Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating as a family ;)

It is absolutely the best thing in the world.
Since the feeding table's departure,
we have been sitting together to eat.

There is enough ROOM!
It is awesome.

The kids adjusted immediately,
even choosing their own seats.


Gabi picked first,
the best spot at the table
to see the tv.

Ian picked the seat next to the window
although his back is to it.
I guess he can see the whole rest of the house.

And Sofi,
my take-charge-cuz-I-was-baby-A...
wild guess?

The head of the table.
Shoulda known.

And Mommy & Daddy get the spots in between.
Daddy next to Ian.
Mommy next to Gabi.
And Sofi is still at the head of the table.

No family pics yet
but I have a great one of She-she sitting
with the kids for their very first meal
at the big table.

Love us some She-She!
Love us some big peeps table!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goodbye Feeding Table...Goodbye!

It's been time for a while.
The kids are all up in each other's personal space.
They needed more room.
We need more opportunities for family meals.

Breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

This table has been so good to us.
Made feeding these monsters bearable.
Made story time easy.
Made crafts easy.

Our babies in their new table
for the very first time.

Story time!

It helped me teach the kids how to color.
Puzzles were a cinch.

And now it is time to let go.

We will miss you magical feeding/activity table.
You have been a huge part of our lives.


Don't mind the fingers in the nose...
this is the last shot I have of them in the table.

You will do another triplet family a huge favor.

And a super special thanks to my hubs for making it.
I <3 you hunny!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dancing to Feist!

The kids have fallen in love.
Completely & totally.
They love Feist.

And honestly, I can't blame them.
I dance right along side of them.
Wish they had more songs like this.

They will watch it over & over & over again.
Just when you think they are done.
They want to see her again.

So here they are...
unabashedly dancing to their fave.

And me swinging along w/ them,
in case you can't tell.

Todd & I sure do!

PS - Sofi sings like me. God help her.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Mornings

We are trying a new thing.
Keep the pj's on.
Snuggle in the "big blankie".
Watch cartoons. lazy.

It worked this morning,
until breakfast.

Then all hell breaks loose.
They MUST eat.
Nothing will get in their way.

And the lazy day is over.
But, it's a start.

Did I mention that Todd has been
waiting since they were born
for this beautiful day?

All he has ever wanted was to
cuddle up on the couch w/ his kids.
Little did he know they would take it over.

And so goes parenthood.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uncle Tom

He was a beautiful man.
One I never got to meet.
Wish I did.
One my kids will never meet.
Wish they had.

Todd's manly man of an uncle.
He passed away today.
It makes me sad that he is sad.
It hurts that he hurts.
That his mom had to lose her only brother.

Death is not my friend.
He hurts to many people.
This time, he hurt my husband & my inlaws.
All of whom I love dearly.

Please say a prayer for peace.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally...the BIG kid pool!

It's taken us a long time.
Longer than I would have liked.
BUT, it finally happened.

We went swimming in the big kid pool.

To be exact,
we were invited by our next door neighbors,
Kathy & Rich.

They are the bestest neighbors in the world,
next to Jane, Steve & Katie.
Did I mention that we have awesome neighbors?

Just making that clear.
I know, we are really lucky.
Ok, back to the point.

Sorry...I got side tracked.
Back to the pool.
Or rather, the tons of pics.

The RARE family picutre.

Gabi is our water baby.
She was not afraid to try.

I'm telling you...
this is her joy after being put under the water.

Going down!

Sofi, not so much.
A bit timid.
And totally not in to going under.

Of course, this was Ian's reaction.
To everything.

Mommy & her girls <3

Ian loved walking in the spa.

Gabi & her Daddy

Potty break!

It was a great experience.
One we will repeat.
Sooner than later.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ian's new do.

I promise to explain sometime soon.
One of the most tragic things that has happened
during the Great Plague of 2010
is Ian's hair.

It had to go.
I wasn't happy.
I was in tears.

He wasn't happy.
Nuff said.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the mend.

The part that sucks about having triplets?
Illnesses, hands down.
Because when 1 gets sick,
the other 2 are sure to follow.

Instead of just 1 go through,
it's 3.

And only God knows when each will take their turn.
It started w/ Gabi on Monday.
Ian on Tuesday.
Sofi, only 4 days LATER,
on a Friday when the other 2 were already 1/2 way done.

It made for a very long illness.
11 days of dealing w/ fevers.

That many sleepless nights.
We are fanatical about fevers.
You know why...Ian & the seizure.

No rest for Mommy.
Worse when I finally came down w/ what they had,
as they were finishing w/ it.

I broke down in tears.
There was a final straw.
I'm contemplating where to blog about it.
Either way, it broke me.

Todd was a wonderful father & hubby.
He stayed home to help.
While I wallowed in misery.
Just for a minute.

Then I picked up myself off the ground.
And started fighting the next battle.
It has been a long, long 2.5 weeks.
Hoping to be near the end of this ordeal in another few days.

Not even sure what normal is.
There is always a silver lining.
I lost 7 lbs.
That helps.

Not many pics were taken during the Great Plague.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm so tired.
Not sure I'll ever blog the whole story.
All I know is that,
I'm tired.

It's been a long week.
So long, that I'm sad the weekend is here.
Because that means I might have another
long week ahead of me.

God, please help me.
It hasn't been this bad since
Ian was really sick in Jan '09.

Did I mention how tired I was?
Thus the reason I haven't blogged.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our life for the last pictures.

What a roller coaster ride.
We are going on 9 days of dealing w/ fevers.


Do I really need to explain more?
I promise the whole story when I'm not sleep deprived.

We have gone through a whole
BIG bottle of children's pain relief (generic tylenol).
A third of the way through children's ibuprofen.
2 shots of steroid.
4 doses of oral steroids.
Endless temperature readings.

And to top it off,
this has been my bed for the past 9 nights.
Not exactly my dream accommodations.

And the cool mist humidifier,
that runs 24/7.

That's all I got.
Thank God I have the wonderful husband that I do.
He's been a HUGE help.
I love me some Todd.
I can't wait to share the same bed with him.

For those of you that don't know,
3 kids w/ CROUP = no sleeping in your own bed.
Croup can lead to breathing difficulties.
I will be reunited w/ my bed & my hubby.

It's only a matter of time.