Monday, February 28, 2011

Missing Daddy

Daddy had to go to Washington DC for business.
A whole 6 days he was gone.
And although I had help from the grandparents,
my sanity was still put to the test.

I think I cried a couple of times.
The kids were soooo testy.
I assume it was that they weren't quite understanding why Daddy was gone.

Thanks to Skype, we were able to eat dinner one night w/ Daddy.
It was a really cool experience.
I know there are peeps out there that are regular users of Skype.
I have just stumbled across it,
a suggestion from my BFF in Jersey.

It was a great way to connect w/ Daddy.
But boy, were we ever glad when he got home.

Then it was off for a date night.
One that was long coming.
We just don't do them often enough.
So it was nice to get out after a long week.

This is us being silly.
A change...instead of the kids pics :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The neverending PT...

That's what it feels like.
Although I have to admit I'm not stressing about it.
Not like the 1st time.

That was hell.
Trying to keep up w/ 3 kids peeing, not so much.
One at a time is the way to go!

Ian is day time trained.
It wasn't that hard.
But he doesn't like to tell me when he has to go.

So I have to constantly ask.
He constantly says no.
Then I put him on the potty.

Bribe him.
Yes, bribe him.

And he goes.

The breakdown...

1st day = 3 accidents
2nd day = 1 accident
3rd day = 0 accidents
4th day = 0 accidents
5th day = 1 accident

I even put the kids in the car.
2 in undies.
1 in a pull up.

It was a short trip but we survived.
Unscathed & DRY.

I'm pretty proud.
Now if I can get Gabi to come around.
That would be nice but until then,
I will lavish in the steps towards NO DIAPERS!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

PT continued...

It's Ian's turn.
He has been ready but I wanted to make sure Sofi was good.
I started w/ him yesterday.
Big boy undies all.the.way.

He's done pretty well.
Not so quickly as Sofi but well none the less!
Yesterday we had 3 BIG accident.

Thankfully pee doesn't gross me out.
At least, not their pee.
Guess it's a mom thang.

Today, only 1 accident.
Mind you, we are doing pullups for naps & bedtime.
He isn't quite ready to go the undies route during those times.

He does have to be reminded to go.
Well, maybe he doesn't but I've been asking every 3o minutes.
And making him sit & pee every hour.
So maybe he would ask, if given the opportunity.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy this is going thus far.
Much better than before.

Why did I buy in to that stressful 3 day PT boot camp again?
I lost hair.
Gained weight.
Lost my mind.
And almost left home.


I'm gonna say this again & again.
We should have done this like we did everything else.
When the KIDS were ready & showed signs.
Not when WE wanted to make them.

I probably would have a fuller head of hair.
And be 5 lbs lighter.
But so is life as a parent.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Painting fun!

I'll admit it.
I've been scared.
Very scared of painting.

The mess.
The clothing.
The mess.
The furniture.
The mess.

Did I mention the mess?
Call me paranoid.
Yes, I am.

BUT, it went much better than I expected.
And when it is literally FREEZING outside for like 5 days straight,
desperate times call for desperate measures.

Daddy got in on the action when he got home.
(A big thank you to She-she for giving us the Crayola painting smocks, LOVE!)

Miss Sofi & all of her left handedness...

Gabi concentrating on getting as much paint at one time on the brush.

What is it w/ boys & the color brown?

Now that I know we can survive,
we will do this more often.

Thank you Crayola for making washable paint.
It came off the wood table w/ ease.
And the smocks are perfect.
Cute & perfect.

Not to mention the cute & perfect kids.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Instead of having the romantic dinner ALONE,
we opted for a family day to the zoo.
Our wonderful neighbor (and more like an auntie) Jane,
got us a year pass to the zoo.


Despite Ian's constant challenges to do as he pleased,
it was a great morning.
Gabi was by far the most well behaved (WOW).
Sofi a close 2nd.

Ian Giovanni.
John John.


Cry after cry after temper tantrum.
He wanted to run.
He wanted to walk.
He wanted up.
He wanted down.

Except to do what HE wanted.
And that wasn't going to happen.

But it all worked out in the end.
We had fun!
Thankfully we can go back as much as we want.
No stressing the fact that we got a third of the way through the zoo.

And as always, we love our Melissa.
She is the greatest therapist EVA!
Always working w/ all 3 although Ian is the one signed up :)
I see a lifelong friendship!!!

The orangutans had a love thing goin' on.

And of course, I could show the million shots of animals.
But they aren't spectacular.
So instead...


It is much better celebrating w/ a family.
No doubt!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

One is Done!

It's official.
Sofi is completely, 100%, totally...


She has not had an accident in well over 10 days.
This included at night.
Yep, even during naps.

Last night she refused to put on the pull up.
It was big girl panties or bust.
And she did it.

Very proudly I might add.
So, no more diapers for Sofi.
No more pull ups.

One down, two to go!
Now if the weather can warm up a bit so I can put Gabi in panties only.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Photos

I've always wanted to do this.
Get both sides of the family together & have a big photo shoot.
It finally came to fruition.
As our Christmas gift to both sets of grandparents & tio,
the shoot happened about 2 weeks ago.

Thankfully it was right before the very cold snap we experienced,
but there was still a bit of a chill in the air.
Not enough to make it unbearable.
Just right.

The results are absolutely amazing.
Photos that can be cherished for years to come.
Photos for the kids to have as they get older.
It was a marvelous experience.

Candace has magic.
She captured the essence of each individual.
The editing is superb.
And most importantly, she is AFFORDABLE!

Eye Candy by Candace

I would LOVE to share everything with you but then this would take forever.
I'm going to pick out my absolute favorite shots.

This is of the whole family together.
Don't ask how we were all looking at the camera.
It just happened.

My side of the family, with the kids.
I love this photo!

Daddy's side of the family.
I adore this picture b/c I see Gamma & Papap laughing.
This is how they always are around the kids.
They bring them so much joy!

These speak for themselves.
They will get framed & put on the wall.

These next 2 are special...

This is of 4 generations of women, my side.

And this one is of the 3 generations of men on Todd's side.

This next series, I adore.
My man & each of his beautiful children.

Candace brought the kids Valentine's lollipops & asked to take pics.
Of course I said yes.
And I'm so glad she did!

This final picture brought tears to my eyes.
It's perfect.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's up w/ the "NO"?

That is what it is all about.
Answering back.
And fighting.
It's gonna drive me insane.

Let me just tell you that even the hubs agrees on this one.
Witness the phone call..

Hubby: "Do they act like this all the time?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Hubby: "Well, I'd like to know how you get anything done!"
Me: "While they are awake? Well, not really.
That's why I wait until nap time & after they go to bed."
Hubby: "I think I have a new appreciation for what you go through."
Me: "Yeah, it hasn't been easy lately."

The 2's were virtually a breeze.
Not easy but not hard at all.
Terrible twos?
What are those?

As we approach 3 in a short 2 months,
it gives a new meaning to terrible.
It ain't 2 so much that I should have been dreading.
It is 3.

THREE is the new TWO.
Trust me.
The answering back.
The no when I need a yes.
The yes when I need a no.
Always the opposite.

And the fighting.
The fighting.

Drag out,
smack down,
arm bar,
choke hold,
pushing kind of fighting.

It ain't no joke!
I redirect all the time.
Give choices (2 of which are acceptable to me) to avoid the answering back.
(which seems to work, hehe, suckers)
Time outs.
Going outside for long walks.
Anything to help ease the issues.

And most of the time,
I manage to get to bed w/o wanting to not wake up in the morning.
All it takes is for them to say...

I love you very much Mommy (Gabi)
Mommy, I loooooove you (Sofi)
Loo you Mama (Ian)

And my heart melts.
Melts to pieces.
Makes me smile.
Allows me to get ready to do it all over again in the morning.
So worth every frustration.

I love them to pieces!
And my hubby too!