Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ian is home!

Yep, I didn't even have time to post about it yesterday b/c it all happened so quickly. We knew it was a possibility but I didn't want to get my hopes up, tell everyone & then not bring him home. We finally got the call about 2pm yesterday & off we went to go get him!

We left the girls w/ Grandma Donna. I was a bit nervous about leaving them behind, not b/c I don't trust Donna but b/c I didn't want to leave my girls w/ anyone at all. I wish we could have brought them w/ us but it just didn't make any sense. They aren't allowed in the NICU so one of us would have had to wait outside w/ the girls while the other went in, got the discharge teaching, signed paperwork, stayed for the carseat get the picture. Who ever was w/ the girls would have had to wait a long time! Not to mention we would have had a feeding to do also. YIKES!

As at all major events in our lives, I took a silly "party picture". You know what I am talking stretch your arm as far as it will go & try to get a halfway decent picture of you & who ever else it right next to you. The 1st one is of us right before we got the girls. The 2nd was yesterday right before we left the NICU for the last time.

Here is our little man in his coming home outfit. I know you can't see the whole saying. It says "Man in the making". TOOOOOO CUTE!

Here he is in his carseat WITH the snuggler that the pediatrician said was ok to use. Much better than the way the girls came home. I highly recommend getting one if you have a preemie. They are made by Kiddopotamus. Nice, soft & helped Ian's head stay still the whole way home!

Of course, here is the shot of us taking the 1st step in to the house. I still can't believe we have all 3 babies at home!

And, we can't forget their very 1st picture together. Todd took it so it may not be the best of the ones but it is the FIRST & that is what counts!

So, you are probably wondering how the 1st night went...HA! Well, let's just put it this way, the kids are big fussers at night. Seems like 11pm is when all the fun begins. I think it has to do w/ the fact that we are trying to get them accustomed to day & night. Night being the 11pm & 2am feedings. This means that we wake them up, feed them, change them & put them back down. We don't talk to much to them & we don't stimulate them. They just need to get adjusted to that at night b/c in the NICU, it seems like it is daytime the whole 24 hrs. We do put static noise on but that is it.

During the day, we are now doing the feeding/wake time/nap time schedule. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a method of helping teach the kids the difference between day & night as well as gearing them up to sleep at least through the 2am feeding by about 10 weeks old. This comes from a book called Babywise which came highly recommended by a few triplet mommies. Honestly, I don't see how to do it any other way. It takes a good hour to feed all 3 babies, if not a bit longer. By the time they are changed & put back down, we are about 1 hr & 15 min into the 3 hr time period. Yeah, that means very little sleep for mommy & daddy. We don't want to lose our sanity so we are trying to follow this & their feeding schedule. We were also told by the NP at the NICU that we should feed them formula at night b/c it is heavier resulting in the kids sleeping a bit longer. I'm all for it, even if it is only 15 minutes longer!

Other than that, I think we are hanging in there w/o going insane nor getting cranky w/ one another. As a matter of fact, I think we make a great team. Now, when Todd goes back to work, this may be a whole other issue. Let's pray for the best!


Anonymous said...

Oh Astrid amazing, that they are home and all togehter ! U did an awesome job you could have not asked for a better outcome and they are healthly no major concerns. God is good and prayers help!

Congrats , I hope you are albe to keep up some what with the blog so I can keep following them !

Olathe Aka Lisa

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having all 3 home. One tip for making the nights easier. Either don't change their diapers at all or change before feeding. That way if they fall asleep while feeding or right after you don't have to bug them to change diapers. Of course, that doesn't work if they poop! My kids always went back to sleep better if we weren't changing them after feeding at night.


Norina said...

Congrats on having all three home! I have been reading babywise and am planning on doing PDF as well! so happy to hear of a mommy of three having success with it! if you can get 3 to do it i shoudl surely be able to get my one right:)? Love you and the little ones.

ryann said...

Congrats to the whole family!

Emma said...

Congratulations Astrid & Todd on having your babies all at home! It must have been a very emotional day for the both of you! I love the picture of them all together - so sweet!!!!!

Lots of love
Emma & Gaby

ccdean said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. I swear by the Babywise book. My girls are almost 6 months and have been sleeping through the night for a while now. Hang in there, it only gets easier.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having all three of your precious babies at home. It sounds like you are excelling at this mom thing!

Candace (candacesoon from JM)

Sammy'smommy said...

Hi, you don't know me but Ijust wanted to tell you congratulations. And also give you a little piece of advice: I have the kiddopotomus snuzzler for my baby too, I had two preemies (not twins just preemies:)) and then NICU recommended the snuzzler but we actually took the head piece off initially just to not have them be so squished. The sides of the snuzzler keep their heads in place and it is less bulk behind them. Good lucck

Kris said...

congratulations ! It must feel great to have all three home. My trio will be six months next week - the time really does fly by- enjoy this time and go get some sleep! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a lurker, found your blog from the Larkin Family blog. Congrats on having all 3 home. They are beautiful. Ian did look much more comfy on his ride home. I always had to use one of those wedges under the base to get the seat reclined enough. I don't blame you at all for driving early so dad could keep an eye on the girls heads. Their airway can be piched off if their heads fall since they don't have the head control to keep it up yet. I was a nervous wreck when they were that little.

amber said...

YAY!!!!! COngrats on having all 3 home!!! I am so happy for you guys. They are the most beautiful babies and are going to loved so much, not only by you and Todd and their families, but also their JM family!! Congrats again!!

Amber from JM

Konchar Family said...

When I had my twins, I had a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old and I remember very well what fun it was to have my husband for those two weeks, we all just hung out and even tho not much sleep was had, life revolved around the babies and it was amazing. Savor these days! I also remember the day my husband went back to work and I looked at him like he was insane to think that I could do this on my own. Somehow you do it on your own, and crazy as those days were, I wish I could do it over again! I now have 5 and we're done, but I sometimes wish I could have another set of twins...

mamaduk said...

Congratulations on having your whole trio at home!!!

Heather (Butter on JM)

Clarissa said...

Congratulations on having everyone home.

We use those same snugglers for their carseats - love them.

Sounds like you're getting a good routine going too. That makes it doable especially when they actually start sleeping longer.

Anonymous said...

congrats on having those 3 precious gorgeous babies at home with you now. YOU LOOK AMAZING! I can't believe you had triplets and look that great! I admire how strong you are and how much you get done after having the csection. you are impressing me :) keep up the good work with the breastfeeding as well! - Little Mrs Sunshine