Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally feeling better!

It has been a long 2.5 days.
I'm not use to being in bed.
Except to sleep.

The kids are a bit freaked out as well.
They aren't use to see me in bed.
Not even to sleep.

As a matter of fact,
when they saw me yesterday,
they kept asking me to put on my clothes.
I had pj's on but that wasn't good enough.

And it figures.
By the time they wake up in the morning,
I'm already dressed for the day.
They go to bed at 7 & lights off at 8,
I'm still in my day clothes.

So it is rare for them to see me in pj's.
Just not my thang.
Even on pj days,
I'm in regular clothes.

This is traumatic for them.
They are acting out.
They want Mommy to hold them.
And I can't.

It breaks my heart.
So, I'm ready to get back to normal.

1 comment:

Renee said...

it's so hard to be sick when you're the mom! hope you're doing better!