Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve Night & Christmas Day

I'm behind. Embarrassingly behind.
All along I thought I would have MORE time as the kids got older.
Joke's on me.
I have less.
Or maybe it is the booming business that is keeping me on my toes.

Either way, w/o further ado...

I love this picture.
Ian makes the perfect reindeer!

Neighbor Kathye gave the kids Sing-a-ma-jigs.
They aren't quite sure what to make of them yet.

Tio & Tia bought the kids a Dora tent.
As you can see, no kids are in this picture.
They are inside the tent!

After the kids went to bed, Santa's helpers began to assemble the toys.
Eh hem...Mommy & Jesse.
And I can't forget, Todd did a bang up job on the tool workbench!

Oma watched from her comfy spot.

Abu getting in on the action.
I knew he wouldn't be able to NOT help!

Tio really liked Ian's workbench.

Christmas Day...

Breakfast on the couch, watching Dora Christmas Carol.
Sofi has worn that dress that she got from Tia Jesse almost every day!

This is Gabi's favorite spot on the couch.
She goes directly to it every morning.
Christmas morning was no different!

Ian decided breakfast should be near the new toys & Christmas tree.
Boy, does he ever love that Christmas tree.
So much so, he cried when we put it away.
That's my sweet boy for you!

Those reindeer sure did leave a HUGE mess on our front lawn!

After a full morning of play & discovery, it was time for a nap.
Daddy is in there somewhere.

I wish I had gotten more pics on Christmas Day but honestly, I was just enjoying the moment instead of having the camera strapped to me.
It was worth it.
To take in every moment of their excitement.
Amazing & so much fun.
The innocence they have.

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