Friday, March 18, 2011

Making brother feel better...

Their imagination has exploded.
The girls decide that Ian was sick yesterday.
So they had to "take care of him".

It was the most precious thing EVER.
They had him all set up on the armchair.

Then they proceded to...

Give him toys.
Make him comfortable.
Feed him medicine.
Bring him water.
Hold him.
Squeeze him.
Pat his head.
Check his temperature.

And, let's not forget...

tell Mommy all about it.

Made me smile all morning long.
AND...if you didn't know better,
you would have thunk that Ian was actually sick.

He loved all the attention!

Those are my babies.
Little hem...sorry Gabi.

PS - Tuesday was my 36th b-day. I'm getting old but we celebrated in style by going to see KISS. It was AWESOME! Also the cause for no blogging this week. Please forgive!

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