Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At least we are covered for the flu!

Today we went in for our 2nd flu shot. Infants need 2 flu shots w/i a month of each other. The kids were troopers! No one cried!!! The nurse walked out of there bragging that none of the babies made a peep! Yep, those are *MY* kiddos! Poor things hadn't had a nap either. As a matter of fact, they have been in a rather pleasant mood. Maybe it was the change in scenery?

While we were there, I decided to go ahead & have them weighed. May as well, right? Here are their weights...

Gabi ~ 16lb 12oz, 37th%
Sofi ~ 16lb, 23rd%
Ian ~ 15lb, 14oz, 5th%

Boy, we can't shake that 5th% w/ Ian no matter how hard we try! The good thing is that they are healthy. I still wish we were getting those RSV shots. Oh well, can't knock them for thinking the babies are "too healthy". It's all that breast milk they have been getting! This is more motivation for me to keep pumping/BFing through their 1st birthday b/c they will receive antibodies from me to help protect them against RSV. Mama will do what Mama has got to do to protect her babies. Only 4 mths & 3 wks left & then life will be different.

This weekend I actually got to spend some time w/ another mommy (Susan) that is about to have triplets. It was great to be able to talk to someone that is where I have been & to also get out of the house for a while. I am excited for her & hope that we have a budding friendship. I can't wait to meet her trio! I was also able to pay it forward, not nearly the amount that we received but I will be working on that. It is amazing how many people rally to your help & I hope I can pass that along to another mommy.

On a side note, I am trying to make some extra cash on the side & have begun to make diaper cakes. If you are in the Houston area & need a diaper cake, please think about me! Here are 2 pictures of 2 different cakes, same colors but different.

As always, I am including pics of my adorable kids!

Ian seemed very interested in the computer so Todd sat w/ him & let him "discover" it a bit. I love this picture b/c he seems to be saying, "Dad, what is this all about?"

Here is Sofi & all of her glory...she LOVES her left foot & insists on holding it while she eats!

I couldn't resist capturing this moment. Gabi had fallen asleep in Todd's arms & so he put his head down on the pillow & fell asleep w/ her.


Seanaci said...

Awww...that pic of Ian with daddy is precious! And your girls are adorable. :D

StaceyH said...

NICE cake Astrid!!! I hope I get something nice like that for my baby shower.... with cloth diapers of course!

Little Mrs Sunshine said...

omg they looks so grown up! when did that happen :( It really sounds like they are all doing great. Ian will catch up soon. I am sure they will make it through the year perfectly healthy with you looking after them the way you do. We don't vaccinate after what happened to Joey, and I was worried Lincoln would get sick a lot since Joey is in school now but breastmilk does wonders. The diaper cake looks AMAZING. wow you are talented!