Saturday, February 19, 2011

PT continued...

It's Ian's turn.
He has been ready but I wanted to make sure Sofi was good.
I started w/ him yesterday.
Big boy undies all.the.way.

He's done pretty well.
Not so quickly as Sofi but well none the less!
Yesterday we had 3 BIG accident.

Thankfully pee doesn't gross me out.
At least, not their pee.
Guess it's a mom thang.

Today, only 1 accident.
Mind you, we are doing pullups for naps & bedtime.
He isn't quite ready to go the undies route during those times.

He does have to be reminded to go.
Well, maybe he doesn't but I've been asking every 3o minutes.
And making him sit & pee every hour.
So maybe he would ask, if given the opportunity.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy this is going thus far.
Much better than before.

Why did I buy in to that stressful 3 day PT boot camp again?
I lost hair.
Gained weight.
Lost my mind.
And almost left home.


I'm gonna say this again & again.
We should have done this like we did everything else.
When the KIDS were ready & showed signs.
Not when WE wanted to make them.

I probably would have a fuller head of hair.
And be 5 lbs lighter.
But so is life as a parent.


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heather, brent and the babies said...

congrats on all of your success so far!!! I'm still trying to get the dang diapers to simply WORK through the night! so I don't have so many bed sheets to wash! UGH! you give me much to strive for Astrid!