Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goodbye Cribs

I was originally going to post this BEFORE the Sofi scare.
But now that we seem to have somewhat recovered from that,
I want to tell you all about the new beds.

No toddler beds.
I thought ahead on this one.
The minute we found out we were having triplets,
my gears started turning.

I honestly couldn't figure out what we were going to do for cribs.
I didn't want big cribs.
Not to put 3 in 1 room.
Not the kind that converted to full or queen beds.
(Seriously...I don't think so, not for triplets.)

I wanted to save us money in the long run.
I just couldn't find anything.
And then we stumbled across them.
Jesse & I, that is.
My future SIL & I went to Baby USA.

There they were.
The style I liked.
The sleek lines.
Their size.

Mini cribs.
Now, we found them & they were by Million Dollar Baby.
Wish I had know I could get them from Walmart for $75 cheaper.

Either way, they were perfect.

B/c they converted straight from the crib to a twin bed.

Check it out at Walmart.
That is exactly our crib x3.
And now they are twins.

Only 1 expense in changing beds.
No toddler frame.
No toddler mattress.
No new toddler sheets & comforter set.

Straight to the beds they will sleep in until they leave this house for college.
Now that's what I'm talking about baby!

Daddy slaved away all morning long.
Mommy tended to a feverish Sofia.

Course, you know he had to try out the bed.
Had to make sure it was "sturdy".
Ok, Dad...WINK, WINK.

Is that really 3 twin beds in their room?
Definitely need Mommy to get in there & rearrange a bit.

The kids were so excited!
There was no lack of enthusiasm,
especially when it came time for naps.

And I am happy to report,
we have had no issues since Sunday.
They get in bed & they stay in bed.

It's not really surprising.
Their new beds are 4 times as big as their cribs!
They also understand there are consequences to getting out of bed.
We went over them before getting in them.

Now, we'll see if they continue to go so well to bed.
Course, that has never been a real issue for us.
Gotta attribute that to our regimented sleep schedule from the beginning.
Telling you...it has paid 1000 times over.
Well worth some of the struggles in the beginning.

LOVE the beds!

PS ~ Thank you Daddy!


Samantha said...

Our cribs are the 4 in 1 beds. Are those the kind you are talking about? Ours are still in cribs and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Knowing the boys, they will climb on every piece of furniture in that room and do everything but sleep!

Renee said...

fantastic! :)

Ethan Smith said...

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