Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Visit!!!

We've never taken the kids to go see Santa.
1) B/c of the long lines.
2) It's in the middle of RSV/Flu season, no other explanation needed.
3) The long lines.
4) Did I mention RSV/Flu season?
5) The kids freaking out scared me.

This year, we figured it was time.
We've been talking about Santa & Mrs. Claus.
We have "Red" the elf watching the kids every day.
Christmas shows have been played abundantly in our home.

The kids have gone to see Christmas lights.
They point out every Christmas tree & decoration they see when we walk or are in the car.
I think they "get" a little bit of what Christmas is about.
Not withstanding the fact that we also talk about Jesus & every time we see a Nativity scene.

It was time.
They needed to be officially introduced to Santa.
And we live in the perfect little city that does a special fundraiser for the fire dept. every year.
Santa comes to visit the kids AT HOME.

Can you think of a more perfect situation?
I can't.
Meeting this jolly, big Santa at home seemed to be the perfect situation!
So we signed up for a Santa visit, in support of the fire house that also saved Ian's life.
Forever indebted we are to them.

Me & my girls!

Our beautiful family!

There was no hesitation what so ever when Ian saw Mrs. Claus!
He ran right up to her & wanted to be held.

Then we went outside to wait for Santa!

Once again, Ian was all over it!
He ran up to Santa & gave him a big hug.

Gabi preferred the elves.

And Sofi

Ian crawled up on Santa's lap & didn't get off until Santa stood to leave.

Gabi & Ian w/ Santa, getting their presents!

Sofi wouldn't sit w/ Santa but would sit w/ me next to Santa.

Our family w/ Santa & Mrs. Claus!

We will most definitely do this again next year.
No doubt!


Megan said...

Oh I wish they did that here! Maybe I will have to look into it for next year. What a great idea that is! Glad to see your kids enjoyed Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Elves! Mine would have freaked!

Susan said...

That's so awesome! Glad they enjoyed it and it looked like mommy & daddy did too :)