Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sofia, Gabriella & Ian!!!

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around this.
They are THREE.
My triplets are THREE.

We have survived half of toddlerhood.
We are 2 for 3 in big kid undies.
(Eh, after today, Gabi is being put in them.)
We are 3 for 3 in big kid beds.
They are between 37" and 40" tall.
(My meaurements, official stats to come on the 7th.)
They weigh somewhere between 32 to 36 lbs.

They are talking up a storm.
Learning their letters & numbers.
Able to say the sound of letters.

They can draw circles, scribble, & love crafts.
They eat like champs.
(Thanks to Supernanny techniques for the veggies.)
They sleep like champs at night.
Even better for their nap every day.

Yep, counting my blessings on that one.

They challenge us every day.
Todd & I are the luckiest parents in the world.
God entrusted us w/ these 3 precious lives.
And every night before we go to bed,
we thank Him for the opportunity.

Not only that,
my babies are fortunate enough to share this b-day
with their Meme (aka, my mom).

Happy birthday MOM!!!!!!
Happy birthday Sofia!!!!!!
Happy birthday Gabriella!!!!!!
Happy birthday Ian!!!!!

I had these outfits especially made for them.
Cuz The Beatles are my mom's fave band.

I hope she likes them :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally feeling better!

It has been a long 2.5 days.
I'm not use to being in bed.
Except to sleep.

The kids are a bit freaked out as well.
They aren't use to see me in bed.
Not even to sleep.

As a matter of fact,
when they saw me yesterday,
they kept asking me to put on my clothes.
I had pj's on but that wasn't good enough.

And it figures.
By the time they wake up in the morning,
I'm already dressed for the day.
They go to bed at 7 & lights off at 8,
I'm still in my day clothes.

So it is rare for them to see me in pj's.
Just not my thang.
Even on pj days,
I'm in regular clothes.

This is traumatic for them.
They are acting out.
They want Mommy to hold them.
And I can't.

It breaks my heart.
So, I'm ready to get back to normal.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 for 3

That is our number for canceled b-day parties.
The 1st birthday had to be canceled & it took
almost 2 months to reschedule.

Last year went fine.
Then come this year.
Sofi had a fever last weekend.
I was geared up to cancel.
I thought the other 2 would get sick.

Nope, nothing.
They are healthy.
So why are we canceling?

I'm sick.
I'm running a fever.
I haven't been sick w/ a fever since mastitis.

So the party is canceled.
This sucks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goodbye Cribs

I was originally going to post this BEFORE the Sofi scare.
But now that we seem to have somewhat recovered from that,
I want to tell you all about the new beds.

No toddler beds.
I thought ahead on this one.
The minute we found out we were having triplets,
my gears started turning.

I honestly couldn't figure out what we were going to do for cribs.
I didn't want big cribs.
Not to put 3 in 1 room.
Not the kind that converted to full or queen beds.
(Seriously...I don't think so, not for triplets.)

I wanted to save us money in the long run.
I just couldn't find anything.
And then we stumbled across them.
Jesse & I, that is.
My future SIL & I went to Baby USA.

There they were.
The style I liked.
The sleek lines.
Their size.

Mini cribs.
Now, we found them & they were by Million Dollar Baby.
Wish I had know I could get them from Walmart for $75 cheaper.

Either way, they were perfect.

B/c they converted straight from the crib to a twin bed.

Check it out at Walmart.
That is exactly our crib x3.
And now they are twins.

Only 1 expense in changing beds.
No toddler frame.
No toddler mattress.
No new toddler sheets & comforter set.

Straight to the beds they will sleep in until they leave this house for college.
Now that's what I'm talking about baby!

Daddy slaved away all morning long.
Mommy tended to a feverish Sofia.

Course, you know he had to try out the bed.
Had to make sure it was "sturdy".
Ok, Dad...WINK, WINK.

Is that really 3 twin beds in their room?
Definitely need Mommy to get in there & rearrange a bit.

The kids were so excited!
There was no lack of enthusiasm,
especially when it came time for naps.

And I am happy to report,
we have had no issues since Sunday.
They get in bed & they stay in bed.

It's not really surprising.
Their new beds are 4 times as big as their cribs!
They also understand there are consequences to getting out of bed.
We went over them before getting in them.

Now, we'll see if they continue to go so well to bed.
Course, that has never been a real issue for us.
Gotta attribute that to our regimented sleep schedule from the beginning.
Telling has paid 1000 times over.
Well worth some of the struggles in the beginning.

LOVE the beds!

PS ~ Thank you Daddy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And we have the highest fever yet...

Today it happened.
2 days ago I prayed to God.
Seems to always work that way.

Mommy intuition?

Call it what you will.
But it always happens the same way.
I touch each of the kids' forehead
(like I always have since Ian's illness).
Then I say a quick prayer to God...

"Thank you God, for giving us health for this long.
I know we are due for an illness.
Please give us the strength to get through it.

And in less than 48 hrs,
it happens.
Someone gets a fever.


This time it walloped Sofi.
The fever started this morning & was 101.3.
It went away for most of the morning.

Then came nap time
(in new big kid beds no less...but that is another blog)
and I went to check on her.


That's the highest fever we have dealt w/ to date.
Especially when even after a cool bath,
it doesn't come down.

After cold wash cloths,
it doesn't come down.

Only time finally allowed it to happen.
For a brief couple of hours.
And then it crept.
Crept itself right back up to 103.
Where it is sitting.
Not giving up hold.

And might I add,
we picked the perfect day to do big kid beds.
Cuz Momma has a spot right next to Sofi,
on a very comfy new bed.

Not to mention the rad Dora sheets!
At least we are stylin'.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our 2nd Annual Victory Garden

With everything that is happening in the world,
it is great to be able to grow our own goodies.
As much as I would like to grow more,
I have to limit our choices based on productivity.

Last year we grew lettuce.
It was fabulous picking fresh lettuce from the garden.
It was when the kids weren't so much in to it.
Now it is a different story.
And much cheaper to buy at the store once a week.

So no lettuce this year.

Then we tried broccoli.
Yeah, not so much.
Damn buggers got it all.

So no broccoli this year.

And the carrots.
Not a chance.
Not with the space we have.

So no carrots this year.

BUT, the cucumbers.
Oh, the cucumbers.
They were fat & delish.

So YES to the cucumbers this year.

And b/c they worked so well.
And b/c I learned how far they need to be spaced.
And b/c I know they can grow on lattice.

Yes to anything that grows like cucumbers this year.
Yes to the squash.
Yes to the zucchini.

Let's not forget the tomatoes.
Todd got tons of tomato plants.
But more importantly...

Mommy got cherry tomato plants for each kid.
They can pick as they please.
From their OWN plants.
Planted in their OWN planters.

No fighting.

I also thought the kids would be way in to it this year.
Not so much.
They saw us doing our thang.
And they went off to PRETEND that they were doing
their own thang.
But that's all right b/c I still got a few shots of them "helping".

Now, if I can get through the next week.
So much to do w/ their b-day party next weekend.

God help me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Making brother feel better...

Their imagination has exploded.
The girls decide that Ian was sick yesterday.
So they had to "take care of him".

It was the most precious thing EVER.
They had him all set up on the armchair.

Then they proceded to...

Give him toys.
Make him comfortable.
Feed him medicine.
Bring him water.
Hold him.
Squeeze him.
Pat his head.
Check his temperature.

And, let's not forget...

tell Mommy all about it.

Made me smile all morning long.
AND...if you didn't know better,
you would have thunk that Ian was actually sick.

He loved all the attention!

Those are my babies.
Little hem...sorry Gabi.

PS - Tuesday was my 36th b-day. I'm getting old but we celebrated in style by going to see KISS. It was AWESOME! Also the cause for no blogging this week. Please forgive!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My 2 favorite boys...

Finally taking a nap together,
after much insistence on Daddy's part.

He said to me,
"I never get these opportunities. Let him stay down here with me. I want to take a nap w/ my boy!"

And so it was.

My heart melted.
Tears came to my eyes.
THESE are the things I wish we had more opportunities.
But so is the life of a triplet parent.

Which makes us cherish each of these moments that much more.

Friday, March 11, 2011

We've been chosen!

The force is strong in our family!
(Just for you hunny, just for you.)
We are the chosen family for an article on life w/ higher order multiples.

Nothing I haven't blogged about before
but exciting that it is going to be a published article
in a high end local magazine!

I've managed to make the kids their outfits.
Gotta get my {SIG} name out there & what better way
than to have my own trio wear stuff.

Ian is going to rock the tie w/ a white button down & jeans.
Can't forget the Chuck Taylors (all 3 will wear them).

I'm totally stoked!
I hope it all goes well.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming up for a breath of fresh air!

It's almost been 3 years.
3 years that on some days have felt like 300 years.
On other days have felt like 3 seconds.

It's weird.
I don't even know how to explain it.
I'm not sure there IS a way to explain it.
Unless you are a parent.

Then you understand.
It makes complete sense.

Their first birthday feels like eons ago.
Ian's illness feels like it happened yesterday.
That in itself is a conundrum.
I suppose the more tragic event is the one that scarred us the most.

Beyond all that,
being a triplet mommy means that so much of regular parenthood
has been taken away.

Those that are in the same boat understand.
Those that aren't, can't fathom what I am saying.
(unless you have a child in a special circumstance)

We knew the minute they said triplets that for
at least the 1st 2 years life would be inside our home.
Occasional trips to the store,
especially in spring/summer/fall.

Back to lockdown during RSV/Flu Season.
We decided to do the lockdown this past season.
For our own peace of mind.
And now the fog is lifting.

This is the 1st time we are starting to feel like a "normal" family.
Taking the kids out is much easier than before.
They walk to the car, climb in, & get ready for buckling.
They can sit in a restaurant w/o boosters & behave themselves,
for about an hour max & then we head out.
We can go in to someone's home w/o them destroying it.
Walking on the sidewalk, around the corner,
with no stroller is easy.
Sitting through a whole movie like Toy Story,
a reality.
We can actually leave w/o the kids freaking out.
They are more tolerable to schedule changes.
Or should I say that WE handle the schedule changes better.
Staying up late on occasion, a reality,
not something we freak out about b/c the kids will be in hellacious moods the following day.
Walking in to the grocery store, no carts or strollers,
another reality.

The list could go on forever.
It's like the fog has lifted.

We are even considering gymnastics.
And did I mention we are 2/3 out of diapers?
The hubs & I can actually spend quality time together & enjoy it.
This is really like a new beginning.

I have seen it coming over the horizon for the past 6 months.
It seems like these last 2 months have really solidified the changes.
The freedom.

The feeling that we are very much like every other family
on the block that doesn't have multiples.
It really is an amazing feeling.

There are so many changes coming up.
The kids only have another year here at home w/ me.
Then it is off to official preschool.
I know I will cry.

I cry now thinking about it.
And I thought I would never be that mom.

Last night I sat in their rooms,
touching their faces & bawling my eyes out.
Visions of babies born around 4 lbs each dancing in my head.
Of how much they have grown.
But how much their personalities are the same
as they were when they were growing in my belly.

Life is amazingly different.
All for the better.
All for them.

And, I'll add that I am amazed at the strength of my marriage.
It has been tested time & time again.
Somehow we always come up for a breath, together.

I thank God every day for my life.
My 3 beautiful children, my wonderful husband & my family.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We HEART Dr. Seuss

I'm not really sure who likes him more.
Me or the kids.
Either way, Dr. Seuss is very loved in this house.

So much so that this is the theme for the kids' party this year.
Yeah, already.
Like, birthday party.

I'm not joking.
Cuz if I were reading this, I would think...

You have got to be kidding me?
THREE years old?

And then reality sets in.
Yes, they are going to be three.

As much as that scares me,
it also brings new found freedom for the family.
New experiences & new challenges.
(I promise to blog about this new freedom after this post.)

But back to the topic.
Dr. Seuss.
A photog session won on Facebook.
Fabulous outfits.

All equals...FABULOUS PICS.

The group shots are adorable!

There is something special about these.
Holding hands, walking down a beautiful trail in the forest.
Triplets at their finest.
One never w/o the other.
In peace.

Sisterly love.
Totally reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.
Just the outfits are a little on the bright side, lol!
More like Alice in Wonderland now that I think about it.

Miss Sofia, first born.

Our second born, Miss Gabi...

Our sweet boy & the last to be born, by a few seconds, Ianchito...

I know I'm bias.
They are my kids.
And I love them w/ every ounce of my heart & then some.
But these photos are fabulous.
A moment in time caught on the camera.
Displaying their individual personalities.

My babies.
Er...I stand corrected by Miss Gabi.

Little Kids.