Saturday, January 22, 2011

Potty Training...Take 2

The 1st time was horrible.
I tried the 3 day bootcamp thing.
Wish I hadn't.
Don't know who it was more stressful for.
Me or them.

Probably me.
Definitely me.

The experience left me scarred.
To the point that I didn't want to try it again for a while.
I should have approached it like everything other major change.
Let the kids lead the way.

Let me explain, esp for those that have just joined the blog.
The kids were 15 mths old & it was time to give up the bedtime bottle.
It was the only one left.
The girls (Ian was exclusively breastfeeding) loved their bottle before bed.
And I understand that pedis are worried about rotting teeth.

But we are responsible parents.
And we brushed & still brush their teeth before bedtime.
So we decided that the girls would let us know when they were ready.

Without fail, they did.
After seeing Ian nurse or drink some extra milk out of a straw cup,
they wanted in on the action.
They were 17 mths old.
It happened that easily.

No fussing.
No fighting.

We did the same thing w/ integrating dinnertime.
We could just tell.
The kids were ready to be in big chairs at the table.
Again, it was easy.

I believe that through all this, every kids has cues.
The parent reads those cues the best.
Why I didn't do this for PTing, I don't know.

Either way, the 1st time was a BIG FAIL.
It was a miserable 2.5 days.
Lots of crying on my part.
This bootcamp thing was just not our style.

Fast forward 6 months.

It was time to think about PTing again.
Sofi was ready.
Mommy was not.
I'm telling you, that 1st go around left me w/ serious PTSD!

And there was no magic solution.
I put big girl panties on Sofi on Monday after her nap.
She hasn't had an accident since.

The other 2, not so much.
Gabi poos like a champ on the potty but she won't pee to save her life.
No way, no how.
Not gonna happen.

Ian is hit or miss.
When I am certain Sofi is good as gold, I will put him in undies.
I think it will only take a day or w/ him.

And then I will work on Gabi.
Oh, she is turning in to quite the stubborn one.
But that's another story.

We are 1 for 3.
Not too bad.
And loving 1 less in diapers!


Adi said...

I bought a gumball machine and got a bunch of quarters and M was PT'd in just a few days after FIGHTING, kicking, screaming... accident after accident you name it.

Megan said...

Good for you for getting one there! I think yours are a bit older than mine, and we tried a few weeks ago..a failure also! Two are not ready at all, one can poo in the potty no problem, but has many pee pee accidents. I too am going to focus on one at a time, but its so hard with the others trying to do it too. I don't have the patience for this! Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

That has been my exact philosophy with PT my two - just listen to them. Rylie was trained very quickly and easily at 2.5 years. Will is now training and it doing great peeing in the potty, not so much with poo. We're working though and I know it won't be long before he'll have that part down too. I think your 3 are doing great and it won't be long at all before they're all trained.