Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 for 3

That is our number for canceled b-day parties.
The 1st birthday had to be canceled & it took
almost 2 months to reschedule.

Last year went fine.
Then come this year.
Sofi had a fever last weekend.
I was geared up to cancel.
I thought the other 2 would get sick.

Nope, nothing.
They are healthy.
So why are we canceling?

I'm sick.
I'm running a fever.
I haven't been sick w/ a fever since mastitis.

So the party is canceled.
This sucks.


Samantha said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon because a sick momma is definitely not good!

txsjewels said...

last year: really worried that daddy was going to have a heart attack... can you say anxiety ??

can't wait to get the reschedule. glad the kiddos are healthy... sometimes mommies need to get sick so they can REST!! (listen, God is talking)...

love you mrs. novak..