Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teeth anyone????

US, US, US!!! Gabi isn't the only one w/ teeth! I gave up on Sofi & Ian getting teeth a while ago. I figured that they would eventually get them, probably when I least expected it & guess what? It happened! I decided to stick my finger in Sofi's mouth yesterday b/c I was thinking that it would be funny for her or Ian to get a tooth w/o any warning. Well, the moment I did that, I felt the tooth. It is her right one. So, I thought to myself that maybe Ian would have gotten a tooth too. Again, right I was although his hasn't quite broken through, it is right there. I can feel it & expect it to break through by the end of the week if not earlier.

So, of course I had to call someone. First was Todd & then it was my mom. Here is our conversation...

Me: Mom! Guess what? Someone else got an Ike (our nickname for Gabi's teeth since they came in the day Hurricane Ike hit)!
Mom: Really, who?
Me: Guess!
Mom: Ianchito?
Mom: Sofi, Sofi!
Me: Yep!
Mom: Well, they aren't Ike's though.
Me: Yes they are!
Mom: No...they are TURKEYS!

AHHHHH HHAAAAA!!! My mom is a hoot! So, now Gabi's teeth are lovingly called "Ike's" & Sofi & Ian's teeth will be called "turkeys" since they are coming in the week of Thanksgiving!

Don't even ask for pics of their teeth yet b/c they are still right at the gum line. I'm going to have to wait for them to get a bit bigger. Not only that but Sofi's smile isn't quite as wide as Gabi or Ian's.

We have also been enjoying both my grandmothers. We are very lucky to still have them with us. Mamama is 90 & Oma is 85. I'm glad they are both able to enjoy the triplets. They were here yesterday all day long & I don't know who enjoyed who more, the great grandmas to the babies or the babies having all that 1 on 1 attention!

Here are both Oma & Mamama enjoying Gabi & Ian.

Oma saying hello to Gabi.

Mamama holding Ian. Behind her is my mom holding Sofi.

I had to take a picture of all 3 babies & their handmade sweaters from my tia Graciela! Quedaron perfectos! GRACIAS!

Well, chances of me getting on before Thanksgiving & writing is slim b/c I am going to be visiting another triplet mommy tomorrow & then having Turkey Day here at the house w/ Bill, Donna, & a couple of friends (Jeff & Julie). We will be giving the kids their 1st piece of meat on Thursday so there will be plenty of pics!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have our children to be thankful for along w/ family & friends. We have had a wonderful year...thank you GOD!


Sugar Mommy said...

Yeah for teeth!

Adi said...

If they're super fussy with teething you should try the amber teething necklaces. Marcus is a TERROR when he teethes and since we've gotten the necklace, he's gotten 2 molars without a fuss! http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/teething.html

I like it better than giving them medicine.

And they're getting so big!! I can't believe it!

Mrs. P said...

WOW! Only one of my 10 month old's has any teeth at all!

Hyland's Teething tablets! Worked miracles for all 5 of mine. :)

Walmart, homeopathic. Totally safe.

txsjewels said...

can't wait for tomorrow and this weekend!!! haven't seen the teeny weenies in so long. i'm jonesin for those cuties! looking forward to meeting grandma as well.

love you,

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! Yea for teeth. Just wanted to say that it is so awesome to see your grandma's looking so healthy and happy to see them babies!