Saturday, December 4, 2010

A visit from some old friends!

Connie & Larry are my parents good friends.
We met in Greece, back in the 70's.
Since then, they have been like my aunt & uncle.
We would visit them every winter for a ski trip.

It is one of those friendships that can't be broken.
And now their kids are grown up & so are we.
They are grandparents & so are my parents.

Naturally, when they come to town,
they have to get in some play time w/ the kids.
And might I add how much fun they had!
Connie & Larry...oh, and the kids!

The kids had Larry push them around the whole back yard, like 1000 times!

Daddy playing "Gabi-saurus Rex".

How many triplets will fit on the car?

Need a push?
Sofi loved it!

With so many adults, each kid got to get some good swing time!
(And I got to work on my photog skillz.)

The gang!

We had a blast.
Spent the whole morning outside.
And if you thought it helped the kids sleep well.
Why yes, it did.

PS ~ Please forgive the absence. Christmas sales & illness has kept me busy.

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