Saturday 6 if all goes well, Sunday 8 as well as Monday. If he can stay on this schedule, he will come home Tuesday. If he veers off the schedule of increases, he is only prolonging his stay at the NICU all on his own. Here he is right after a tube feeding.

This is one of him when his NG tube was out to be switched. He wasn't too happy!

Here I am w/ Gabriella.

I don't know that we are all ready yet but who is ever ready to bring home a baby, much less 3? I have to say that our nurses at Women's Hospital of Texas have been THE MOST AMAZING NURSES a mom & dad could ask for! Every time we go, we are greeted w/ a big smile by everyone in there. They make it easier to walk in that door & spend time in the NICU which can sometimes be a depressing place to be. We have had nothing but outstanding, sweet, caring nurses. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If anyone has an idea of how we can thank them, I would appreciate you leaving me a comment. Our children would not have done as well w/o their love & care.

I think that is about it for now. I'm exhausted but too excited to go to sleep!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Babies & Breastfeeding

Ah, the joys of motherhood...pumping milk for my babies. Loads of fun BUT the reward is priceless. My girls suck down their bottles when it is my milk as compared to the formula which they end up burping more & spitting up too. Very weird how nature works.

I never really thought much about breastfeeding since I had a lumpectomy 6 yrs ago & reconstructive surgery which meant that I would only have a 50/50 chance of later breastfeeding. I knew I would eventually have children but didn't feel strongly either way about breastfeeding or not so I didn't see the chance as a loss. Well, let me tell you how much my opinion has changed! Breastfeeding is the most awesome experience in the world. Sofia was the first to try & did ok, latching on w/ a nipple shield for about 6 minutes. When we tried yesterday, we failed miserably but that doesn't mean I am giving up on her. I'm going to ask that a lactation consultant come & help us again. Now, on the other hand, Gabriella was a CHAMP at the boob! She latched on for 15 minutes, 5 longer than they normally allow the 1st time w/ preemies but she was doing so well that the LC was comfortable letting her go longer. It was INSANE how well she took to it & the changes in her eating. Normally, w/ a bottle, there is no rhythm to her eating but w/ the boob, she was totally opposite, having found this perfect rhythm. It went something like this...suck, suck, suck, suck, suck...breathe, breathe...suck, suck, suck, suck, suck...breathe, breathe. Not only did she have this perfect rhythm for 15 minutes straight, she was completely relaxed in my arm as I held her. There was this connection between us that was just too much for words to describe. Seriously...I love breastfeeding! Now if I can get Sofia & Ian on board, we will all be very happy as will our checkbooks. Formula is EXPENSIVE! I will continue to pump no matter what.

Ok, as for the babies...they are all doing very well. Right now, the 3 of them are being weaned from their isolettes. What that means is the temperature inside the isolette is lowered until it reaches room temperature. In order to be dropped down which is a gradual process, the babies have to keep their body temp at 98.3 for 6 straight hours. Then it is dropped 1/2 a degree Celcius. Sofi & Ian are 1 degree away from being put in an open crib. Gabi is 1 & 1/2 degrees away. After they hit the open crib for 24 hours while holding their body temp, then they get to come home. If there are still other issues such as feedings, then they can remain in the open crib BUT they have to stay, no coming home. This is the case w/ Ian since he is still fighting the bottle. Who can blame him? No effort needed to get a full tummy...why bother trying? Personally, I think they should let him get hungry enough & he will suck that bottle dry!

There is a high likelihood the girls will be coming home either Friday or Saturday. If they can get in to an open crib by tomorrow night, we are looking at Friday. If not, then it will probably be Saturday. Ian is still struggling w/ the bottle & has to take all 8 feedings for 2 days straight before he can come home so we are still looking at Monday as a possibility which is still about a week earlier than what we thought. We are totally not prepared for this! We thought we would have the weekend to get the house ready & organized. HA! I guess this is the 1st surprise of many to come.

Otherwise, everyone is doing well. Mommy & Daddy are holding up, even w/ the 2 pumping sessions in the middle of the night. I am trying to stay on the babies' feeding schedule so it won't be so bad when they come home. We aren't too tired as of yet but I am sure that will change when the girls come home. I think it is actually more tiring to have to go to the hospital, spend time w/ them there & then come home just to repeat the schedule the next day. Life in the is all worth it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

WOW...even more surprises!

First, it has been one very long week! I can't believe how little time is left over in the day after all is said & done. Let me give you a taste of what the week has been like & a rundown of postpartum recovery...

Monday ~ The babies were born @ 7:20pm. By the time I got out of recovery & in to my room, it was about 10:30pm. The parentals had to come see me which was fine. I was all doped up on demoral anyway!

Tuesday ~ Boy, someone failed to mention that getting out of the bed 12 hours after a c-section is HELL! I wanted so badly to go see my kiddos that I dealt w/ the pain. Thank God that there is a button on the demoral b/c I pushed it. The only problem w/ that is about 30 minutes later, I barely ceased to function, let alone stay conscious. I fought the sleepiness though. That whole day was about getting to the NICU. I went down 3 times. The last 2 were to feed the babies which was an amazing experience! It was totally worth any pain I had to endure. I also had the lactation consultant come in & show me how to pump. Let the fun begin! I pumped all of 12 mL in 2 pumps. Of course, I had Todd running down to the NICU to give that little bit to the babies. Unfortunately, that night I didn't sleep very well b/c I was having the mad crazy dreams & I could tell I was barely sleeping. I was stuck in Pergatory most of the know, that place where you know you are asleep but still conscious enough to know what is going on around you. Yeah...that wonderfully unrestful place!

Wednesday ~ Ah, the pain was a bit more tolerable although it still hurt like hell to go from standing up to laying/sitting down or vice-versa. Not having stomach muscles to help sucked. To top that off, the back pain set it. I guess not having any core muslces to help w/ the upright position leaves the back muscles to do all the work AND when those back muscles haven't been used much in the past 4 1/2 months, is a bit rough. I was able to walk to the NICU the 4 times we went down there. We also fed our angels. Did I mention how sweet it is? Oh, Ian decided he wanted to get lazy about feeding. They had to put a tube in his nose that went all the way to his tummy in order to feed him. That happened sometime in the middle of the night b/c we fed him via bottle at 8pm. The girls did wonderfully eating, especially Sofi.

Thursday ~ I was praying to God at this point that I would be released b/c I couldn't sleep but 5 hours the night before. The hospital sucks! I hate the hospital. The only good thing about it is that my babies are just down the hall from me & easy to get to. By this point, I was exhausted though & in a fowl mood b/c I couldn't get any rest. Mind you, I am not a nap person. Not only that but w/ all the pumping & visiting the NICU, I didn't have time to nap. Unfortunately, Dr. Adam did not show up until about 7:30pm that evening. By this time, I was almost contemplating staying but I knew Todd had to go to the work the next day which meant I would be alone in the hospital over night & I hate that. This is where the BIG SURPRISE comes in. Dr. A went on to ask us if A & B were the girls & I said yes & she asked again & again I said yes. She told us the pathology report on the placentas came back and...


Um, yeah, we were just as surprised b/c they don't look anything alike BUT they shared a placenta. The membrane between the sacs was very thick which is why she could not distinguish via ultrasounds that they were identical. Honestly, I am glad we didn't know. I wouldn't want the added stress of worrying about TTTS. Well, we got on the phone all over again & were calling the grandparents to let them know. Then it was off to see & feed the babies one last time before leaving. Finally, we got home at about 10:30pm. We were both exhausted! I also slept the best I have slept in about 9 months. It was so good to be at home, not pregnant, sleeping right next to my hubby!

Friday ~ I got up & slowly made my way around the house. My parents came over at about 10am. They did some stuff around the house for us. I got to take my first REAL shower in about 5 months. I wasn't out of breath. I wasn't uncomfortable. I was enjoying every second of it! I didn't even need help getting in our out of the shower. At about 1:15pm we headed off to the hospital to visit the babies. To my surprise, Todd was already there. We had a wonderful visit. Of course, we made the big mistake of leaving at 5:45pm on a Friday to come home. I have never had a more miserable experience. I cried the whole way home b/c my back was killing me & I couldn't get comfortable in the car. Not to mention that it was raining & the traffic was horrible! Whose wise idea was this? MINE...stupid me. We should have stayed longer at the hospital. It took us 1 hr & 40 minutes to get home. I was overly exhausted by this point & ready to kill myself. Todd put his foot down & told me I would not wake up in the middle of the night to pump. I listened & slept 10 hours straight.

Saturday ~ It was nice to wake up not feeling like a mac truck hit me. The pain had started to subside although it was still there. Todd & I actually ate breakfast together in the kitchen which was wonderful. He told me he was so glad that he had his wife back. I have to agree! Bedrest is for the birds! We left home @ 10:00am to go to the hospital. We stayed for 4 hours & then went to his parents. During the visit, Todd had some skin to skin time w/ Sofia. She loved it! You can tell by how content she looks sleeping on Daddy. She even held his finger.

Bill was able to score me a free massage from his massage therapist, Diane, which really helped. THANK YOU DIANE!!!!!!! After that, we hung out a bit. I tried to drink a glass of red wine but didn't even get through a third of it. I think I am better off w/o it right now although a nice, frozen margarita sounds great! Alcohol & I have been strangers for 10 months. After that, it was time to come home. I was completely exhausted!

Sunday ~ Last night was the 1st time I woke up to pump. It didn't go too badly actually. I woke up about 4 hrs into sleeping. I didn't wake back up until the morning. I figure I am pumping 7 times a day & they recommend 7-8 times. I need my sleep right now. I know I'm not going to have it for long. Today went much like yesterday but I brought Todd breakfast instead of having it in the kitchen. I also got to put the dishes up for the 1st time in many months. I know, it sounds weird BUT I felt normal again. We left at 10am to vist our babies. They are all doing very well. Ian is still tube feeding but it is helping him gain weight. He lost so much the 1st few days that he is having to play catch up. He is at 3lb 15.5oz. The girls are doing beautifully & we are expecting to take them home either the 14th or 15th which is in a week. They eat very well, especially when it is mommy's milk rather than the formula. All are up to 45 mL which is about 1 1/2 oz of milk. Have I mentioned how darn cute they are? Maybe I am a bit bias...ok, I whole lot bias but they are really some very adorable babies! Here are some pics of our precious babies!

Ok, I think that about covers everything! WHEW! Sorry for the long read. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers & well wishes. They seem to have worked b/c our babies are doing so well. Love to you all!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Introducing Sofia, Gabriella, and Ian!

Sorry I haven't gotten on the past 2 days. Needless to say, it has be CRAZY! Let's see if I can get this whole story out. As you all know, we were scheduled for a c-section on Monday evening. We got off to a late start due to an emergency c-section so we didn't even go in until almost 7pm. Once Dr. Adam said it was time to go, there was a mad rush afterwards! The epi was probably the worst part since I had to be poked TWICE before it was in there right. Not fun to go through that twice. Then before I knew it, my legs were getting numb. Then my toes, etc. Thankfully I didn't experience the not being able to breathe situation. Dr. Adam came in & said are we ready? Someone tried to tell her that Todd wasn't in there. This happened a couple of times. By the time they got Todd, she was already in to me & working on getting Sofia out. I'm serious, there was hardly any time at all! It was amazing how fast she worked!

I did experience all the tugging & pulling that everyone says, almost feels like your belly button is being pulled in every direction. Very weird! Before I knew it, I heard a cry & there went Sofia to her team of nurses & dr. Of course, Todd & I started to bawl! I'm trying not to cry typing this out. Before both of us knew it, Gabriella was out & then Ian! It happened soooooo fast that they were all born in the same minute. the same minute, 7:20pm. They were all rushed out to their respective teams & Todd followed. He stayed out there, got his shirt printed w/ their feet & the baby books printed also. He came in to tell me that Ian & Gabriella were both on room air & Sofi had a little oxygen tent over her but was breathing w/o any problems.

I didn't know, but I was able to spend some time w/ the 3 of them while they were stitching me up. They brought in Gabi first & I actually got to hold her. It was so amazing. I couldn't believe I was holding my daughter. Then they brought in Sofi & although I didn't get to hold her b/c she had the tent over her face, I did get to touch her. Finally, they brought Ian for me to hold. Todd was holding Gabi & Sofi was between us. We were instantly a family of 5. WOW!

Sofia Genevieve, 4lb longer the smallest!

Gabriella Marie, 4lb 4oz...our middle girl!

Ian Giovanni, 4lb 1oz...our baby!

Recovery went well, I suppose like it should have gone. I was shaking like crazy! I was also allowed to make some phone calls which was nice. Todd went to tell the family & friends in the waiting room everything. Finally, at about 10pm, I was taken up to my room. Unfortunately I was not able to see the babies that evening. I got to see a few people but by that time, the demoral had kicked in & I was tired!

The next morning, the first thing I wanted to do was see my babies. I was wheeled down there to see them. Again, pure amazement! Sofi was on room air only a few hours after being taken to the NICU. All did not have to go to the Level III & were placed in the Level II NICU which was a huge relief. All had their 1st feeding of formula in a bottle. YEP! My babies were sucking, swollowing & breathing! Ian had a bit of trouble & a feeding tube was put through his nose but that only lasted for 1 feeding before he was back on the bottle. I'm so proud of my brood!

Our next visit was that afternoon w/ my parents. Todd had gone home to clean up so he missed that one. We happened upon feeding time & I was able to feed Gabi & Sofi. Again, I was just amazed that I was looking at my little girls. I couldn't believe they all fit inside me! It was so surreal! My parents were in awe of them. Just like them, so was I. We spent about 45 minutes in there before tired set in & I was ready to go back to bed.

Today was busy w/ NICU visits during feeding time & also pumping what little collustrum I can get. I pumped enough today for Ian to have a full bottle, 18 mL. I hope to get another bottle full for the girls tomorrow. It also looks as if the kids may be home w/ us by the middle of April, especially if they continue the way they are doing now. That will be a huge relief!

I have also swollen up quite a bit but they say it is totally normal so I am not too worried, just very uncomfortable. The pain from the incision is manageable. Honestly though, I can't wait to get feeling a bit better. Also, the baby blues have set in & I have been crying like a baby for the past 2 hours. Other than that, all is well in the world. I am now a proud mommy of 2 daughters & a son!