Thursday, February 10, 2011

One is Done!

It's official.
Sofi is completely, 100%, totally...


She has not had an accident in well over 10 days.
This included at night.
Yep, even during naps.

Last night she refused to put on the pull up.
It was big girl panties or bust.
And she did it.

Very proudly I might add.
So, no more diapers for Sofi.
No more pull ups.

One down, two to go!
Now if the weather can warm up a bit so I can put Gabi in panties only.



Laura said...

That is wonderful! I'm sure the other two will follow right behind!

Brittanie said...

WOOHOO!! That's awesome, way to go Sofi!

Miles said...

Thats awesome! We just started doing night time with Kota so far so good we shell see how it goes after that.

I.Make.Boys.With.Wings said...

Your kids are awesome Astrid! They must get that from their Mama!

Sofi is such a big girl and I'm sure that Gabs and Ian will follow right behind her!