Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Triplet Christmas Decorations

Pretty scarce, that's it.
No joke.

Because if they can reach it, they will surely mess w/ it.
So it is better to not have the temptation.

Check out our tree.

And a close up in case you can't see our ornament placement.

Yep, they are all above toddler height.
Hmmmmm...wonder why?
Those pesky little hands!
We didn't even put up the good ornaments this year.
That's ok b/c I rather the kids have the tree w/ lights accessible as opposed to the tree being locked up behind a gate.
(Yep, that is our Elf on the Shelf, RED, sitting in the tree.)

And let me tell you how much they love the tree.
Especially the lights.
If they aren't on when they come down, they start asking immediately for them to be put on.

Oh, and then there are the stockings.
This is where they should be hanging from.
The pretty mantle.

But instead, they are hanging from the opening in front of the bar.

We were afraid they would pull the stockings down.
And those hangers on the mantle are HEAVY.
I really don't want to take a kid to get stitches.

The effort to change Christmas this year is worth every second of the kids' joy.
They LOVE it all.
They love the Christmas lights.
Mrs. Claus.
Reindeer, and how they fly.
The sleigh.
And we are still teaching them to appreciate Christmas music.
They aren't quite there yet.

Now, I can't wait to see their precious faces on Christmas morning!


Samantha said...

We did not put up stockings either for the same reason! Our tree lights are on the entire day because they love them so much!

Susan said...

How is the Elf on the Shelf working out? I think mine are still a little too young this year, but I was thinking it might work next year.

We've been lucky with our tree this year. They only see it when they come downstairs to eat and even they repeat "don't touch!". Same thing with the stockings, although I used the 3M strips to hold them up on the mantle instead of the heavy stocking holders. That way if they happen to tug, the stockings stay put :)

Heather said...

I think that you need to teach your children not to touch things. You do need to childproof your house and special stuff but to not put ornaments on your tree because your children can't keep their hands off them then you need to have more discipline in your house. the stockings I can see but everything else just means that you can not control your children.

Surviving Triplets said...

Oh Miss Heather...BAA-HUMBUG! You sure do have the Christmas spirit. As a matter of fact, my children are fairly disciplined but like everything else w/ triplets, it is TIMES THREE. I am assuming you were blessed to only have 1 at a time, or none at all b/c otherwise you would understand. I can't fault you for lack of experience!

Merry Christmas!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

We got really lucky with Lola this year. She's only 2 and very curious. I took her shopping a month ago and she saw a decorated tree and she literally ran to it and proceeded to touch every single ornament. It was frightening and I was scared to put the tree up. But she's good! WHEW!!!