Sunday, March 20, 2011

And we have the highest fever yet...

Today it happened.
2 days ago I prayed to God.
Seems to always work that way.

Mommy intuition?

Call it what you will.
But it always happens the same way.
I touch each of the kids' forehead
(like I always have since Ian's illness).
Then I say a quick prayer to God...

"Thank you God, for giving us health for this long.
I know we are due for an illness.
Please give us the strength to get through it.

And in less than 48 hrs,
it happens.
Someone gets a fever.


This time it walloped Sofi.
The fever started this morning & was 101.3.
It went away for most of the morning.

Then came nap time
(in new big kid beds no less...but that is another blog)
and I went to check on her.


That's the highest fever we have dealt w/ to date.
Especially when even after a cool bath,
it doesn't come down.

After cold wash cloths,
it doesn't come down.

Only time finally allowed it to happen.
For a brief couple of hours.
And then it crept.
Crept itself right back up to 103.
Where it is sitting.
Not giving up hold.

And might I add,
we picked the perfect day to do big kid beds.
Cuz Momma has a spot right next to Sofi,
on a very comfy new bed.

Not to mention the rad Dora sheets!
At least we are stylin'.

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Samantha said...

Hope everyone is better soon. Jack just had a fever last week of 104.3 I had to give him a luke warm bath and dressed him in just a diaper. Finally he started to sweat and the fever broke.