Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Morning w/ Gamma & Papap!

As soon as the kids woke up, we dressed & loaded them in the car for a trip to Gamma & Papap's house.
The kids were really excited about going.
They loved their new outfits.
(courtesy Mommy & her sewing machine)
And although I don't think they can grasp the concept 100%, they were loving Christmas celebrations.

As soon as we got there, they wanted to go to "their room".
Lo & behold, the cribs were gone & replaced by new big kid beds.
Miss Gabi claimed her bed immediately, leaving Sofi w/ the other one.
Ian will eventually have his own room there.
Gabi snuggled in to her bed & watched Dora's Christmas Carol.
She wouldn't leave.
I had to pry her out for breakfast!

All the while, Ian was hanging out w/ Papap in the kitchen.
He also found Santa in bed, snoring & went to investigate.

After a good, hardy breakfast, most of which Todd & I ate (haha),
it was time to open their Christmas Eve gifts from Gamma & Papap.
BUT, not before I got 1 shot of my hubs & his beautiful kids together.

Then it was time to rip open some gifts!

They loved their gifts.
It was exciting to see them get in to it this year.
It really is the 1st year that they are able to understand more of what is going on.
And so many traditions have started.
I know they will even be more curious next year!

**DISCLAIMER: I wish I had taken more pics. I think I was snuggled up on the other bed enjoying the down time so I didn't get too many more. Boo! I'll have to remember next time to keep the camera w/ me at all times.**

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Renee said...

such cuties! & yes, always keep your camera close! ;)