Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Yesterday was hectic.
More b/c Gabi had a morning long temper tantrum.
Why, you ask?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
She didn't want to watch it.
She only wanted Dora.
Or she would settle for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

But NOT the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Boy, it was tough.

And let's not mention they were so excited about going to Grandma & Papap's house in their new outfits that they didn't nap well.
But I managed to get some good pictures of them all dolled up before we headed out.

So, we had tired 2.5 yr olds by the time we left.
And the temper tantrums continued when we got to our destination.
This time it was Sofi.
It was b/c she was tired.
Momma settled in for a rest w/ the girls to stave off the tantrum.

It didn't work at the beginning but then Sofi was fine.
Almost fell asleep.
Me too.

But it got better.
The kids caught their 2nd wind.
We had a wonderful dinner thanks to Bill & Donna.

I live for this meal every year.
Especially the stuffing.
And we got to bring home the leftovers.

Even w/ the tantrums, nothing could take away the joy I carried through the day.
I am very thankful for my husband & children.
I am thankful for great parents & inlaws, as well as a stellar brother.
I am blessed to have the friends I have.
And, let's not mention the booming little busines, the fans & followers.

Thank you God, for my life.
Just as it is.

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Carrie said...

Wonderful blog Astrid! Thankful that you are my friend! Thankful for the wonderful creations that clothe my children!!!! Here's to a wonderful holiday season, filled with love, happiness and lots of wine!!!