Friday, November 28, 2008

More professional pictures :)

I have to share! This is going to be FULL of pictures but I can't hold them back. This woman is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I am so pleased w/ the pictures that I don't know how I am going to narrow down my faves for this post. is THAT hard! Let me start w/ the individual shots of the kids.

Here is Sofi in all her glory! I love the shots of her w/ the hoodie on b/c if you know Sofi, you know she LOVES to put stuff on her head.

Sofi is also our "serious" baby. Now, I don't mean she is serious all the time but she is a bit guarded when you 1st meet her. These pictures really show that!

Of course, Sofi does have a silly side. We love her smile & enjoy when she finally let's loose!

Then we have Gabi. Gabi is our love child. She loves everyone, always smiles for you & is generally our more cuddly baby. She is so sweet! The 1st picture in this series really shows what I mean!

Gabi always has a smile to share! The photographer captured the smile Gabi is famous for & the one that always makes you smile no matter what.

We do occationally see Gabi being serious like her sister.

Now, we can't forget Ianchito. He is definitely our ladies' man. This kid has so many girlfriends already that Daddy says he already has his black book filled up! I wonder why?!?

His smile wins everyone over. His crooked smile comes from my mom. You can see why!

We even had some pics of them all together. Trying to get 3 babies to smile at the same time proved to be tough. These pics really capture each of the babies' personalities.

Let's not forget the family pics!

Ok, that is it! I won't bore you w/ the other 50 pictures we have, LOL! I hope everyone enjoyed stuffing their faces yesterday w/ that yummy turkey! I have to say thank you to Donna & Bill for cooking a wonderful turkey dinner. Also, the kids got their 1st taste of turkey. YAY!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teeth anyone????

US, US, US!!! Gabi isn't the only one w/ teeth! I gave up on Sofi & Ian getting teeth a while ago. I figured that they would eventually get them, probably when I least expected it & guess what? It happened! I decided to stick my finger in Sofi's mouth yesterday b/c I was thinking that it would be funny for her or Ian to get a tooth w/o any warning. Well, the moment I did that, I felt the tooth. It is her right one. So, I thought to myself that maybe Ian would have gotten a tooth too. Again, right I was although his hasn't quite broken through, it is right there. I can feel it & expect it to break through by the end of the week if not earlier.

So, of course I had to call someone. First was Todd & then it was my mom. Here is our conversation...

Me: Mom! Guess what? Someone else got an Ike (our nickname for Gabi's teeth since they came in the day Hurricane Ike hit)!
Mom: Really, who?
Me: Guess!
Mom: Ianchito?
Mom: Sofi, Sofi!
Me: Yep!
Mom: Well, they aren't Ike's though.
Me: Yes they are!
Mom: No...they are TURKEYS!

AHHHHH HHAAAAA!!! My mom is a hoot! So, now Gabi's teeth are lovingly called "Ike's" & Sofi & Ian's teeth will be called "turkeys" since they are coming in the week of Thanksgiving!

Don't even ask for pics of their teeth yet b/c they are still right at the gum line. I'm going to have to wait for them to get a bit bigger. Not only that but Sofi's smile isn't quite as wide as Gabi or Ian's.

We have also been enjoying both my grandmothers. We are very lucky to still have them with us. Mamama is 90 & Oma is 85. I'm glad they are both able to enjoy the triplets. They were here yesterday all day long & I don't know who enjoyed who more, the great grandmas to the babies or the babies having all that 1 on 1 attention!

Here are both Oma & Mamama enjoying Gabi & Ian.

Oma saying hello to Gabi.

Mamama holding Ian. Behind her is my mom holding Sofi.

I had to take a picture of all 3 babies & their handmade sweaters from my tia Graciela! Quedaron perfectos! GRACIAS!

Well, chances of me getting on before Thanksgiving & writing is slim b/c I am going to be visiting another triplet mommy tomorrow & then having Turkey Day here at the house w/ Bill, Donna, & a couple of friends (Jeff & Julie). We will be giving the kids their 1st piece of meat on Thursday so there will be plenty of pics!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have our children to be thankful for along w/ family & friends. We have had a wonderful year...thank you GOD!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'!

That is what my kids are doing! They aren't crawling but man, can they roll all over the place! I'm not talking rolling over from front to back or back to front...I'm talking rolling from 1 side of the room to the other & every which way in between! It is all about getting that toy furthest away from them. I like seeing them move but am in no hurry for them to start crawling. Let's hope they just go from rolling to walking. In the picture below Ian was tired & resting on his octopus before continuing to roll around.

We also have a special visitor in town, my grandmother from Argentina! She is almost 90 yrs old & took a 12 hr flight from Buenos Aires to come meet her great grandchildren. Mind you, they are #'s 14, 15, & 16 but they are the only triplets in the bunch! Today was the 1st day they met & the babies LOVE her! I didn't get a chance to take too many photos but this is one of them.

As any grandmother, she came bearing gifts. She knitted a huge blanket for each of them & matching beanies for their little heads. My aunt, Graciela, knit them all a sweater. I can't wait to dress them tomorrow & take pics!

The kids have also discovered that they don't always have to suck on their soothies but rather they can chew on them & stick them in their mouths in odd ways. It is so funny to watch them play w/ those things! I am going to say that they are by far their favorite things to chew/play with. Today Sofi was putting the soothie in her mouth & then Gabi would copy her so I snapped some pictures.

I have also started to brush Gabi's 2 teeth. She really likes it! I don't know if it is the toothpaste that came w/ it or if it feels good, probably a combination of both but when she sees the brush, she opens wide! This is the 1st time I brushed them & had Todd take a picture.

I think that is it for now! OHHHH...I got my 1st diaper cake order. I'm so excited! I can't wait to post pics of it on my other blog!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still having napping issues...GRRRRR!

Well, what can I say? I've tried everything I know how to get these kids to nap & it just isn't working so now I am beginning to wonder short of revamping the whole schedule what else I can try. I've just come to accept that every day is a new day & that while I shower every morning, I may have a baby that cries until I get out. I've gotten passed being frustrated or asking why b/c the truth is that no one can tell me exactly why Ian isn't napping. Sure, we can make the regular assumptions of teething, learning new skills, etc but really no one knows 100% the reason why. Every day I put them down in hopes that today they will sleep in their crib. If they don't, they don't & we try the swing. If the swing doesn't work then I'm out of options. That is all this momma has up her sleeve. I'm ok though b/c one day it will get better. I'm willing to hear any suggestions.

I've read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child & am familiar w/ the methodology but it doesn't seem to work w/ my babies. I've changed their schedule a bit but not too much in fear of messing up their nights which they have continued to sleep through w/ no issues. I have 1 last idea that I am trying & that is moving up their feeding times by 30 minutes to see if I can get them down for a nap just a bit sooner in the morning, by 8:30. If that doesn't work, then I'm really done...LOL!

Ok, let's talk about the fun stuff! We had a photo shoot w/ a fantastic photographer, Amber Walters. She is amazing & made our 1st shoot a memorable. Thank God the babies were cooperative & happy. We will be getting the whole disk of pics on Thursday but here are the 5 preview pics we have so far...

If you are in the San Antonio/Austin area, definitely look her up for a session! She also has a wonderful website & blog.

The kids are babbling away & it is so funny to listen to them "talk". They even have conversations between themselves. It happened today for the 1st time. Ian & Sofi were looking at each other while they were playing on the floor & then all the sudden they started talking to one another. I'm talking full out conversation! Ian would talk & then Sofi would, then Ian...then Sofi. It was hilarious!

Another big milestone is that all 3 babies are now sitting unassisted longer than just a few seconds. Gabi has been doing this for a bit longer but Sofi & Ian have joined her. It is so cute to see them trying to balance!

One last thing...they have learned how to get the pacis in & out of their mouths. They constantly take it out & put it back in like they are big kids. Ian is still not in to the paci thing much nor does he suck his thumb. He is just as content w/o so we don't force it on him or even try to give it to him b/c we know he won't take it. It's funny to know the girls go to bed w/ it in their mouths, then it falls out but when we go get them in the morning, they have it in their mouths again. FUNNY! As a matter of fact, the other day I was feeding the trio & had given a spoonful to Sofi, then Ian & by the time I got to Gabi, she had put her paci in her mouth as if to tell me that I was taking too long! I laughed so hard! These are the priceless moments!

Monday, November 10, 2008

100,000 HITS, THANK YOU!!!!

I can't believe it! I've gotten 100,000 hits since I started this blog almost 11 months ago. Where has the time gone? That is like 10,000 hits a month! I'm amazed & thankful for the support we have recieved since we found out we were having triplets last September. Sometimes it is the little things that count the most & other times it is the boxes of diapers that are delivered at our door that put a huge smile on my face & make me thankful for our family & friends. Without them, we would not have made it this far w/ our sanity intact. My parents (Rodolfo & Poppy), Todd's parents (Bill & Donna), my brother & his girlfriend (Ian & Jesse), Julie, Jeff, Stacey, our neighbors Jane, Steve & their beautiful daughter Kate (helped me this summer & still comes over after school to help), Leslie (even though she lives a 1,000 miles away), all the moms from my local M.O.M. group & Space City Triplets, & anyone else I have missed...THANK YOU! Each & every one of you have made this possible.

Now, besides all that mushy stuff, we have some very active kids lately. The napping situation hasn't exactly worked itself out completely but it is getting better. I have come to rely on the swings a little to help. Listen, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! They need sleep, Mommy needs her sanity & have time to complete some daily chores so if the swings have to be used, then so be it! Honestly, it was something I never wanted to do but when you have 2 crying babies that are exhausted & freaked out about being alone in their cribs, then you will try ANYTHING. I'm not too excited about it b/c I really want them to nap the whole time in their cribs BUT the end result is babies that aren't well rested & if you have more than 1 baby, you know how important it is to have happy babies. Shoot, even w/ 1 baby, you know what I am talking about. Just imagine 3 babies having a meltdown...ACK! Sofi is still quite the champ & will fall asleep in her crib w/ no problems & stay that way for a couple of hours, easily.

Here are Gabi & Ian swinging away...we had a visitor, Maybel Jr (a monkey that is being mailed around the country/world from my Just Mommies online community).

The kids are growing so quickly. It is hard to believe that they were born so small & didn't do much in the way of moving. Now they are all wiggle worms & love to play!
This is Ianchito playing in the jumparoo w/ Maybel Jr.

Here we have Gabi on her tummy, something she is just now starting to really enjoy.

Sofi is enjoying the exersaucer & Maybel Jr. I love the expression on her face!

The kids are big enough to really interact w/ this Baby Einstein toy. I put them all down there together & they rolled around for a good hour while I pumped!

This picture is priceless! We have these mini-afghans that were made by Carol (a friend of Donna's) that we have pinned against the wall & over their crib. Well, Sofi decided she was a bit chilly & covered herself w/ it. She couldn't have been more content or asleep!