Friday, January 28, 2011

PT update :)

Sofi is doing beautifully.
Minus the occasional accidents, she loves being in her big girl panties!
She even makes it through all her naps.
And she is waking up dry in the morning about 50% of the time.

Now, it is time to start thinking about tackling the other 2.
As the weather gets warmer, I'm going to put Ian in underwear & a shirt.
I think he will catch on pretty quickly.
Not as quickly as Sofi.

Gabi, that girl is going to take some work.
I've got to get the stickers & the sticker chart ready for this one.
She is going to challenge me.
But I'm ready for it.

Now, if we could get healthy, yet again,
life would be good.
This time, Daddy went down.
It has been a lonely week w/o him here to stand by my side.
I miss him & am glad he is on the mend!

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