Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A crafting we will go...

A crafting we will go.
Hi ho the merry'o.
A crafting we will go.

That's my excuse.
This is my 1st holiday season making children's clothing.
Is it ever busy!

I'm really not complaining.
I like the extra cash that is coming in.
It's gonna make for a good Christmas.
But it takes up every.second.of.free.time.

I thought I'd share pics of my last craft fair w/ you.
I've got another in less than 2 weeks & then another 2 weeks after that.

A view of our setup & my partner-in-crafting, Miss Andrea.

Here is some cuteness!

A view of the "bow-quets" & bow stand.

And I have to give a big shout out to Andrea b/c I love her reusable gift bags.
Perfect for decorating the mantle or slipping a wine bottle in.
Check her out @ The Blackbird's Song on Facebook.
OR...The Blackbird's Song on Etsy.

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Rina said...

wow Astrid, I am impressed! You have some cuper cute stuff! Congrats on a successful holiday season.