Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's up w/ the "NO"?

That is what it is all about.
Answering back.
And fighting.
It's gonna drive me insane.

Let me just tell you that even the hubs agrees on this one.
Witness the phone call..

Hubby: "Do they act like this all the time?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Hubby: "Well, I'd like to know how you get anything done!"
Me: "While they are awake? Well, not really.
That's why I wait until nap time & after they go to bed."
Hubby: "I think I have a new appreciation for what you go through."
Me: "Yeah, it hasn't been easy lately."

The 2's were virtually a breeze.
Not easy but not hard at all.
Terrible twos?
What are those?

As we approach 3 in a short 2 months,
it gives a new meaning to terrible.
It ain't 2 so much that I should have been dreading.
It is 3.

THREE is the new TWO.
Trust me.
The answering back.
The no when I need a yes.
The yes when I need a no.
Always the opposite.

And the fighting.
The fighting.

Drag out,
smack down,
arm bar,
choke hold,
pushing kind of fighting.

It ain't no joke!
I redirect all the time.
Give choices (2 of which are acceptable to me) to avoid the answering back.
(which seems to work, hehe, suckers)
Time outs.
Going outside for long walks.
Anything to help ease the issues.

And most of the time,
I manage to get to bed w/o wanting to not wake up in the morning.
All it takes is for them to say...

I love you very much Mommy (Gabi)
Mommy, I loooooove you (Sofi)
Loo you Mama (Ian)

And my heart melts.
Melts to pieces.
Makes me smile.
Allows me to get ready to do it all over again in the morning.
So worth every frustration.

I love them to pieces!
And my hubby too!


Susan said...

Ugh! It's awful here too and we're not even close to 3 yet. My options for them are to do what I say or go sit in time out. Sometimes they do what I say and sometimes they sit in time out. Either way, I eventually win :) The hugs and kisses do help ease the frustration and at least we get that x3 too!

Ava and the Trips said...

Sounds like our house...we hit 3 in January and the No's are taking over! We also have the fighting and MAJOR attitude! Let's hope it gets better soon!

Chad and Kristina said...

Same thing is happening here too!! It's pretty crazy!

Rebekah Wilson said...

We saw this at about 2.5. O.M.G! The sassiness, the screaming, the talking back. I will take the two's back at any time!!! We are approaching 4, the skies are clearing but not without a bit of regression here and there. I have about a year before the boy starts in on the phase. Bless you for having it times 3.

Kim said...

Yup three is gonna be so worse than two! At least you still get love at bedtime. My trio are so up in arms by then from getting up too early that I dont get crap. They are yelling and crying and so tired that I cant hear a thing they say and they cant hear me. It sucks. I miss the love.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved finding your blog....enjoyed the posts I read and will be back to read more....What a job you have.....and what special little ones

Michelle said...

3 is definitely 10 times worse then 2! I only had 1 at a time, good luck with 3. But it's also such a fun age too, once you get past all of the crazy.

Pierce3 said...

I am a mother of three and read your post on how you made your triplet highchair table. I was wondering where you found the chairs you used in the table. This is an idea I would soooo like to try and make.

Heather Pierce