Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our 2nd Annual Victory Garden

With everything that is happening in the world,
it is great to be able to grow our own goodies.
As much as I would like to grow more,
I have to limit our choices based on productivity.

Last year we grew lettuce.
It was fabulous picking fresh lettuce from the garden.
It was when the kids weren't so much in to it.
Now it is a different story.
And much cheaper to buy at the store once a week.

So no lettuce this year.

Then we tried broccoli.
Yeah, not so much.
Damn buggers got it all.

So no broccoli this year.

And the carrots.
Not a chance.
Not with the space we have.

So no carrots this year.

BUT, the cucumbers.
Oh, the cucumbers.
They were fat & delish.

So YES to the cucumbers this year.

And b/c they worked so well.
And b/c I learned how far they need to be spaced.
And b/c I know they can grow on lattice.

Yes to anything that grows like cucumbers this year.
Yes to the squash.
Yes to the zucchini.

Let's not forget the tomatoes.
Todd got tons of tomato plants.
But more importantly...

Mommy got cherry tomato plants for each kid.
They can pick as they please.
From their OWN plants.
Planted in their OWN planters.

No fighting.

I also thought the kids would be way in to it this year.
Not so much.
They saw us doing our thang.
And they went off to PRETEND that they were doing
their own thang.
But that's all right b/c I still got a few shots of them "helping".

Now, if I can get through the next week.
So much to do w/ their b-day party next weekend.

God help me.

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