Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our 1st 24 hours at home :)

WOW! It is amazing! The only thing that sucks about having the girls at home is that Ian is still in the NICU which means only 1 of us can go visit him at a time AND b/c I am the one pumping, it is difficult for me to go up there so that really leaves just Todd. It makes me sad to know Ian is all alone. Actually, if I think about it too much, I cry. I don't like my son being up there alone. BLAH! It also looks like Tuesday is not going to be take home day. Although he tolerated 6 bottles yesterday, he did not take each one in the 20 minute time limit so he stayed at 6 bottles today. If he does well today, then he will be bumped up to 8 tomorrow & Tuesday w/ a homecoming on Wednesday. Extra prayers please!

Now for the fun part. We got there & were explained about how to care for our babies. You know, how to give them a bath, any meds they were on, how to fortify my expressed breast milk for a boost in calories, etc. After all the paperwork was said & done, all the wires came off my baby girls. What a sight to see nothing connected to them! I was also able to get them dressed in their coming home outfits. Nothing to special, just really cute preemie onesies!

Gabi in her onesie, ready to break out of the NICU!

Sofi just chillin' before we left.

They passed the carseat test w/ no problems what so ever. Of course, they looked TINY compared to the seat. I was nervous b/c I couldn't bring in the snugglers that were given to us by Donna & Bill (grandparents) b/c they are after market & the NICU doesn't allow them to be used in their presence. Grrrrr...

Finally, it was time to leave. The NP came over to get the babies & put them in the same open crib. This was the 1st time the girls had been put together which of course turned into the perfect picture opportunity!

At this point, I couldn't believe we were coming home w/ our 2 little girls. Before leaving the NICU, I bawled at the thought of having to leave Ian behind. I can't wait for him to get home! So the moment was actually very bitter sweet, going home w/ 2 & leaving 1 behind. Darn boys...why do they have to be so lazy???

Finally, we get out to the car & the nurse explains that we have to put the girls in their carseats. HUH???? No help? This is my 1st time to put a baby so small in to a carseat. HELP US! Todd got her in there & I assisted while also snapping some photos. It was too funny! Then the nerves kicked in. We actually had to drive our children home. What if someone hit us? Their heads didn't look secure in those seats & I could just see their little necks snapping or the belt rubbing into them. Seriously! Very nerve racking. Todd tried to get me to sit between the 2 carseats but w/ my incision from the c-section, I couldn't see myself climbing back there.

Sofi in her carseat...see what I mean!

Gabi in her carseat...again, see how her head is!

I think we got about 5 minutes away from the hospital when I finally told Todd that I was not comfortable at all w/ the girls sitting back there alone & not having one of us keeping an eye on their little heads. He said he would crawl back there so long as I drove. I know...bad me! I was suppose to wait until Monday to drive BUT this was an extenuating circumstance if there ever was one. Nervous parents! After he crawled back there, I felt so much better. I have to say, it has never felt better to pull up in our driveway!

We got home & had Donna snap pictures of us walking in the door for the 1st time. Yeah, we are a bit corny but who cares! It was the best feeling walking in the door w/ each of us carrying in one of our babies. What an intense moment!

Home at last! The girls settled in quite quickly. We decided to follow the NICU's already established eating routine of 2, 5, 8, & 11. The 1st night, both Todd & I woke up to feed the girls. Even though it was crazy having to feed them every 3 hours, we found ourselves laughing at the girls as they made all these cute sounds while they ate which included quite a few farts. Yes, our girls love to fart! We weren't even tired the next day. I guess it was adrenaline OR it could have been that 1/2 cup of coffee I drank!

Saturday was very uneventful. Todd went to visit Ian between the 2 & 5pm feedings. I stayed home to watch the girls. I was able to get thank you cards written & just have some "me" time. At about 6:30pm we had another couple come over that have twin girls, John & Kelly. They brought us a huge pan of lasagna & a pound cake. YUMMY! They also brought a twin breastfeeding pillow & all their left over 22 calorie Enfamil formula. I want to thank them very much for driving out to visit w/ us. They also gave us pointers as they are 7 weeks into this whole multiple children thing. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Then the night started all over again. This time, we scheduled ourselves for feedings. Of course, we messed it up, lol, but we will be on track tonight. Basically, we decided we are going to do the following, especially w/ Todd going back to work. I do the 8pm feeding & pumping while Todd goes to sleep. at 11pm, Todd wakes up which will give me a 5 hr block of sleep. I'll skip this pumping in order to keep my sanity! Then I wake up for the 2am feeding & pumping. Todd & I will both get up at the 5am feeding & pumping session. He will feed the kids & I will pump & go back to sleep. He leaves for work at 6:30am so that gives him plenty of time to get ready. It also gives us both the opportunity to get some very valuable shut eye. When he returns to work in 2 weeks, I will have them during the day to myself & w/ some help if someone comes over. I think we are going to be just fine. So far, so good!

Today has been fantastic. It is the most beautiful spring day! Uncle Ian finally came over w/ Jesse to meet the girls. He held them both. His hands are so big that the girls fit into them perfectly. After we put them down, we sat outside & caught a bit of sun. It has been ages since I have sat outside & enjoyed the backyard! What an uplifting experience knowing my children were comfortably asleep inside while I was outside relaxing. FUN!!!!

Um, let's see...there isn't much else to report today. I'm sure I will be writing again soon, especially when we find out about when Ian is coming home. Until then, our routine will become established & be waiting for him to fit right in!


Anonymous said...

awe! sounds like everything is going great!! I'm so happy that the girls are home! It wont be long befor Ian comes home too!! :)

Sarah (jandswood from JM! =) )

Ryann said... guys look so happy! Congrats on the girls making it home. I'll be praying that Ian makes the trip real soon.

txsjewels said...

YAHOO!!! i am so excited that you posted pics. i've been trying to give ya'll plenty of space over there, but i've been dying to see these little darlins. the pics did not disappoint! angels. i laughed at the story of coming home. all of us freaked on that first ride home w/ the baby. and yours was DOUBLEd in anxiety. kisses to all of ya'll. can't wait to see you and them!
auntie jewels

Kel said...

I'm so glad the girls are home!! I know what you mean about leaving your son alone at the NICU - it bugs me every day mine has to be there so much, it's one of the hardest things not being able to be there all the time - but I think Ian will be home soon!

Norina said...

Congratulations on the girls being home! I pray Ian joins you all VERY soon!

BethE said...

I'm SO happy your girls are home!! Congratulations! BTW, take a receiving blanket and roll it up really tight and put it around their head in the carseat. It holds them a little more securely. It is basically like that head thing in the car seat, but smaller. Our NICU showed us how to do that. We had to do it for a number of months.

amber said...

Aww Astrid I am so happy for you. I check your blog every day for an update. I am so happy that the girls made it home and are doing well. I am praying the Ian will be home with his prond mamma and pappa and his beautiful sister on Wednesday. Congrats again you are a wonderful mamma already.

Amber from JM

mamaduk said...

How wonderful to have your girls home! I hope Ian follows quickly.

Heather (Butter on JM)

jademyst13 said...

That is just so awesome that they are home already,I hope Ian will be joining them real soon!

jhp1421 said...

Astrid, you have that look on your's called contentment! I can just see that this is what you have wanted for so long and it's thrilling that your family is complete and your girls are home and that Ian is doing so well. Really, you have done so well, pat yourself on the back. It's going to be a VERY hard year but just remember back to how hard it was to be pregnant with triplets and realize if you can make it through that, you can make it through anything. Don't blink, before you know it you'll be blowing out candles at their first birthday! All the best to you and Todd, they are beautiful babies! Jennifer from TC

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across you blog from another page and wanted to stop in and congratulate you on your beautiful babies! I noticed in the car seat pictures that their little heads flop forward and you mentioned something about it, what helped me was, I took a fun noodle (those pool flotation devices) cut it into sections as wide as the car seat base and then taped 3 together with packing tape to form a triangle. If you put that in the crack of the seat (where the back meets the seat part, that L) it will fill the void where the back of the base falls “in-between the seats” and level out the car seat and eliminating the “chin on chest” moments. Just an idea! Again congrats.

a little piece of advice from one mom to another! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love the new pictures! I'm glad things are going well with the girls home!
~Tonya from JM