Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Morning w/ Gamma & Papap!

As soon as the kids woke up, we dressed & loaded them in the car for a trip to Gamma & Papap's house.
The kids were really excited about going.
They loved their new outfits.
(courtesy Mommy & her sewing machine)
And although I don't think they can grasp the concept 100%, they were loving Christmas celebrations.

As soon as we got there, they wanted to go to "their room".
Lo & behold, the cribs were gone & replaced by new big kid beds.
Miss Gabi claimed her bed immediately, leaving Sofi w/ the other one.
Ian will eventually have his own room there.
Gabi snuggled in to her bed & watched Dora's Christmas Carol.
She wouldn't leave.
I had to pry her out for breakfast!

All the while, Ian was hanging out w/ Papap in the kitchen.
He also found Santa in bed, snoring & went to investigate.

After a good, hardy breakfast, most of which Todd & I ate (haha),
it was time to open their Christmas Eve gifts from Gamma & Papap.
BUT, not before I got 1 shot of my hubs & his beautiful kids together.

Then it was time to rip open some gifts!

They loved their gifts.
It was exciting to see them get in to it this year.
It really is the 1st year that they are able to understand more of what is going on.
And so many traditions have started.
I know they will even be more curious next year!

**DISCLAIMER: I wish I had taken more pics. I think I was snuggled up on the other bed enjoying the down time so I didn't get too many more. Boo! I'll have to remember next time to keep the camera w/ me at all times.**

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Prep

**I don't think I'll be able to get everything in 1 post so I am going to start w/ our Christmas prep stuff. We decided to go all out this year. Everything was planned before Christmas Eve & the fun began early that morning.**

Neighbor Steve brought a bucket for the kids to fill w/ water for the reindeer.
Ian loves the water hose so he took the lead.

Then it was time for the bale of hay.
I don't know who had more fun, the kids or Daddy & Steve?!?

Daddy was coaching the kids.
Push harder!

Daddy & Steve did all the hard work.
The kids looked on in awe.

Our best picture of the family sitting on the hay!

Later that evening, while my family was there, we baked & decorated cookies for Santa.
This is the 1st year for us to do that.
The kids were so excited!
I assigned an adult to each kid & then it was time to get busy!

Tia Jesse & Sofi (they get along like 2 peas in a pod) decorated her cookie together.

Sofi was meticulous, making sure everything was in its place.

Tio Ian & Ianchito were paired up.
After all, he is the namesake AND the Godfather.
They are quite the team.
And everyone always asks if Ian is Ian's son when we are out.
There is a definite resemblance!

Gabi & I paired up for cookie decorating.

Then Abuelo wanted in on the action.
Apparently Gabi had much more fun w/ Abu than w/ me!

After all was said & done, the kids put the cookies on a plate.
Then we picked a special spot to leave Santa his cookies & milk.
The kids really got in to it this year.
I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Triplet Christmas Decorations

Pretty scarce, that's it.
No joke.

Because if they can reach it, they will surely mess w/ it.
So it is better to not have the temptation.

Check out our tree.

And a close up in case you can't see our ornament placement.

Yep, they are all above toddler height.
Hmmmmm...wonder why?
Those pesky little hands!
We didn't even put up the good ornaments this year.
That's ok b/c I rather the kids have the tree w/ lights accessible as opposed to the tree being locked up behind a gate.
(Yep, that is our Elf on the Shelf, RED, sitting in the tree.)

And let me tell you how much they love the tree.
Especially the lights.
If they aren't on when they come down, they start asking immediately for them to be put on.

Oh, and then there are the stockings.
This is where they should be hanging from.
The pretty mantle.

But instead, they are hanging from the opening in front of the bar.

We were afraid they would pull the stockings down.
And those hangers on the mantle are HEAVY.
I really don't want to take a kid to get stitches.

The effort to change Christmas this year is worth every second of the kids' joy.
They LOVE it all.
They love the Christmas lights.
Mrs. Claus.
Reindeer, and how they fly.
The sleigh.
And we are still teaching them to appreciate Christmas music.
They aren't quite there yet.

Now, I can't wait to see their precious faces on Christmas morning!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is what sucks about having triplets...

We are on day 11 of being sick.
Today the girls woke up w/ a fever.
11 days in to it.
I'm guessing a new virus.

Thankfully, the girls' bodies handle it better.
And I'm not as worried about them b/c they don't have a history of febrile seizures.
But needless to say, it is a big pain in the ass.

Illnesses will never be simple again.
They will always take this long, if not longer, to exit our household.
Amazingly enough, Todd has escaped the wrath of the cold.
I'm hoping neither of us catch this new "thing".

And so is life w/ triplets.
Gotta love every second!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Visit!!!

We've never taken the kids to go see Santa.
1) B/c of the long lines.
2) It's in the middle of RSV/Flu season, no other explanation needed.
3) The long lines.
4) Did I mention RSV/Flu season?
5) The kids freaking out scared me.

This year, we figured it was time.
We've been talking about Santa & Mrs. Claus.
We have "Red" the elf watching the kids every day.
Christmas shows have been played abundantly in our home.

The kids have gone to see Christmas lights.
They point out every Christmas tree & decoration they see when we walk or are in the car.
I think they "get" a little bit of what Christmas is about.
Not withstanding the fact that we also talk about Jesus & every time we see a Nativity scene.

It was time.
They needed to be officially introduced to Santa.
And we live in the perfect little city that does a special fundraiser for the fire dept. every year.
Santa comes to visit the kids AT HOME.

Can you think of a more perfect situation?
I can't.
Meeting this jolly, big Santa at home seemed to be the perfect situation!
So we signed up for a Santa visit, in support of the fire house that also saved Ian's life.
Forever indebted we are to them.

Me & my girls!

Our beautiful family!

There was no hesitation what so ever when Ian saw Mrs. Claus!
He ran right up to her & wanted to be held.

Then we went outside to wait for Santa!

Once again, Ian was all over it!
He ran up to Santa & gave him a big hug.

Gabi preferred the elves.

And Sofi

Ian crawled up on Santa's lap & didn't get off until Santa stood to leave.

Gabi & Ian w/ Santa, getting their presents!

Sofi wouldn't sit w/ Santa but would sit w/ me next to Santa.

Our family w/ Santa & Mrs. Claus!

We will most definitely do this again next year.
No doubt!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another round of colds please!

Yeah, cuz that's what we've been battling.
Yet another round of good ol' colds.
This time, we have managed to stay fever free.
But the exchange was that Mommy got it first.

I haven't been sick since forever ago.
The last time was mastitis & let me tell you, if you've ever had it, you know what I mean when I say I was dying.
Did I mention I had it 11 times?
Yeah, blame it on the thyroid not functioning.

Back to the colds.
I started on Thursday night.
Barely made it on Friday.
Not sure if I even remember Friday clearly I was so miserable.
I even took a nap.
Yes...I don't nap so when I do, it is serious business.

Then Ian started on Saturday.
Pointing to his throat & saying "OUCH".
At least they can tell us now.

Sofi started today.
I'm sure Gabi isn't too far behind.
And so goes life...
Surviving triplets.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A visit from some old friends!

Connie & Larry are my parents good friends.
We met in Greece, back in the 70's.
Since then, they have been like my aunt & uncle.
We would visit them every winter for a ski trip.

It is one of those friendships that can't be broken.
And now their kids are grown up & so are we.
They are grandparents & so are my parents.

Naturally, when they come to town,
they have to get in some play time w/ the kids.
And might I add how much fun they had!
Connie & Larry...oh, and the kids!

The kids had Larry push them around the whole back yard, like 1000 times!

Daddy playing "Gabi-saurus Rex".

How many triplets will fit on the car?

Need a push?
Sofi loved it!

With so many adults, each kid got to get some good swing time!
(And I got to work on my photog skillz.)

The gang!

We had a blast.
Spent the whole morning outside.
And if you thought it helped the kids sleep well.
Why yes, it did.

PS ~ Please forgive the absence. Christmas sales & illness has kept me busy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Yesterday was hectic.
More b/c Gabi had a morning long temper tantrum.
Why, you ask?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
She didn't want to watch it.
She only wanted Dora.
Or she would settle for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

But NOT the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Boy, it was tough.

And let's not mention they were so excited about going to Grandma & Papap's house in their new outfits that they didn't nap well.
But I managed to get some good pictures of them all dolled up before we headed out.

So, we had tired 2.5 yr olds by the time we left.
And the temper tantrums continued when we got to our destination.
This time it was Sofi.
It was b/c she was tired.
Momma settled in for a rest w/ the girls to stave off the tantrum.

It didn't work at the beginning but then Sofi was fine.
Almost fell asleep.
Me too.

But it got better.
The kids caught their 2nd wind.
We had a wonderful dinner thanks to Bill & Donna.

I live for this meal every year.
Especially the stuffing.
And we got to bring home the leftovers.

Even w/ the tantrums, nothing could take away the joy I carried through the day.
I am very thankful for my husband & children.
I am thankful for great parents & inlaws, as well as a stellar brother.
I am blessed to have the friends I have.
And, let's not mention the booming little busines, the fans & followers.

Thank you God, for my life.
Just as it is.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Must See Video...for all my MoM peeps!

This should give you a good laugh.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Latest Schedule

Somehow, I forget to write about things like schedules.
Maybe it's all the cute pics I have to share.
Or maybe it is b/c the schedules aren't so important anymore.

I guess what I mean is that the most important part of the schedule is nap time.
Everything else is flexible, to a certain extent.
It works great for us.
Even when we started having nap issues, I tweaked the schedule a bit & the kids are now back to napping wonderfully.
So I thought I would share our schedule, for other triplet moms out there that are wondering what it will look like in a couple of years b/c God knows, I remember very clearly wondering when I wouldn't live so much by the ticking hands of the clock.

7am - Get out of crib, cuddle downstairs & watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
8:15ish - Breakfast
9:00am - Quiet time in cribs (allows me to get some morning chores done & they love their quiet time)
9:30am - Playtime anywhere we choose or run errands
12:30ish - Lunch
1:15ish - Nap time
3:30-4ish - Wake up & playtime anywhere we choose or run errands
6:00ish - Dinner w/ family
6:45ish - Bath time on bath nights
7:00-7:15ish - Get put in cribs & read a story, leave light on for playing or reading
8:15ish - Lights out

We have kept them up later, rarely waking them up before 7:00, & the adjust just fine.
Some days naps are a bit shorter but they stay in their cribs none the less.
There are days we are out & about so the schedule shifts around.
The amazing thing is that it IS possible.

They have gotten to a point of being more flexible.
And w/ triplets, that is something you pray for since their birth.

There is one thing we won't miss.
It gets hairy.
Out of control.
And it takes about 2-3 days to get back to "normal".

So for now, we'll pass on outings that will cause us to miss nap time.
And allow this mommy to keep her sanity for a little while longer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Laundry baskets, boxes & Daddy...

They make for the perfect place for each kid to snuggle.
Seriously, with a pillow & a big blankie, there is no beating it.
Makes me want a box big enough.
And for Daddy snuggle up to me.
(Yes, for real.)

But alas...all 3 are for the kids.
They love to have their own space as much as they like snuggling together.

It's even better w/ Daddy.
Priceless...especially after a rough play session!

Cooler weather rocks!