Thursday, February 17, 2011

Painting fun!

I'll admit it.
I've been scared.
Very scared of painting.

The mess.
The clothing.
The mess.
The furniture.
The mess.

Did I mention the mess?
Call me paranoid.
Yes, I am.

BUT, it went much better than I expected.
And when it is literally FREEZING outside for like 5 days straight,
desperate times call for desperate measures.

Daddy got in on the action when he got home.
(A big thank you to She-she for giving us the Crayola painting smocks, LOVE!)

Miss Sofi & all of her left handedness...

Gabi concentrating on getting as much paint at one time on the brush.

What is it w/ boys & the color brown?

Now that I know we can survive,
we will do this more often.

Thank you Crayola for making washable paint.
It came off the wood table w/ ease.
And the smocks are perfect.
Cute & perfect.

Not to mention the cute & perfect kids.


The Brown Bunch said...

At least it is paint and not something else (brown)! I have loads of paint if you are interested....also washable!!! An old pillowcase is awesome as well for smocks!!! Love ya, Astrid!!!

The Brown Bunch

Renee said...

Sofi looks JUST like you in that pic! Cute cute. We love painting!

Sara said...

how fun!
now to try o a slightly warmer day, bare feet, roll of paper on driveway, use red and green ONLY and have them step across the paper and /or make handprints....let it dry, wash kids off with hose, have fun letting them dry off in sunshiney weather as paper dries...

use paper to wrap xmas gifts at xmas....
how personal is THAT??!!!!!

Surviving Triplets said...

Ohhh...Sarah, that is a great idea!