Thursday, March 3, 2011

We HEART Dr. Seuss

I'm not really sure who likes him more.
Me or the kids.
Either way, Dr. Seuss is very loved in this house.

So much so that this is the theme for the kids' party this year.
Yeah, already.
Like, birthday party.

I'm not joking.
Cuz if I were reading this, I would think...

You have got to be kidding me?
THREE years old?

And then reality sets in.
Yes, they are going to be three.

As much as that scares me,
it also brings new found freedom for the family.
New experiences & new challenges.
(I promise to blog about this new freedom after this post.)

But back to the topic.
Dr. Seuss.
A photog session won on Facebook.
Fabulous outfits.

All equals...FABULOUS PICS.

The group shots are adorable!

There is something special about these.
Holding hands, walking down a beautiful trail in the forest.
Triplets at their finest.
One never w/o the other.
In peace.

Sisterly love.
Totally reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.
Just the outfits are a little on the bright side, lol!
More like Alice in Wonderland now that I think about it.

Miss Sofia, first born.

Our second born, Miss Gabi...

Our sweet boy & the last to be born, by a few seconds, Ianchito...

I know I'm bias.
They are my kids.
And I love them w/ every ounce of my heart & then some.
But these photos are fabulous.
A moment in time caught on the camera.
Displaying their individual personalities.

My babies.
Er...I stand corrected by Miss Gabi.

Little Kids.


Renee said...

they are good looking babies (sorry Gabi!) :) Sofia looks just like her mommy! beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Ohmigod... Can these "kids" get any cuter???
And there photographer/seamstress is A-mazing... You are such an amazing mom.