Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh what a birthday party!

Not ours, Miss Caroline!
Boy, was that a BIG sha-bang!
No joke, like the biggest birthday party we have ever been to,
including our own.
And the theme was fabulous.

Tutus & Ties

I was lucky enough to be asked to make both,
as party favors, for all the kids.
It was fun!
And my girls finally got to wear one of my tutus.

Ian, looked quite dapper in a pink damask tie.
(yep, made by me)

But that was the extent of the good parts.
Oh, what a morning!
Thankfully the party started at 11am & served lunch.
No skipping nap time for us.
But it didn't seem to matter b/c they still had tantrums.

We started off really well.
The bounce house was outside & Gabi immediately jumped in.
She LOVED it.

And while she couldn't get enough, Sofi did not want anything to do w/ it.
She was literally stuck to my side.
It took a lot of convincing for her to go inside the bounce house.
Even then, she wasn't too happy.

Then there was Ian.
In. Out. In. Out.
Up the stairs. Down the stairs.
In one room. Out the other.
That boy would.not.sit.still.

Then it was time to go inside.
Gabi was not happy.
Until she realized it was STORY TIME!
This girl totally got in to it.
She repeated every line the librarian read.
She laughed in all the right places.
She even got right up to the book.

Sofi was still weary about it all.
She preferred Daddy's hand or my lap.

Don't even ask about Ian.
He was a wondering FOOL!
I tell you, he didn't know what to do in that big house!

Then it went south.
We couldn't get the kids to sit at the kid tables.
They had to sit at the kitchen table, together.
With no one else.

And when it came time to sing Happy Birthday,
Sofi's cupcake decided to fall apart on her.
The screaming commenced.
In the middle of the song.


I took her outside as fast as possible.
All eyes were on us.
Not even 60 seconds later, Todd comes out w/ 2 more screaming kids.
Yes, 3 meltdowns in a matter of 60 seconds.
Enough for us to throw in the towel.

It was time to go home.
We were done.

And don't you think for a second that the crying stopped.
Oh no.
Not until AFTER we got home.
30 minutes in the car w/ screaming kids.

But, I would do it all over again.
And my kids were the cutest ones there, minus Miss Caroline.
Thankfully MK (Caroline's mommy) understood & even said that she thought the kids were fine.
HA! God bless her.

Hopefully the next party we attend will be our own.


Nela Lucey said...

Oh the joys...I can so relate! The ties and tutus are adorable!

Texas Gal said...

Cute pics -- birthdays are hard with one so I can imagine they are triple hard with 3! Too much excitement and energy... :)

Why aren't the other kiddos wearing tutus and ties? Looks like a super fun party and it's giving me an idea! LOVE seeing pics of your super cute kiddos :)

Surviving Triplets said...

LOL...I was wondering the same thing! I thought the kids were going to put them on immediately upon arrival so that is what we did. The other children in attendance wore them after lunch.