Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating as a family ;)

It is absolutely the best thing in the world.
Since the feeding table's departure,
we have been sitting together to eat.

There is enough ROOM!
It is awesome.

The kids adjusted immediately,
even choosing their own seats.


Gabi picked first,
the best spot at the table
to see the tv.

Ian picked the seat next to the window
although his back is to it.
I guess he can see the whole rest of the house.

And Sofi,
my take-charge-cuz-I-was-baby-A...
wild guess?

The head of the table.
Shoulda known.

And Mommy & Daddy get the spots in between.
Daddy next to Ian.
Mommy next to Gabi.
And Sofi is still at the head of the table.

No family pics yet
but I have a great one of She-she sitting
with the kids for their very first meal
at the big table.

Love us some She-She!
Love us some big peeps table!

1 comment:

Prather Family said...

Wow, they are getting big and growing up fast. Such a nice thing to eat as a family. I hope you have many more years of great family meals around the table.